Welcome to a brand new Disney series! This is part of the Disney Nerd series which is dedicated to the wonderful world of Disney cups and mugs. I am such a hoarder of cups and mugs, especially Disney ones, so I thought I’d share ones I find and put on my wishlist with you to share my love of Disney crockery.

Today’s cup is a beautiful Rapunzel Princess mug. Of course, Rapunzel is the princess of Disney’s 2011 animated movie Tangled, which tells the tale of of the captive 18 year old who has no idea of her royal heritage who is freed from her tower by the kingdom’s most-wanted bandit, Flynn Rider, who gives her a sense of freedom.

The pretty pink mug features the beautiful Rapunzel with beautiful silhouettes of items that relate to the princess, including paintbrushes, lanterns and her little best friend, Pascal. The back has her name in a gorgeous fairytale font. It’s not just cute on the outside as the interior is a stunning shimmering pink.

It’s always time for tea with quaint mug, making it fit for a princess (or prince!) You can get it from Disney Store for just £7.99.

Are you a Princess Rapunzel fan? Would you add this to your Disney cups and mugs collection?



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