Blog The Dog: A New Member of the Family

Blog The Dog: A New Member of the Family

Hello again!

Louis here. And boy do I have some mahoosive news for you… we’ve got a new member of the family!

I wented to the vets today and didn’t like it 😖 -R🐾

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If you read my last post, you may remember that Pepsi passed away. I found it very awfully hard without her and so my hoomans decided that we needed a new face around. We looked for ages and ages and ages, nearly a whole week! And then we found Rosie. She’s very pretty but also pretty small. She’s a Dalmatian like me! It’s great fun having a new little sister to play with, she’s mega lots of fun but also quite the pawful – kids, eh?

She is currently 15 weeks old and is in the middle of getting her vaccinations so she can come and join me on my mahoosive adventures – I can hardly wait!

Dad is pretty comfy 🐾

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There’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to getting a new puppy, they’re a heck of a lot of work. Here are some thing my hooman sister thinks you should take into consideration…

Are you ready for a puppy?

You need to make sure you are ready for a puppy. Does your schedule allow time to bond, train, take on walkies and care for a furry friend? We aren’t just some toy you can switch off, you know. Make sure your lifestyle has enough free time for you to care for your new member of the family.

Are you living in a suitable environment?

Puppies need room. They run riot and love to play and need space to do that. We dogs also need a nice garden to go out and do our business, so if you’re living in a small apartment in a big building with not even a balcony, we probably won’t really like living there.

Can you afford a puppy?

Sure, you may have the money to buy a puppy… but there’s many lots of costs with a puppy and a dog. There’s food, vet bills, vaccinations and the boosters, insurance… so much! Often people get a puppy but don’t realise how much it will cost in the long run and therefore get rid which is very heartbreaking.

What do you know about the breed?

Whatever breed you plan on getting, you need to do your research. Find out as much as you can – maybe even get a book on the breed – and study. For example, Dalmatians need low purine food as we can develope urine stones. There’s many lots of things you should try and understand about your future furry friend, so be sure to look it up!

Are you buying from a puppy farm?

One thing you should never do is buy from a puppy farm. They sell puppies for the money but they don’t care for them or their parents. There can often be issues both health wise and other things. In most cases, every time a bitch is in heat, they will breed out of her. Sometimes they breed them to death and it’s awful. Our friends at The Kennel Club have created this guide on places you shouldn’t buy from.

Please make sure you learn everything that there is to know about owning a puppy before buying one. Our Auntie Lily wrote a good post about puppy care! There’s also many lots of websites for you to check out like PDSA, RSPCA and The Kennel Club.

We love having Rosie as part of the family and are excited for all our brand new adventures. She’s fitting in soopah doopah well in here and we think she loves us just as much (she does… she told me.)

Done leed trainin today.. was weird… -R🐾

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Have you got a dog? What do you think is important to learn before getting a puppy?

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