For today’s post, I have a guest blogger! Izzy is a 3rd year Advertising student. She is passionate about dance, psychology and photography and has put together this amazing post for the 10 must have iPad accessories! 

After investing hundreds of pounds into buying yourself an iPad, it makes complete sense to spend a little bit more money and really enjoy your iPad and all of its functions. There are lots of accessories you can buy now, however purchasing them all would cost you a small fortune, so to make it easier for you we have created a list of the top ten accessories we think you should buy to get the most out of your iPad.

1. Custom Cover

Having a bespoke cover made for your iPad doesn’t have to be expensive,but it does give the iPad a very personal feel, making all the more special to you. It is always a good idea to protect your iPad with a cover just in case you drop it, or drop something onto it, so why not get a cover that you will really enjoy and will never get bored of looking?

2. Wireless Speakers

With an iPad you can not only listen to your entire music collection, but you can also watch programmes and stream movies, all of this you have to do through the iPad speakers. Unless you buy yourself some wireless speakers, again these don’t have to be costly, there are plenty available and it is guaranteed to increase your listening and viewing pleasure.

3. Wireless Earphones For the active individual who wants to listen to music or watch programmed while doing other things. Perfect for those of you who like to take to the gym or go running or cycling.

4. Wireless Media Drive for extra storage

Extra storage for the iPad can be costly, but if you shop around you can find wireless media drives that give you far more memory for much less price. You can take your storage device with you wherever you go and access photos and music etc. whenever you need.


5. Apple TV

This device can be used to stream media to your TV, whether that is a film or programme you are streaming, music you’d like to listen to or photos from your device, allowing you to watch everything on the big screen. A handy device for going on holiday.

6. Keyboard, wireless or built into a case

You can buy wireless keyboards and even cases that have keyboards built into them, they connect via Bluetooth so no need for any pesky wires,

and they make typing on the iPad much easier. Perfect for anyone who uses their iPad for

7. Stylus

Your finger can only be so precise and doing certain things on the iPad can be frustrating, which is where a stylus can come in very handy. Particularly useful for drawing apps and some games.

8. On-the-go Charger

A super pack that you can charge and take on the go, whenever your iPad starts to run low on battery, simply plug it into the super pack, there is no need for a plug socket. Ideal for long journeys or stays in for example, hospital.

9. iPad Stand

Stands are especially useful if you are using your iPad for work or to watch movies, for example, they allow you to see the iPad easily and clearly, leaving your hands free for other things.

10. Multi-functional remote control 

You can buy plug in devices that allow you to use your iPad as a remote control for the entertainments systems in your living room, this includes your television and stereo.

A huge thanks to Izzy for posting is awesome guide to iPad accessories! eBay and Amazon are great for reasonably priced tech accessories, so make sure you check them out. Know of any other accessories for iPad users? Comment below! 



Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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