Dermacol Film Studio Foundation Review

If you’re into makeup such as myself, you may be longing to find an Instagram filter in a bottle to work on your face IRL, right? Well, look no further, lovelies, as I may have found the answer.

As I checked my subscription box on YouTube for content to watch before going to bed, I saw one by none other than NikkieTutorials which claimed that she found the world’s most full coverage foundation. Could it be? Now I know my girl Nikkie doesn’t play around and so I watched that video and boy, was I impressed. After rambling on about this foundation to my mother the following day, she decided it would be an ideal gift for my birthday – result.

Dermacol Film Studio Foundation Review
My birthday rolled around soon enough and there it was; the Dermacol Film Studio Barrandov Prague foundation (that’s a long name so we’re gonna shorten it for the duration of this review). I was so excited to do my make up, more so than ever. After prepping my face with primer, I applied a small amount of the product to my beauty blender and watched as the magic happened – it was like waving a magic wand and all my imperfections were gone. Freckles who? Pores where? New face, who dis? You get what I mean. A little goes a long way with this product, so I can see it lasting quite a fair few uses, which is always good to know. I set my foundation and finished my makeup before getting ready to greet my family and friends.

It held up for quite some time and my friends complimented me on my make up which gave me that fuzzy feeling inside; you know the feeling, don’t lie.

Dermacol Film Studio Foundation Review

When it came to taking my makeup off, I did notice that the foundation started to flake and my heart broke a little, but I remembered Nikkie pointed this out in her review. The foundation lasted up for a good seven hours before flaking took place, so to wear this for a short day, this would be ideal, but if you have a day that consists of being active with make up on for more than seven hours, I’m going to recommend Nikkie’s tip which is to add a tiny blob to your typical foundation so you have the staying power as well as the coverage – best of both worlds, right?

The coverage is fantastic and though I found the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation to be good in coverage, this just knocks it off the top spot in my recommendations for high coverage. But be warned – this is very high coverage and if you’re not into that kind of foundation, then this won’t be for you. But it also would work fantastic as a concealer, so that’s something to think about.

FYI, I actually didn’t use any kind of filter in this photo attached, so here’s what the foundation looks like on me and for reference, I’m wearing 208.

It’s also definitely worth mentioning that this is cruelty free and vegan friendly, so that’s always amazing to know!

Dermacol Film Studio is currently only available on eBay and Amazon – I had mine here for £7.99

Have you tried the Dermal Film Studio Foundation? What’s your favourite foundation?


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