Girls’ Night In – the perfect essentials for a cosy night with your friends

Girls’ Night In – the perfect essentials for a cosy night with your friends

As much as I enjoy going out to concerts, etc. I feel like as a self confessed introvert, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a night in. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved hosting sleepovers and even to this day it’s something I do. Over the Christmas period I love to have friends over for a sleepover to catch up and just have some quality time together. I thought I’d inspire you to throwing your own girls’ night in and prove it can be just as fun as going out.

Crank up the music

Girls Night In Essentials

My friends and I love music – it’s something we bond over. We love to listen to our favourite songs, sing along and just act like total idiots! As much as my phone and laptop have a good sound, we like it to have a good quality. The Panasonic Speaker System has pristine audio which can make it easily feel like you’re in a club in the comfort of your own home.  If you’re looking for music inspiration, I’ve created a playlist for you – you’re welcome!

Order out

Girls Night In Essentials

Usually my friends and I love to order out food – we don’t do it that often so when we get together, it’s always a good treat. I love using Just Eat because I hate talking on the phone and because of where I live, it’s one of the very few delivery apps/websites. Also, you don’t need to get cash out which is what I remember always having to do growing up whenever we had a takeaway night with the family. Lazy? Yes. Worth it? Of course.

Pamper time!

Girls Night In Essentials

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a bit of a pamper session. I love doing face masks – they’re so fun and great for your skin. We often take a silly selfie wearing the masks, too! I love LUSH masks the best. My favourite is Mask of Magnaminty, but there’s so many on offer to choose from that you should check out and see what tickles your fancy.

Cosy up

Girls Night In Essentials

As the night goes on, we love to get into our PJs and have a nice treat like a hot chocolate (my stepdad is amazing at making them – he should be a barista) before settling down, usually with a good film. We usually watch a Disney film or some rom com. My favourites to watch are Peter Pan, Mean Girls, 17 Again, The Princess Diaries and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. All classics, if you ask me!

Hope you have a great time! What are your Girls’ Night In Essentials?

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