2015 favourites

2015 favourites

[Apologies this is late – I’m in bed with two ear infections and the flu. My painkillers have kicked in enough for me to finish adding images and publishing!] 

It’s that time of the year again where I discuss my favourite things from the year. As I lacked in regular posts this year, I decided to just wait until now to do my favourite products from the past 12 months in a post similar to this one. Without further ado, here are my 2015 favourites.


Little Mix – Get Weird 

Get Weird

Little Mix made a big comeback from their 12 month sabbatical and downtime in the studio with their third album ‘Get Weird’. which is full of melodramatics, sass and just some damn right catchy tunes. Of course, I purchased the Deluxe edition and absolutely fell in love with it. My personal favourites include hit single ‘Black Magic’, ‘Secret Love Song Pt II’ and ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ (not about the sporting brand, in case you were wondering.) This album is eclectic and showcases the sounds of girl band’s from today’s generation perfectly. I’m very much looking forward to them performing it live next year on the Get Weird tour which starts in Cardiff. Of course, I will be there.

5 Seconds of Summer – Sounds Good, Feels Good 

sounds good feels good

This is the second album from 5SOS since getting signed in 2014 by Capitol Records and it shows such a difference from their debut studio album. The campaign alongside the album, ‘The New Broken Scene’, aims to promote that the album and any environment involving the band is a place for the “outcasts” and people who are suffering with stigma from mental health. Tracks such as ‘She’s Kinda Hot’, ‘Jet Black Heart’ and ‘Broken Home’ are just a few of the songs which fans are able to find pretty easy to relate to and I am definitely in love with this album.

One Direction – Made in the A.M 

made in the amx

The first album post Zayn and the last album pre haitus; Made in the A.M is One Direction’s most anticipated album since Up All Night (aka album number one) and what a difference there has been since 2011. As a fan, I feel honoured to have watched them grow from teenage boys to young men and listen to their sound mature from bubblegum pop to chasing the rock vibes. While I’m sad that we won’t be getting a new album in 2016, I’m very satisfied with the music we have been left with for these 18 months.


Binge – Tyler Oakley

binge cover

As you may be aware from my review, this is something I highly enjoyed reading. The essays compiled by Tyler Oakley covering a numerous amount of topics are definitely relatable to myself or people I care about and is definitely on my top three favourite books this year.

Love, Tanya – Tanya Burr 


It’s true that there are many YouTubers signing book deals lately, but ‘Love, Tanya’ is definitely one I recommend. ‘Love, Tanya’ is like a handwritten guide from a beautiful big sister who has experienced the highs and lows of a teenage life and female problems and is now sharing her advice. Plus, the baking chapter is definitely a must read and try.

140 Characters of Truth – Joshua Fox

josh fox

This book was written by my friend and fellow journo, Josh Fox and although I only read it last month, it’s definitely an important one. Josh says the things many of us need to hear. With a message to our generation who thrive on showcasing the perfect life on social media, Josh gets real in a book that merely talks about the truth behind a numerous amount of tweets posted by himself over the years. If you’re as consumed in social media as much as I am, I highly recommend this quick yet eye opening read.


Lush Intergalactic bath bomb


I’m a sucker for a good bath bomb, especially ones which satisfy my aesthetic. I’ve fallen hard for Lush’s Intergalactic bath bomb which makes it look like outer space in my bath tub. Very satisfying and smells amazing.

£3.95 from LUSH  
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

rimmel wake me up

This has been my go to foundation for 2015 as it has a lovely natural, radiant glow. It’s a light coverage which you can build to your own need and doesn’t feel at all caked on. Definitely got a good use out of this.

Bourjois Délice de Pouder bronzing powder


This is definitely a product I found myself using a lot in 2015. After hearing my favourite beauty gurus rave about it and high recommendation from my friend, I picked it up earlier in the year. It’s a fantastic shade for my light skin colour and doesn’t have any orange tone to it, so it gives a natural look. Plus, I love the fact that it reminds me of chocolate!

£7.99 from Feel Unique

Tanya Burr lipgloss in Berry Picking

berry picking

I absolutely loved this lip gloss this year. It gives a berry stained look to your lips (hence the name) and isn’t too overpowering in colour. I love all of Tanya Burr Cosmetics’ lip glosses that I have tried but this one is definitely my favourite.

£5.99 from Superdrug

EOS Strawberry Sorbet lip balm


I’ve never tried an EOS lip balm before this one and it definitely kept my lips moisturised whenever I used it, plus the flavour was really nice. The only downside is that I know you can get them for less than $3 in America whereas they cost a good £7 here in the UK. Next trip to America I shall definitely be stocking up.

£7.00 from Topshop
I hope you enjoyed reading about what I loved in 2015! What were your favourites from last year?


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? | Breaking up with a boyband member

I’m going to let my inner fangirl speak to you today. A week ago today, my heart was ripped out of my body. Or at least, that’s what it felt like. Zayn Malik of One Direction officially called it quits on his time with the world’s most popular boyband of the 21st century.

“Don’t be such a baby!” Is probably something you’re internally yelling at me, but hear me – and the world of Directioners – out. True, he’s just a boyband member (or was) but we need to remember the fact that music can be an escape to so many people. Whether you’re the type of person to consider the pop genre as “not real music” or whatever your opinion, music always means something to someone.

One Direction’s fanbase mainly consists of a young age group, as young as five up to young adults and even beyond and to a lot of young people who are coping with the pressure of school, puberty and the struggles of growing up, sometimes having a boyband or any artist to lust over and be a fan of is indeed an escape for them. While it may be considered funny or pathetic to you that teenage girls are distraught, but if you have ever been a huge fan of anyone like The Beatles, Take That,etc. you’d understand.

Zayn Malik 2015


My parents think my fangirling craze is a little OTT but they also understand. When news broke out about Zayn, instead of telling me to get a grip my parents consoled me. They knew what I was going through. My dad was crazy for The Beatles from a young age and even agrees that if social media existed back then, he would probably be in my position. My mother was a huge fan of Queen, so she also understands. So, instead of telling me to get a life or grow up, they comforted me and agreed that if it was upsetting Zayn that much being in the centre of attention, then it’s for the best and we should support him. And I couldn’t agree more.

For those thinking Zayn is overreacting for leaving, you should bare in mind that he went from college kid nobody to international popstar within less than a year. Yes, he did choose to audition for The X Factor, but so do thousands and it rarely gets to this height of fame. They have literally made history in the music industry and some people find their ways to cope, others simply cannot. I guess Zayn was one of those people. He’s always been a reserved and “mysterious” character, only letting his true side shine when with people he is most comfortable with.

Days before the decision was made and announced, Zayn was signed off tour with stress. While people don’t understand what he has to stress about and he doesn’t have “a proper job”, he works much more than most. Touring the world 9 months a year, timezone changes, working out to keep fit enough to do all of this, press conferences, recording, studio work, promo, press junkets, performing, it all adds up and at this extreme it can take it out of you, especially when the media gets involved – in particular, the paparazzi.

Malik was papped with a female in Thailand and although cheating assumptions have been made, the real story has yet to be confirmed and nobody knows the truth besides Zayn and that girl. I want to say he isn’t the type of person to cheat, but at the end of the day, I don’t personally know him. Whatever actually happened, though, is actually nobody’s business and to have to put up with your personal life splashed all across the global media clearly has a huge impact on someone’s mental health.

Stress can cause mental health problems, and make existing problems worse. For example, if you often struggle to manage feelings of stress, you might develop a mental health problem like anxiety or depression.

Mental health problems can cause stress. You might find coping with the day-to-day symptoms of your mental health problem, as well as potentially needing to manage medication, health care appointments or treatments, can become extra sources of stress.

This can start to feel like a vicious circle, and it might be hard to see where stress ends and your mental health problem begins.

Mind Charity

If you know a fan of One Direction who is upset over this, please don’t make it worse for them by putting them down for this. Console them and help reassure that things will be okay. You never really know how much an artist can help a person – particularly at a young age.

I sincerely wish Zayn nothing but best wishes and luck for the future, whatever his plans may be. I will forever be grateful for the fact that he follows me on Twitter and so proud of what he has achieved in such little time and at such a young age.

Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Band Aid 30: Better than the original?

Christmas 1984 saw the movement and release of Do They Know it’s Christmas? By British supergroup Band Aid. Founded by Midge Ure and Bob Geldof, the aim of Band Aid was to raise money for anti-poverty in Ethiopia.

Fast forward to today, 2014. It’s Band Aid’s 30th anniversary and we are facing a new crisis. Earlier this year, the world watched as it witnessed Africa suffer the devastating outbreak that is Ebola. According to the World Health Organisation, the outbreak has reached over 5,000 in the death toll.
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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Monthly Favourites- October

Well look at that. We’re in November. This year has gone way too fast for my liking. Like wasn’t it Christmas a week ago? Anyway, nothing we can do about that, so here’s what I enjoyed in October. I’ll warn you- it’s a lot more than usual.

Love, Rosie – as you know, beginning of last month I went to the world premiere of Love, Rosie. I also wrote a review of the film and I honestly cannot wait for it come out on DVD. It’s currently in cinemas so you should definitely try and see it- I want to go again but being a student limits my spending and after my recent holiday, I am in red alert.  But the film is basically the best rom com I have seen in so long and I loved everything about it.

Polagram- This is an app which you can turn your photos into Polaroids and other formats of photos and have them sent to your door. It’s reasonably cheap and when I saw everyone posting about it on Facebook, I was really interested and so I checked the app out and ordered 2 standard polaroids and I really liked the quality. You can also make phone cases, order a box set of polaroids or even get photobooks made. If you decide to try this app out, then use my code PGV0UT7H for your first 2 credits meaning you’ll get money off your purchase. You will also have your own personal code which if you share to people and they use it, you’ll get more credits. Using other peoples codes and getting them to use yours gives both you and them 2 credit for each code used, so get your friends and family on the app, too!


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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Get to know me: 25 questions tag

I thought it’d be cool if we got to know each other (or at least- you get to know me) since I’ll be here blogging regularly. I don’t know about you but I like to know a bit about the person behind the keyboard. So, I’m going to do the 25 questions tag! And I tag all of you who read this to do it on your own blog and post a link below for me to see.

1. Do you have a middle name?

Nope. But my friend from my old work gave me the middle name Beyonce. Does that count?

2. What was your favorite subject in school?

Drama was the best. I loved it. Especially improvising.
3. What’s your favorite drink?

Hot drink- tea. I love tea and my favourite brand is Yorkshire Tea, I mean have you tried it? Cold drink is Asda brand cherryade and yes I’m specific about the brand as the rest don’t taste the same.

4. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

I honestly change favourite songs every day. I wake up and a new song is in my head for that entire day. Today is Mrs All American by 5 Seconds of Summer. It’s on their American version of the album and I liked listening to it so much that I ordered the American version from eBay. 

5. What would you name your children?

I’ve pretty much got my mind set on no children but if I do, girl – Angel and boy – Griff

6. Do you participate in any sports?

Yes. Marathons. The movie kind.

7. What’s your favorite book? 
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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Meet & Greet – Introducing myself


Nice to e-meet you. My names Jazmin but everyone calls me Jazz, so feel free to do the same if you’d like. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever calls me Jazmin except for people at the hospital or the bank. The only reason “Jazmin” is in my URL is because “Jazz” wasn’t available and would probably be a copyright since it’s a song from a movie and whatnot. Sorry, rambling.

I’m a soon-to-be-nineteen (like literally my birthday’s next week- heads up if you want to get me anything!) year old journalism and English student from South Wales, UK. I study with the Open University for my BA Hons English Literature & Creative Writing degree and I also study with the London School of Journalism via distant learning for my Freelance writing in Music & the Arts, so you can probably guess what my passion is? That’s right- Science! Okay, that was a (really rubbish) joke. I’m a very keen writer and I’ve had a lot of experience in my less than two decades on this planet, but not enough in my opinion. Continue reading “Meet & Greet – Introducing myself”

Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.