Women's March Against Trump

Cardiff Women March in Solidarity Against Trump’s Presidency

Saturday 21st January saw the world unite as they protested Donald Trump’s inauguration. The UK, along with the rest of the world, saw thousands of people across the country getting involved to express their rights and show support to America’s Anti-Trump campaign. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, were no different. Within 24 hours of Trump being sworn into Presidency, Cardiff was one of the many countries to march through their city centre in protest. The march was hosted by Welsh organisers Cardiff Sisters of Solidarity’s Gwenno Dafydd and Claudia Boes.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event due to illness, but some amazing members of the Cardiff Feminist Network were more than willing to share their experience of the powerful event. Feminist, Sam, shared with me the experience from a participant’s point of view. 



I marched against Trump because his rhetoric makes me feel unsafe. It’s not just his misogyny.  He has admitted sexual assault  people still voted for him.  He has encouraged hatred of muslims and people of colour, my partner is muslim and a p.o.c.  He has said that vaccines cause autism – as if autism is something to be feared.  My child is autistic and it’s frustrating to hear these old myths resurface after being disproven many times.  I also marched in solidarity with anyone else who has now been made more vulnerable.

I had taken a break from activism because I had really felt that there was no point.  I have seen my country turn from a place that I felt it was OK to be different  – to a place that’s increasingly racist, insular ignorant and nasty, with no sign of things improving.  With Trump in the Whitehouse and the influence that the US has over the rest of the world I didn’t see it getting better any soon, I wondered what the point was in fighting.
I arrived at the Nye Bevan statue at 1 pm and I was amazed at the number of people who gathered there. I have been to many protests in Cardiff and I have never seen such a huge turn out.

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Blogmas Day 6: Christmas in Cardiff

Like every city, Cardiff gets festive for the Christmas period. From the Christmas market to Santa’s Grotto and even its own Winter Wonderland, there’s something for everyone.

I visited Cardiff earlier in the week and decided to take you with me by filming the best bits.

I hope you enjoyed the video and it’s got you feeling festive. What does your local city do for Christmas?


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Vlog: Little Mix Get Weird Tour @ Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

little mix blog post

Hi guys!

Sunday saw me head to Cardiff to see Little Mix live in concert for the first night of their brand new tour, ‘Get Weird Tour’. This was my first concert of the year and I decided to take you along with me and vlog the day. The entire show was phenomenal and such an amazing production and performance which I definitely think was worth every penny.


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

I spent a week with a mermaid!

Hello there!

So, as I excitedly explained on my social media sites a numerous amount of times, just over a week ago, my dear friend Courtney AKA A Mermaid’s Blog  (formerly known as Find The Lost Girl) travelled from Stevenage, Hertfordshire to visit me for about a week here in Wales. We have been online friends for almost three years now having digitally met via a Facebook fan page for our favourite singer, Olly Murs. After Skyping, Facetiming and just talking probably more than we talk to our friends who live near us, we eventually arranged to meet up. My parents were happy to let Courtney stay with us for a couple of days and after months of excitement, the day finally arrived.

I stood at Cardiff Central bus station with slight anxiety and adrenaline. As the London bus pulled in, I rapidly began texting “Is this your bus?” but no reply. As soon as it pulled in, I had a call.

“Where the hell are you?!”

“I’m literally right by the National Express office you can’t miss me.”

“I can’t- OH MY GOD I SEE YOU”


Call Disconnected

I look up to see a very familiar face running across the crossing with a suitcase lugging behind her. My face lit up as I ran towards her and she mimicked my actions. We ran to each other, screamed and hugged before bursting out into tears. At last, we had finally met.

Courtney and Jazz first selfie
Our first selfie! Still red eyed from crying…

We only had 5 days together as CJ (her nickname, so you know) had to get back in time for a concert, but we made every moment memorable. From blogging to spending quality time watching films, from shopping to a make over. We did so much in such little time.

I’ll write an overview of each day as so much went on.

Day One:

Courtney and I met in Cardiff after she arrived from London which was a transfer from Stevenage. We got really emotional before catching a train back to my place. We had a night in to watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and just chatted the night away before watching one of our favourite films, Peter Pan in Return to Neverland.

Night in with the TV. Perfect way to bond!
Night in with the TV. Perfect way to bond!


Day Two: 

After a very lazy morning together, my mother, our friend Denise and I took Courtney up a local Welsh mountain to walk Louis and Pepsi and for CJ to see the breathtaking views of the Welsh Valleys. It was also my stepdad’s birthday but he had to work. I managed to give him his present, which was this video from a member of the cast from Game of Thrones wishing him a happy birthday. Needless to say, he was really happy! Courtney and I then spent the evening watching The Fault in Our Stars.

Day Three:

My stepdad’s birthday was on the Sunday but he was working, so today we had a tea party with my stepbrother, my gran and some family friends visiting alongside CJ and I there with my stepdad and my mother. Denise made an amazing cake for his birthday in shape of a Welsh rugby ball. We later went to my local carvery for dinner before watching Love Rosie on DVD.

Bob cake
Jazz and courtney 1


Day Four: 

We had an early rise before going to my favourite little cafe, The Potting Shed. It’s the cutest little place for breakfast and I think Courtney enjoyed it! We then went to the Welsh history museum, St Fagans, where we looked around the old buildings from the past as well as making friends with a sheep! We called her Dolly. We headed home before taking Louis and Pepsi to the beach for a walk and headed to a little ice cream kiosk which ran out of ice cream and made the world’s worst tea. Never again! I also introduced Courtney to the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I was rather shocked she had never seen it considering the moment it released, thousands of teens and tweens headed out to the cinema to watch it.

potting shed
So much cuteness from The Potting Shed!
Courtney xxxx
Courtney and Polly!
Jazz and Polly
Polly and I chilling

Day Five:

This was the day we had been planning for a long time. We both love shopping, especially for make-up and beauty products, so I took CJ to Cardiff to go shopping. We went to a number of shops but the best ones being Superdrug Beauty Studio (the only one in the UK), LUSH, Blue Banana (which Courtney fell in love with), The Disney Store and The Body Shop where we booked in for a free makeover. Sadly, when we got home, we forgot to take close ups of our make as we were so tired after a long day. I also took Courtney for her first Nandos. Thankfully, they have Vegetarian options!

Jazz and courtney 8

Nandos do pretty great vegetarian options!


Jazz and Courtney 5
Chilling in Cardiff!

Day six:

The day of dread. The day Courtney heads back home. As she packed her bags, we headed to the train station with our heads hanging low with sorrow before boarding the train and headed back to Cardiff central. We spent two hours in a coffee shop for a final chat before the coach arrived. I was welling up. The past few days had been so much fun and now it was all coming to an end. It flew by so fast. As I hugged her before she boarded her coach, we said “see you soon” because we refuse to say goodbye. “Goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting” as Peter Pan once said. Cliche? Cheesy? Yes. But we’re fans, so we stuck by it.

My few days with Courtney was so much fun. We did so much and just had a great time in each other’s company. It wasn’t the last time I will see her, though. We’ve already started making plans for her return in the summer and our reunion in London some time this year for a party. So, it’s all good!

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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Cardiff Shopping Haul


Hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday! I, for one, certainly did. I finally met my internet best friend, Courtney, who travelled from England just to stay a few days with me. How sweet? One of the many things we got up to while she stayed with me was a huge shopping trip in Cardiff. Since we share a love of make-up and skincare, it was only right that we did a hobby we love together – shopping.

We bought so much that I just had to let you know about it. I’ve yet to use the majority of these products, so you should be seeing a couple of reviews in the near future.

Superdrug Beauty Studio

Haul pic 1


The Body Shop

haul pic 4

Haul pic 5


LUSH Cosmetics

haul pic 6


I’m so excited to try these products and review some! Keep an eye out for future blog posts where you may see them pop up in the next couple of weeks!

Have you tried any of these products? Which would you recommend?



Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

Review: The X Factor LIVE @ Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Writing for a Pop Culture website can have some pretty amazing benefits. One example being the chance to see The X Factor tour in Cardiff on 10th March in the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, with my friend  and fellow writer, Poppy.

The small yet crowded venue was bursting with an atmosphere of entertainment and talent as the audience were treated to performances from the 2014 X Factor 7 finalists, Andrea Faustin, Stevi Ritchie, Only The Young, Stereo Kicks, Lauren Platt, Fleur East, Jay James and The 2014 X Factor winner, Ben Haenow. The show was laid out pretty much the same as the live shows on TV, minus the judges, host and, of course, the competition.

Opening the show was Fleur East with her cover of Macklemore Can’t Hold Us Down, which was rather fierce, full of amazing stage presence with her dance moves accompanied by back up dancers and a show of lights and special effects. She later returned to the stage various amounts of times with her versions of Bang Bang, All About That Bass, Thriller, If I Ain’t Got You and Uptown Funk which was such a memorable performance on the show last year, it was amazing to witness live and in person.

17 year old Lauren Platt wowed the audience with a more chilled version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy which was a great track to expose her vocal talents followed by How Will I Know. Other songs covered by Platt involved crowd favourite Let it Go from the Oscar winning Disney film, Let it Go and a piano version of Don’t You Worry Child.

Lauren Platt
Lauren Platt performing Let it Go

Following Lauren was Welshman Jay James who sang to his home city with his version of  Everything’s Changing by Stigma and later returned to the B Stage with Adele’s Skyfall. Cardiff were pleased to have their own X Factor hero home to perform and Jay certainly shared the enjoyment. Before leaving the stage, he got the crowd involved with singing an acapella of The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles and thanking them for the emotional homecoming.

Next came the entertainer of the night, Mr Stevi Ritchie. Although he wasn’t the favourite to win the show, Ritchie definitely had an outstanding presence in performing and is a definite entertainer. The energy was high whenever Stevi performed and he was lapping it up during Livin’ La Vida Loca, Footloose and the crowd pleasing Bohemian Rhapsody. He may not be the strongest singer but he is an extraordinary entertainer and crowd pleaser.

Cardiff was put to a standstill with the pure and angelic voice that belongs to the Italian God that is Andrea Faustini. After flawless performances of Beyonce’s Listen, Whitney Houston’s I Didn’t Know My Own Strength, the moving cover of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song and Sia’s Chandelier, the crowd went wild and left wanting more of Faustini’s golden throat.

Only The Young looking dapper performing Wanna Be Like You
Only The Young looking dapper performing Wanna Be Like You

After Andrea was my personal favourite, Only The Young. The fabulous foursome covered a swing version of Wanna Be Like You from Disney’s The Jungle Book,  a mashup of Jailhouse Rock/Twist and Shout and Blame it on the Boogie which was a real hit with the crowd. There aren’t many mixed gender groups in the charts these days and I think there’s a real potential with OTY so I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

The teenage girls from across the country travelled to the capital of Wales to see the next act and it really showed in the amount of merchandise and banners that created a sea in the audience. Eardrum shattering screams filled the arena whenever 8-piece boyband, Stereo Kicks, were present on stage. So much so that it was slightly difficult to hear their medley of The Beatles Let it Be/Hey Jude. Fans went crazy when the boys managed to walk through the crowd during their version of Backstreet’s Back and I almost lost my hearing during their final song, Run.

Cover your ears! Girls went crazy for Stereo Kicks
Cover your ears! Girls went crazy for Stereo Kicks

Finally, it was the moment everyone was waiting for. The X Factor winner of 2014, Ben Haenow, took to the stage for the final set of the night with covers of Come Together, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, Highway to Hell, John Lennon’s Jealous Guy, Demons by Imagine Dragons and of course finished with his winning single, Something I Need. The crowd’s energy was buzzing, the adrenaline was high and Haenow certainly had the biggest reactions of the night.

The one and only Ben Haenow takes to the stage at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
The one and only Ben Haenow takes to the stage at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

Finally, the entire final 8 came together to sing Take That’s Never Forget and brought the show to an emotional end.

Leaving the venue on such a buzz was an amazing feeling but I couldn’t help but wonder what was next for the talented bunch we had just witnessed performing their hearts out. Something only the next 12 months can reveal. I can hardly wait.

Massive thank you to Maximum POP! for this opportunity and thank you to the wonderful Poppy McDonnell for letting me use her photos in this blog post.


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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

A successful trip around the sun

So it’s official. I made it to 19. This time next year I’ll be celebrating my second decade of existence. It’s weird.

The question I was asked most on my birthday (which was a week last Thursday, by the way) was “do you feel any older?” And to be honest, no. I know it’s like not meant to feel any different but I honestly haven’t felt like I’m a legal adult at all. I still feel like I’m 12, so all these grown up responsibilities feel wrong to me. Receiving bank statements, starting and finishing my first ever full time job, sorting out my student loan out and the like. I always feel like taking a step back and asking myself “what the hell is going on?!” And everyone expects me to be able to understand everything and do everything correctly and it feels like nobody can sympathise that this is all new to me and I’m still learning to be an independent young woman. That’s life, I guess. I wish that instead of forcing BTEC Science on me in school, they gave lessons on how to properly make a phone call for finance queries and how to actually understand all these adult terms and whatnot because I’m bloody awful at it. Maybe someone can construct a hand guide on how to be adult. I’d buy it.

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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.