My top tips for getting the most out of a signing event

Olly Murs Signing HMV

I recently met Olly Murs again at his latest album signing in Cardiff and with so many people talking online about how they missed out on the opportunity because they weren’t aware. Therefore, I’ve decided to list some of my top tips to make sure you get the best out a signing event.

1. Sign up to newsletters and programmes


To make sure you’re the first to know about an event, you need to sign up to all the relevant newsletters and programmes. For example, if you are a fan of Olly Murs or Little Mix, you need to sign up to their newsletters which you will find on their websites. There are also some great services where you can get priority access to exclusive events or tickets/wristbands which are available to you before the general public. I’m a member of ‘Pure HMV’ which is a loyalty programme with HMV. You use your card to collect points at every purchase (both online and in store) and you can spend those points on money-can’t-buy items, including priority signing wristbands rather than actually paying for the wristband.

2.  Ticket or first come, first serve?


Most signings I’ve been to are ticketed/wristband which is usually bought online, but occasionally there are ‘first come, first serve’ events, meaning you need to be dedicated in travelling to the venue as early as possible. If it’s ticketed, find out when the event goes on sale. On some occasions, you may be asked to go in store to preorder the book/CD/DVD and that purchase means you will get a free wristband to the signing. You need to try and get in store ASAP from the announcement. Sometimes there are specific dates you have to go down to the store and others are again first come, first serve from the moment the announcement is made (which was the case for the  latest Olly signing and to my pure luck, I was 2 minutes away from the store!) If the ticket is on sale online, then you need to find out when they go on sale. Get the retailer’s website loaded in advance in two tabs. Two tabs higher your chance of getting tickets, but you absolutely need to be like a hawk, keeping an eye on both tabs because one will be further in the queue than the other.

3. Speak with the retailer who are holding the signing

HMV Cardiff

Whether you go in store to talk to the staff or just tweet them (there’s a high chance they have a Twitter account for each store or a general customer service account), find out as much info as possible. Ask how much of a crowd is anticipated, find out if selfies are allowed, etc. Just ask as many questions you may have in advance so you are fully aware on the day.

4. Arrive early

olly signing

One way or another, you’re going to have to queue. So, make sure you arrive early. Some people do the waiting hours in advance, meaning they’ll be closer to the front of the queue when the doors open. Arriving early does mean you’ll still be waiting, but it means you’ll be getting your turn earlier than others.

5. Respect the staff


They are there for your safety and protection. I know sometimes they seem a little bossy and you can occasionally get one who is a bit of a control freak, but please just listen to what they say and ask of you because it makes the situation easier on everyone.

6. Don’t bring extra items for signing


You can only get the one item signed, which is the CD/DVD/Book they are promoting. I’ve seen some parents in particular bring a bulk of merch to get signed for kids, family and friends but there’s just no time. Remember, there are hundreds of people to get through so you need to just have the one item.

7. It’s quantity, not quality


Usually, that saying is the other way around, but in this case it really is more about quantity than quality, meaning they need to get as many fans in for the signing as possible and you won’t get to have a great amount of time for a full blown conversation or anything, so please don’t get upset or annoyed. I’d love to have had a natter with Olly Murs, Tyler Oakley and the like, but it isn’t possible. A light chit chat is usually possible, you know – “how are you?” “hope you’re well!” “Love you lots” and all that, but this isn’t a coffee date, sadly.

8. Get your phone ready!


Most days, you can take a selfie at signings or a security guard will take a photo for you. You need to make sure there’s enough space on your phone to take a photo and that it’s ready on camera mode because this makes everything run smoothly and efficiently.

9. Leave the signing area ASAP


The security need you to move from the area ASAP because there are lots of people that need to be able to get the signing done and leave. Please try and move as soon as you can so the system works like a conveyer belt with no hold ups.

10. Disabled? Ask for help!


If you or someone who is with you is disabled and is unable to walk (ie: in a wheelchair or on crutches), make sure you liaise with staff ASAP. If you’re in store before the event purchasing the tickets, speak to a member of staff to ask for advice. No worries if you aren’t at the store in advance, though, just arrive in plenty of time and speak to the security guard as they’ll be happy to assist you.

I hope these tips come of use to you. Do you have any tips for signings? Comment below!


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

It's never too early for Christmas!

Hello again!

So, from the title, you can tell this is a Christmas post. You’re probably thinking “Christmas? It’s March!” And yes, you are correct. But may I remind you how quick this year is already flying by? Exactly.

Christmas can be such a stressful time with money and I completely sympathise with that. However, for the past two or three festive seasons, my family and I have come up with some debt busters for Christmas and of course, I plan on sharing them with you.

me and santa

  • Christmas Dinner Fund

Every year, my family and I go out for Christmas dinner. It’s much easier and less stressful. However, it can definitely cost quite a bit. Instead of panicking and scraping together, we have the ‘Christmas Dinner Fund’ where we keep a little money pot at my gran’s house. Every week, we contribute a small amount (normally £1.) This usually starts in January. There’s five of us and whenever we visit my gran, we put the money in the pot. With our local carvery, Christmas dinner is available to book around September/October time. After paying from January to September £5 a week, it’s covered enough for our meals and even drinks. We continue to add to the pot up until Christmas for things such as drinks or even scratch cards for the table. Anything left over after Christmas Day goes straight back into the pot as a start for the following year.

  • Club Points

Tescos is the perfect example for this. The Tesco Clubcard is so useful as you gain points whenever you shop with them. If you save up all your points, you can use them all for Christmas. There’s also certain times of the year where you can earn triple points. Tesco even have a “Christmas Saver” option. This means you can save your points throughout the year and get monthly statements on how much you have. You can even add your own money in to top up. For more information, visit the Tesco Christmas Saver page. You can also find out if your local/preferred supermarket offers a similar scheme.

  • January Sales

So the sales may be over for this year, but it’s always good to consider for the following January Sales. From wrapping paper to stocking fillers, get it in the sales. There’s also the summer sales you can look at buying. It’s never too early to save your money.

  • Ebay, Ebay, Ebay!

If you’re still short of cash, start selling! Someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure. Any unwanted/unopened presents, things you don’t use which are in good conditions, stuff you say you’ll use some day but never will… come on, get the quids in!

  • It’s the thought that counts

While children will want the new toys out, you don’t always have to overspend on the rest of the family. Home made gifts are always nice. Whether you can knit, sew, saw, paint, do it! Not sure what to make? Google home made gift ideas! I’m working on something at the moment which I will post in a couple of weeks for one idea, so make sure you’re following my blog!

I hope you enjoyed some of my tips. If you found them helpful, please ‘like’ this post and leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to do this again in the future!


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Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.