Two years of friendship and memories: The Friendship Tag

the friendship tag

Today, Monday 9th November, marks two years since I met two of my dearest friends, Sarah and Alysha. We met at a fan meet up for 5 Seconds of Summer and we’ve pretty much been close ever since. We’ve been through a world-wind of memories in a short time period of 24 months. In celebration of our friendship I nagged  asked if the girls would take a friendship tag questionnaire with me, and they happily  obliged.

me lysh sarah
The day we met! I’m with the Welsh flag, Alysha is behind me on the right and Sarah is the one looking away…

What was your first impression of each other? 

J: I though Sarah was like my age maybe a year younger. I stupidly called her “Jess” as I was nervously texting my friend Jess on my way to meet everyone at the 5sos meet up. I thought Alysha was really pretty and a big Union J fan since she had just met them at their book signing.
S: I thought Jazz was a bit shy and reserved, which she was, until I got to know her and we got comfortable around each other. I though Alysha was someone who would be so easy to get along with and had 10/10 music taste. I really enjoyed both of their company.

A: I thought Sarah was pretty, outgoing but also super intimidating because she had dark blue/black hair, and also because she had (and still has) a tongue piercing. I thought jazz was super quiet until about 10 seconds into our first conversation where she made me feel so comfortable and like we’d been friends for years… and then I thought you were fab and I knew we’d be friends for a while.

What’s your favourite memory together?

S: This is where my mind goes blank…

A: When we spent the day in Cardiff together and had a sleepover because it was pretty damn awesome.

J: Oh and we hacked the CCTV of my dad’s flat to take selfies. I really enjoyed our sleepover in August because despite not knowing the worst was about to happen, I had a pretty rough year but both were there for me and able to help me take my mind off everything. They were also there when I had the news about my dad and helped clear my mind. That, and the second ever meet up which was the Christmas one at the Coca Cola truck which was like the bees knees.

S: It’s pretty much the sleepover, DerpCon, and the Coca Cola truck.

Coca Cola
The Coca Cola Truck at our Christmas meet up in 2013. There were more people there but we had mini group photos.

Describe each other in one word.

J: Sarah is hilarious. But I want to say she’s more than that because she is. But even when she’s really caring, she can crack a joke. Alysha is caring. No matter what your situation is, she cares and that’s such an amazing quality to have.

S: Jazz – intelligent. Honest to God, she’s so socially woke, and is like a fucking wordsmith. Alysha – hilarious. Legit constantly has witty replies and is just all around funny.

J: I feel like my intelligence hides for myself…

A: Jazz is incredible. You’re such a lush person (I’d say lush but incredible is better.) Sarah is just all around amazing.

What is one song that reminds you of each person?

S: Jazz- anything 1D or Disney. Alysha-any film soundtrack ever.

J: That was rather vague…

S: I can’t think of anything specific.

A: Jazz- Act My Age by One Direction. Sarah- Anything 80s related. Rick Astley maybe?

S: I love a good Rick Roll.

J: I think… Beside You by 5 Seconds of Summer for Sarah because it was the first song that 5SOS played when we saw them for the first time together at soundcheck and Calum [Hood] looked at us and smiled as Sarah cried and I hugged her. I think for Alysha it would be Set The Night On Fire by Camryn as we both ran the Welsh Camryn fan account together and I played that song a lot when we first met.


Who in the group gives the best presents?

A: Jazz because I haven’t even given one to Sarah yet…

J: I say me because I give presents a lot and it’s my speciality 😉

S: Yeah Jazz because she’s always thinking of something new.

Who is most likely to embarrass themselves in public?

A: Either me because I’m super clumsy or Jazz because because she’s super hyper and loud.

S: I reckon Jazz because she’s quite out there when she’s hyper (that’s not a bad thing)

J: I think we’ve all had an embarrassing moment but Sarah rolls with it. I get hyper and loud sometimes because I try to mask my anxiety by acting rather boisterous but I’m also a klutz, like you need to hear my stories. If not me then Alysha because she can be a clumsy person…

Caught on CCTV. We don’t know what Sarah is doing.

If you had to be trapped with each other in one place for 24 hours, where would it be? 

A: McDonald’s because I can get cheap food from employee discount.

J: Easy, Disneyland. Or a hotel but it would have to have 5SOS in it.

A: OH YEAH! That sounds good.

S: I reckon a gig. That’d be sick.

J: A 24 hour gig? Only if there’s intervals, though. Because I’d need to pee and stuff. And it would need to be a 5SOS gig since we all love them.

S: I’d love to be trapped in an arena.

J: I mean if we could get backstage, there’d be a nice sofa to nap on. With potentially a nice band member. Of 5SOS. Michael…


S: Next question

J: Alright, hold on!

Deciding together, where would be your ultimate holiday destination?

J: Guys, I genuinely think California because it has everything.

A: California or Australia. Mainly California because celebrities and great American food.

J: Australia is a good place, but it’s like a 24 hour flight. And I agree on California because like Disney and Universal Studios..

S: For me, Australia, New York or LA.

J: So we all chose California. I assume that’s our destination?

A: Yep! And Six Flags… wait how far is California from New Orleans?

J: No idea…

Tan sarah lysh jazz
With our friend, Tanya

Where do you see us all in 10 years?

J: Hopefully, all three of us will be working in our ideal jobs, still in contact and meeting up whenever possible. Maybe even going to all the local 5SOS shows together.

A: Hopefully I’ll either be in a band or more realistically have a successful job with a Psychology/English degree behind me. I see Sarah being a bassist in a band (hopefully I will be, too). I see Jazz as being a very successful journalist. Hopefully we’ll all still be friends, though. I don’t want to lose you guys.

S: I definitely see Jazz working as a journalist or something affiliated with that area of work. I see Lysh as either in a band or maybe even working in film. I see me probably living in a box making dollar from robot dancing with my Rick Rolls…

A: YES! I forgot to mention I hope to be an actress on stage and screen (as yet another career)

So, there you have it. I hope this has given you more of an insight to my friends and I. We’re all rather weird teenagers/young adults, but we’re loveable once you get to know us.


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The Best Friend tag with A Mermaid's Blog

The Best Friend Tag


I tend to mention someone a lot on here and that’s my best friend, Courtney. I nagged her to do this best friend tag with me which I found online and she thankfully agreed to do it with me because she thinks I’m awesome… so here’s what we said!

C=  Courtney, J= Jazz

Jazz and courtney 1

When and how did we first meet?

J: We first met online in… 2012?
C: Yeah, 2012.
J: We met through an Olly Murs fan page.
C: With Beth.
J: And we first properly met in Cardiff, when you came to visit.
C: April 4th 2015.
J: I know!
C: A whole month ago.
J: I’m sad…
C: It makes me sad!

Who is your best friend’s hero?

J: I’d say yours is Peter Pan.
C: Yeah pretty much. Yours is Niall or Olly…
J: Well, I don’t exactly idolise them but I don’t know who I do.
C: But out you don’t have anyone definitive you idolise so it has to be one of those…
J: Yeah, back in the day it was Miley but not anymore.
C: Same, still like her music though.

If you could go any place on earth, where would it be and why?

J: Well, if Neverland existed you’d go there.
C: Yes. Yes I would. And probably the same for you.
J: Yep. For places that exist though, Disney world.
C: Yeah, Disney World.
J: For the both of us.

What is your favorite color?

J: Black?
C: No.
J: Oh!
C: You’d completely surprised.
J: Blue?
C: Yours is… *lists the rainbow*
J: Nope.
C: Purple?
C: We’re not good at colours are we?
J: Nope! What’s yours?
C: Yellow.

What is our favorite food?

J: Pizza?
C: Yes.
J: Same

What is the name of your best friend’s crush?

J: Celebrity or people?
C: Probably celebrity because we don’t really socialise!
J: True. Can I say Peter Pan again?
C: No he’s not really my crush – well he is – but he’s not my number one
J: Olly… Oli Skyes?
C: SYKES! Close enough.
J: Oh. Mine’s easy…

What is your best friend’s biggest fear?

J: We’ve never discussed this…
C: No not really.
J: I think that yours is like going through life alone or something.
C: Pretty much. I can’t be alone.
J: I’ve told you mine before…
C: Death?
J: Yeah. Started my anxiety off.

If your best friend were deserted on an island, what are the three things she/he could not live without?

J: Cigarettes, Lighter, Eyeliner.
C: Haha, you got me good! Yours would be your phone.
J: And?
C: Umm… Charger… and wifi.
C: Truth.

What three movies does your best friend love the most?

J: Peter Pan, Return to Neverland…
C: Put that as one film.
J: Ummm, oh….
C: What’s my blog about?
J: Mermaids?
C: Book, phenomenon…
J: Harry Potter?
J: What’s mermaids got to do with Peter Pan?
C: It was me getting you closer to wizards and stuff.
J: Nightmare Before Christmas?
C: Yes or Sweeny Todd.
J: Mine are…
C: Peter Pan… Love Rosie…
J: No, I just like Love Rosie
C: 1D?
J: Yeah!

What part of your best friend’s body is their favorite?

C: Yours or mine?
J: Yours.
C: Yours is probably eyes.
J: Yes.
C: You have nice eyes…
J: Thanks!
C: Your welcome!
J: Yours is eyes… or hair?
C: Yes and something else…
C: *Laughs* It can be!
J: Bum?
C: Yes, I have a good bum!

What are the two things your best friend does not know about you?

C: Ummm… Oh God I don’t know… What don’t you know about me?
J: I don’t know! That’s the point.
C: I don’t know! I can’t think of anything that’s appropriate and you don’t know yet…
J: Uh I don’t know about your first kiss?
C: I don’t even remember it… OH WAIT YES I DO. Basically in year 5 I kissed a boy called CJ – (ironic cause I’m also CJ) and then we caught and after break our whole class got told off for kissing…
J: You caused trouble for the entire class?
C: Pretty much. Umm, the other thing… It’s a bit grim. Sometimes I bite my toenails.
C: HAHA! Truth.
J: Mine are…. When I was 4 I did ballet and… umm… I once had a fly in the back of my eye.
C: EW.

How would you describe your best friend’s ideal partner/spouse?

J: Yours has to like similar music, trustworthy, funny, up for banter and is willing for you to open up to them.
C: Yeah. Yours would have to be named Niall Horan
J: Pretty much! That is it!
C: Okay, Need to be sensitive but not clingy, up for PJ days but like have a sense of humor as well… Must LOVE Pizza. They must tolerate your low confidence, understanding of anxiety, put up with your fangirl obsessions and love Disney!
J: Yep! *Sings Disney song*
C: And put up with your singing
J: HEY! That’s rude.
C: *laughs hard* WHY AM I SO FUNNY

How long does it take your best friend to get dressed?

J: 45 minutes including make up?
C: Usually yeah. Yours is 20 mins minus make up.
J: Yeah.

Which is your best friend’s favorite season and why?

J: I’d say summer for you.
C: Yeah. Yours is probably winter.
J: Nope.
C: Summer?
J: Yeah.
C: I thought winter because you’d have an excuse for not going out…

What is your best friend’s dream job?

J: You’re studying psychology so psychiatrist or something?
C: Yeah.
J: You can sort me out for free…
C: Yours is journalism.
J: Yep!

I hope you enjoyed this little post and I hope it helps you get to know Courtney AKA A Mermaid’s Blog better. Make sure you go check her out! I tag you all to do this with your best friend and comment a link to it below whether it’s a Soundcloud, blog or YouTube video.


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

My Bucket List

Throughout my teenhood, I’ve made many attempts to create a bucket list. But there’s something that I never really took into consideration – what goes on my bucket list should be something I actually really want to do that I want to remember for the rest of my life – not something that sounds cool and impressive.

After reading this post by Mali-Koa Hood, I decided that now I’m so close to entering my third decade and have matured since my last attempt, that I should write a bucket list. One that I can stick to with goals I actually want to achieve. Note that this is not in any particular order of what I want to do most or first.

Checked box symbol Completed
X in box symbol Yet to complete*


*Credit to Mali Hood – I couldn’t find a tick or cross anywhere else!

My Bucket List 

Meet Olly Murs Checked box symbol (completed x4)

Olly and me



Meet my favourite bands X in box symbol (Update: 17th April 2016 – I met Michael from 5SOS, so We’re a percentage of the way!!!!)

Meet my online friends Checked box symbol

Jazz and Courtney 5


Tash and Jazz


Get a paid job as a journalist Checked box symbol – Complated March 2016

Spend a week in London to explore, discover and shop X in box symbol

Interview an Oscar winner Checked box symbol

Visit California X in box symbol

Swim with dolphins X in box symbol

Give blood X in box symbol

Attend The Brit Awards X in box symbol

Attend London Fashion Week X in box symbol

Visit Paris besides Disneyland Checked box symbol Eiffel Tower x

Have a conversation in another language Checked box symbol (wasn’t the greatest, but it counts, right?)

Go on holiday with my best friend X in box symbol

Get a meaningful tattoo  X in box symbol

Stand front row at a concertChecked box symbol Completed 5th June 2015

Meet my soulmate X in box symbol (It’s Niall Horan until I actually meet my soulmate, okay?)

Attend a world premiere Checked box symbol

Visit Times Square X in box symbol

Walk down the Walk of Fame in Hollywood  X in box symbol

Go glamping X in box symbol

Attend a festival X in box symbol

Feed a baby animal X in box symbol

Take my gran to Florida X in box symbol

Go snorkeling  X in box symbol

Visit a tea roomChecked box symbol completed August 2015

Have a song written about me X in box symbol

Go on a Disney Cruise X in box symbol

So, there’s my bucket list. Full of a ton of things I’ve been wanting to do for a while but never realised how much I really wanted to do it until recently. I’ve made a start, so that’s positive!

What’s on your bucket list? I love to hear about people’s hopes and dreams, so if you have a blog post about your bucket list, please link it in the comments so I can read!




Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.