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Friday, as you know, was Good Friday. I think you could pretty much say that my Friday was rather damn good. It was the day I was reunited with my alltime favourite singer, Olly Murs!

Knowing that Olly meets fans outside the venue for each tour, there was no way that I was going to pass up the opportunity to make his acquaintance. My friend, Cassie, and I went to the back of the arena and waited. And waited. And waited. We probably waited a total of 3 hours and had to stand the entire time. Finally, a security guard with a sexy strong Irish accent walked over and asked “if I bring out Olly, will you promise not to break the barrier? If you break the barrier, then I will take him back in. Promise?” we made the promise and around 20 minutes later, a short Essex bloke came out and roars of screams pierced my eardrums. Cassie was bursting with excitement as he finally got to us. She managed to get a selfie with him. The excitement in her face was enough to light up an entire shopping centre at Christmas. Once he had seen Cassie, it was my turn. Finally. I could hardly wait.

“Hi O-”


A woman behind me frantically pushed in front of me. Olly’s face was a bit surprised and mine was furious. I bit my tongue and just patiently waited. Finally, it was my turn.

“Hi Olly!”
“Alright, Darlin’?”
“Could you please do a quick message for my best friend, Courtney? We met because of you online and tomorrow she’ll be coming to Wales where we will meet in person.”

“Of course!”

I shakily pressed record on my iPhone.

“Hi Courtney, lots of love, Darling!”

“Thank you!”

“No problem, babe”

He proceeded to take a selfie with me.

“Olly, can I get a k-”

I stopped myself. Don’t be so silly, Jazz. 

Suddenly I felt a pair of lips linger on the corner of my own. Olly extended his arm to take a selfie on my phone. A quick click and it was over, but the lips had now moved to match mine. He quickly but softly pecked my lips before saying “thank you for coming today.”  I hugged him and pecked him on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

Olly and me

Before I knew it, security were pushing us away and Olly was escorted in the opposite direction. Cassie was squealing and without even realising, so was I. I just had my first kiss. Not with anyone, but Olly Murs. My favourite singer ever. We kissed. We kissed. 

The rest of the time up until the concert was quite a blur because it was constant queuing. When we finally got there, we bought some merch and went into the photobooth for some pics. Finally, it was showtime.

Olly is such a spectacular performer. He always gets the crowd going with his flawless voice, incredible dance moves, irresistible charm and cheeky banter. The entire concert was amazing… until the end.

I basically had no sleep the night before and didn’t eat the entire day due to excitement. I then proceeded to wait  outside the arena from 2pm until around 5:30 and met him before queuing for a very long time to get into the arena. This was a standing concert so I was on my feet up until the last 20 minutes. Everything was like it was in another room. Olly on the b stage, just meters away from me and instead of my usual happy vibes at a concert, I felt weak and dizzy.

“Alright?” Someone asked. I don’t know who, but I could hear a droned voice. Suddenly there was gasping and I saw black spots in front of my eyes.

I didn’t fully faint but I was basically almost blacked out and it triggered a panic attack so I panicked my way out of fully fainting. It felt weird and something I had never ever experienced before. I was scared. The crowd were angry when I pushed my way through to try and leave.

“What are you playing at?!” asked one intoxicated woman.
“I’M GOING TO FAINT!” I snapped as I shakily pushed through the crowd.

I got outside and broke into a full panic attack. Poor Cassie looked worried and I felt the weight of the guilt sit on my shoulders. I had ruined this for her.

Olly Cardiff 5
There was no need for a zoom on this… swoon.
Olly cardiff 2
Literal sweetheart
Cassie and me
The photo booth pre concert. As you can see, my fringe was not my friend and in the first pic, I wasn’t ready.

The medics were wonderful and helped me recover. My mother and Cassie’s mother were called to the venue and they sneaked Cassie’s mother in to the venue to take my place with Cassie for the remainder of the concert. I left the venue broken hearted that I had missed the end and spoilt it for Cassie, but I was reassured by her mother that Cassie still enjoyed herself and wouldn’t have met him without me. I also made Courtney ecstatic with the video and had my first kiss. I guess, in the end, if I had to choose to faint afterwards to achieve what I got from Olly, I would have taken one for the team. Oh, the shame. Not!

Overall, it was a truly amazing show and a memory I will forever keep treasured. Thanks, Olly. Hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind. No hard feelings, yeah?



Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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