Somalia Aid: How you can help the humanitarian crisis

The mainstream media haven’t been doing much coverage on this, so I believe that it’s vital that we all speak up about the crisis going on and how the world and you can help Somalia Aid.

Yesterday, social media star – Jérôme Jarre – sparked a campaign to get Turkish Airlines, the one airline that flies to Somalia, to donate a plane to fly out there with food and water. People of the internet cottoned onto this and began to trend #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia, which trended worldwide on Twitter last night.

The power of social media is incredible and Turkish Airlines saw the trend, responding with this tweet:

There have been articles by some media outlets talking about the crisis in a tone that indicates there is nothing we can do, but we can. I’ve done a lot of research to compile this post in hopes I can inspire my readers to take action. Here’s how you can help Somalia Aid.

Donating money

Many charities are encouraging financial donations as a big way of helping.

“In the event of a disaster, we don’t send volunteers abroad because we already have thousands of volunteers on the ground, already established and working in these areas,” said Ben Webster, head of emergencies at the British Red Cross. Managing new volunteers “can make this a little bit trickier”.

In agreement, Lily Caprani of Unicef UK said: “while we appreciate all volunteers… the best thing the public can do to help is to donate so organisations like Unicef can continue their life-saving work”. Continue reading “Somalia Aid: How you can help the humanitarian crisis”

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