If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ll know all about my meetings with some celebrities. It’s always quite fun and a great memorable experience to look back on. Lots of people often ask me what I do when I meet famous faces and how they should act when meeting them and so I thought that for fun, I’d make a blog post sharing the do’s and don’ts of how to meet a celebrity. I’d also like to point out that I’m no celebrity expert or stalker, I’ve just had some really great opportunities to meet a few familiar faces on various occasions.

Meeting Michael Clifford outside the arena after a 5 Seconds of Summer concert



Is it in an appropriate place?

There are times when you should and shouldn’t meet someone who’s well known. The obvious places are in arranged meetings such as meet and greets, signings,etc. so always make sure you take advantage of these arranged events. They are there for the purpose of you meeting the person and therefore they’re always a lot more willing than in places where it isn’t really appropriate. Sometimes, musicians will meet fans at the event venue if they are there (such as concerts, festivals,etc.) which isn’t an official meet and greet, but they do it out of their own choice, which is always lovely. Always make sure that where you see them is a place where it’s acceptable to approach them.

Manners, please!

The amount of people I’ve seen who have had bad manners meeting a famous person is a bit ridiculous. Everytime I’ve met someone, I’ve always used good manners, such as greeting them when I meet them, saying please and thank you when it comes to photographs autographs. Manners definitely go a long way, so remember that.

Be friendly

Some people just act as though the person is an attraction, which isn’t very nice. Remember, the person you’re meeting is human, too. Talk to them, be nice, ask how they’re doing. If there’s time to talk, try and make small talk with them, maybe relating to the event they are at (“How are you enjoying?”) or the place you’ve met them (“How are you finding *insert place*?”) If they have the time to talk to you, it’s always nice to strike up a bit of a conversation and interaction. You can always have a bit of fun or joke around with them, even when taking pictures. Some people genuinely love that.

How To Meet A Celebrity Olly Murs Meets Fan Selfie Funny Face
Silly faces with Olly Murs!

Ask before taking pictures

Not everyone is able to take photos for whatever reason or perhaps they’re just not wanting to have a camera in their face. Always ask if you can take a selfie with them and be accepting if they turn it down. They’re not a waxwork at Madame Tussauds, remember. Also, if you’d like them to pose in a specific way (eg: a kiss on the cheek), please be sure to ask nicely. Some people are up for this, whereas others are a bit uncomfortable. If you’ve read my post about my kiss with Olly Murs, you’ll know he was happy to oblige, but some other people find it awkward. After all, you are a stranger.

How To Meet A Celebrity Olly Murs Kissing Fan

Respect the people working with them

More often than not, there’ll be someone like a security guard or manager with the person. If they speak on behalf of the person, respect what they’re asking of you/telling you. If they say “no”, it’s usually for a good reason. Their best interest is the person they are with. If they have a busy schedule or the person isn’t in the best place for taking photos, then the staff will be aware of this and be sure to let you know if this is acceptable.


Cut the crying

It can be emotional, I know. But hold back those tears! A lot of people find it awkward when people cry over their presence, so try and keep it together. Also, your time with them should be memorable. Imagine thinking back to the moment where you had that one chance to meet them and all you remember is crying. If you are emotional, try and keep it until after the interaction is over.

Know when approaching them is inappropriate

Some fans have crashed weddings, funerals, even doctors and hospital appointments to meet famous people. It’s disrespectful and invading. If it’s not a good time or place, then it’s best to just leave it out. People are entitled to that respect in the same way you are.

How To Meet A Celebrity Cast Of Being Human Meets Fans
Meeting the cast of Being Human on a media trip a few years back

Being intrusive is a no-no

Asking how perhaps their loved ones are is something you have to be wary of. If they’re in a public relationship that they happily share, then by all means ask how the person is. But if it’s rumours or unconfirmed, don’t go asking something like “Are you dating that person?” or “Do you want to marry them?” Other personal questions should be considered, too. It’s best to avoid them and talk more about how they are, something relating to their work, complements and general small talk.

Don’t chase them – this isn’t an episode of Tom & Jerry!

Please don’t chase them. If they’re running away from you or in a car or something, they don’t want you chasing them. It’s disrespectful, rude and a cardio session nobody even asked for. Just don’t do it.

Keep your hands to yourself

Some people like to grab and be touchy feeling which is really inappropriate. I’ve witnessed and heard about bum pinching, groping and even licking – yes, licking. Having a bit of a cuddle or a handshake is acceptable and if you ask for a kiss, sometimes some people will say yes, but respect that. And always act before embracing physical contact. It’s just polite.

How To Meet A Celebrity Tyler Oakley Meets Fan Selfie Book Tour BINGE
Meeting Tyler Oakley at his book signing

I hope you find these tips handy and get the opportunity to use them some day! Have you ever met anyone famous? Who is one person you’d love to meet?


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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