I’m lazy. Fact. I’m not afraid to admit it, either. I’m always on the lookout for things that can minimize any kind of chore. So, when I found the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner by Beauty Essentials online which was being raved about by beauty gurus, I felt like I had found what I’ve been looking for. If you’re like me and find cleaning your make-up brushes a pain in the arse (but still do it because you do not want that bacteria build up. Ugh.), then we can rejoice with this little beauty…

To sit at a sink for ages to clean your brushes, then wait for them to try and all that nonsense, is really time consuming and I could be doing other things (like writing a blog post, or binging on some sort of show or YouTube series… important stuff) but this is where all our troubles are washed (or dried?) away.

The Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner is a little sponge which comes in a tin to use. The instructions on the back state:

ONE SIMPLE STEP. After using one colour, simply glide your eyeshadow brush around in the black sponge in a clockwise motion to remove the colour and continue applying your eye makeup using the same brush.


I tried it out on my brushes after using a fair bit of product and honestly, it worked. I spent around 90 seconds to 2 minutes per brush and it really did the trick, including on glittery pigments. I decided to see if it worked on other brushes besides ones used for eye make up and, though it took a little longer, it did work. It works on pretty much every make-up brush (except of course the beauty blender which isn’t actually a brush, but FYI.)

To maintain it, you just have to use warm water and fragrance free soap (I actually used left over brush cleanser) and then leave until it’s completely dry. The tin also says that regular usage can wear off the sponge and that they recommend you refill your shadow switch on average every two months for hygiene reasons.

Overall, I loved it. It made brush cleaning a breeze and a lot quicker. To only have to watch the sponge as well as my beauty blender was great on time saving and also saving a lot of water, if you’re trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, which is a win. Yay, for saving the planet with beauty products!

You can pick up the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner for £5.99 on Amazon.

Have you tried the Dry Brush Cleaner? What do you think of it?


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