Tuesday Ten: Things to do at 22

Tuesday Ten: Things to do at 22

Yesterday was my birthday and to be honest, I’m so caked out that I’m not feeling too creative, so here are 10 things I want to do while I’m 22…

Go to Los Angeles

Pretty precise, I know, But it’s a trip I’ve wanted to go on for so long now. Los Angeles is so beautiful and I have friends there or who live near that I want to meet up with as well as check off things from my bucket list. It’s really looking possible at the moment and I’m so excited to think that this could actually be happening. Also, how amazing would it be to vlog there?! Big goal of mine.

Vlog more

Speaking of vlogging, I’d love to vlog more this year. I need to get out more and just vlog and make memories. I love vlogging but I don’t go out enough to capture such interesting things. I’m not great at talking to the camera, so I make more montage-style vlogs but maybe using the camera will make me feel more confident in talking once in a while.

Get a new tattoo

It’s been two years since I had my tattoo and I love it so much but I want to get one or two more little ones. I have a few ideas in mind, but I’m just trying to work out the best placement for them. Hopefully this will be the year I work out where to get them and then have them done. Hey, maybe I’ll vlog the experience…

Travel with a friend

Lily and I have been talking about this and we’d love to go on a small trip (I say small because I want to splash out in LA so nothing luxurious and expensive, please!) just to go on an adventure and have fun. We’ve talked about going to Germany for the Christmas markets, Brighton – since last time I loved it so much – or even London. Anywhere would be fun, I’d just love to do it.

Organise a Fundraiser

I’ve done a lot of fundraising in my time, but I love organising events. I’d love to host another Macmillan Coffee Morning. I did one in 2012 which turned into a community event and I’d love to do another one in memory of my dad. He asked me to do one before he passed away in his memory and for the past two years I’ve found it hard to deal with losing him, but this year I want to be able to fulfil my quest which he set me on and have fun doing it, because I just really love the buzz of event planning and doing things for a good cause.

Learn to cook more

I can cook certain things, but I want to be able to learn more and learn and remember recipes instead of being reminded by my mother all the time. I love to cook, I really should do it more often. I want to broaden my abilities and also upload new recipes on here so you can try what I discover and learn to make – watch this space!

Go out with friends more

I’m such an introvert and ideally I need to curb this by going out more. I need to meet up with friends more often and just go places, even if it’s just to a coffee shop. I just need to get out more and do more, especially with people who I love dearly.

Wear false lashes

I know this is kind of a silly one but I’ve been wanting to wear them for years – I’m just squeamish with things close to my eyes. It took me forever to wear eyeliner and mascara! But hopefully this year I can get the chance to experiment and try some and add it to my makeup look!

Find more balance in life

My life is topsy turvy and so messy! I need to get a better structure and balance – create a healthier lifestyle not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. I can’t keep living in a rut! You can’t see how bad it is and you don’t want to, but here’s hoping I can get into some kind of good routine by the time I’m 23.

Learn to love myself

This is such a big one. I don’t know if in twelve months time I’ll love myself fully, but I want to start. I want to find peace with myself, stop bullying myself and find peace within. Because right now there is such a war within me from trauma and the past, but it’s time to heal and come to terms with it.

And those are the 10 things I want to do before turning another year older. What do you want to achieve before your next birthday?