Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Around The World

I have lots of family and friends who live around the world and, personally, I find it rather interesting and exciting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas. Here in the UK, we’re all pretty familiar with the opening of presents before stuffing a lovely Christmas dinner in the shape of a Sunday roast, telling a few jokes from crackers and flopping out in front of the TV for Christmas specials, but what do other countries do to celebrate this festive time of year? I spoke to some friends and family to find out what they do for their Christmas traditions.


My friend, Line, was kind enough to tell me about her Christmas traditions…

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“In Denmark, we open gifts on the 24th December. We eat things like duck and roast pork. After dinner, we have a lot of candy and walk around the Christmas tree and sing both English and Danish songs.  We play a game and win gifts. We eat play a game where we eat Risalamande (a Danish dessert traditionally served at Christmas) and inside there is an almond. Whoever finds the almond nut wins a small gift.

We also have Christmas calendars like in the UK to open from the 1st to 24th and a calendar candle, too.”


Fellow blogger, John, talks about Christmas in Germany…

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“Christmas is a magical time in Germany, the best bit is that we get to do it twice. The first Christmas happens on 6th December on St Nikolaus. Children leave their newly cleaned shoes at their front door in the hope that St Nikolaus will fill them with chocolate and sweets. At 2pm across Germany on 24th December, Germany falls silent and stays that way until the 27th. On Christmas Eve families come together to decorate their Christmas Tree and exchange presents. On Christmas Day most families eat Goose rather than the Turkey that is eaten in many countries. I love it that everything is closed for Christmas, everyone has the chance for a proper rest and spend time with their families.”

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Feeling Wanderlust; My travel bucket list

Having spoken to friends and scrolling through Tumblr, I’ve been feeling slightly wanderlust. I have the urge to just pack a bag and go where I dream to go. The only thing stopping me is money. However, it’s definitely got me in the mood to create my list of top places I’d love to travel to and, of course, I’m going to share that list with you. This isn’t in any particular order, just some of the places I’d love to visit.

  1. Primrose Hill, London 

Having watched many of Tanya Burr’s vlogs and seeing her visit this beautiful place in London, it’s definitely somewhere I would love to visit. It looks so pretty and picturesque – just think of the photos I could take!

Image credit:

2. Brighton

Image credit: Wikipedia
Image credit: Wikipedia

I’ve always seen photos of Brighton and thought it was a beautiful and interesting place to visit. When reading ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg, it definitely inspired me to take a trip there. I’ve yet to do so, but have already discussed the idea with a friend of mine. Another amazing place to take photos and explore.

3. California

California x
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This has been a lifelong dream of mine. Particularly visiting the original Disneyland. Los Angeles and Hollywood are just two of the places I’d love to visit there along with the Universal Studios park. California has been a place I’ve been wanting to visit for as long as I can remember and I seriously hope one day I can visit there.

3. New York City

New York
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One of the biggest reasons I want to go to New York is for the shopping in the city. I’d love to be able to afford a shopping spree there. A Broadway show and some sight seeing is definitely a must do on my travel bucket list for visiting there, too.

4. Sydney, Australia

Image credit:
Image credit:

Besides the fact that my favourite band come from this beautiful city, I’ve been told about so many amazing places that need to be visited. I also have a friend in Australia who loves living there. Although it’s one hefty flight and huge time difference, Sydney is definitely a place I’d love to visit! Although don’t expect me to try any Vegemite…

5. Ireland


My friend, Emma, has been to Ireland and always says how much she wants to go back. It’s another photogenic place and I’ve heard Dublin Zoo is a must! I’d love to be able to get a Ferry over and stay for a weekend.

Those are just some of the places I would love to visit. I may make a second post talking about more of my dream destinations are. Where would you like to visit? Have you been to any of my ideal vacation spots?


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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.