How to improve your chances of buying concert tickets


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I’ve been to a fair few concerts over the past few years. I’ve managed to figure out a few tricks in order to increase my chance of getting tickets and with the recent announcement of Justin Bieber finally coming to Cardiff, there’s going to be a lot of people trying to get tickets to the show. Personally, I’m not really a Biebs fan (though if he wanted to give me free tickets to review the show, I would not say no…), but I remember when One Direction performed here in the stadium and how intense it was trying to score tickets, so I thought I’d be generous and let you into my secrets…

1. Sign up to pre-sales

pre sale

You have no idea how important this is. Whether it’s with a fan club, an e-newsletter, a specific ticket retailer, you need to sign up to increase your chances. For shows in O2 venues, if you are with O2 (for your phone, internet,etc.), you will have access to O2 Priority. Download the app or go to the website to find out how you can access the exclusive presale. 9 times out of 10 the artist has a website or fansite where you can sign up for pre-sales. For Justin, I know he has a BKSTG fanclub, so download the app ‘BKSTG’ for more info or click here. You should sign up to presale ASAP because they tend to give a specific time and date for you to receive the presale links and passwords. Signing up too late means you will miss out.

2. Create an account with the ticket retailer in advance


You get a small amount of time to enter your card details when you manage to get tickets, so to make everything a smooth transition, pick your retailer and sign up to it. In fact, it would be best to sign up to as many who will sell the tickets as possible.

3. Use more than one retailer to queue


If there is more than one retailer selling the tickets, you need to queue in as many possible. This just means using different websites to try and buy the tickets. You won’t be charged for multiple tickets – you need to just better your chances of getting tickets by waiting in more than one queue. Whichever one you get to the front of first is the one you buy tickets from. For example, when getting tickets for One Direction, I opened browser tabs for Ticketmaster and Gigs & Tours and purchased tickets from the one which happened to be quickest.

4. Be prepared


When those tickets go on sale, you will not believe how fast the websites crash. To better your chance, what I do is open one of the browsers the night before and leave my laptop on sleep mode (be sure you plug it in so it’s fully charged for goodness sake!) and if you are using tip number three, you need to open one for each retailer you plan to queue with. Excessive? Maybe. But those tickets are in high demand, so you need to do what you need to do. Around an hour before the tickets go on sale, open an extra tab for each retailer. I must also add that it does not guarantee you getting the tickets, but 4 out of 6 times I’ve used this method, I ended up getting my tickets really early in comparison to opening the tab on the time of sale.

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