Celebrity Bargain Buy: Bella Thorne’s Rolling Stones T-Shirt

Welcome back to ‘Celebrity Bargain Buy’, where I’ll be sharing with you some fashion pieces worn by celebrities which are available for an affordable price. Today’s piece is Bella Thorne’s Rolling Stones t-shirt which she wore in a recent Instagram post.

when I try to get Frank to #dance with me #fridayfun

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Bella has gone for such a colourful and retro look which I’m really loving. The shirt is a perfect tribute to the iconic English Rock band and really brings her outfit together.

You can get this shirt from Urban Outfitters for $39! (Around £30) A great nod to one of the biggest bands of all time and also a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit – double win.

What do you think of Bella’s t-shirt? How would you style it in an outfit?

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