Quick doggy treats: Chicken Bites

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If you’re unable to go to the shop or fancy trying something different for your furry friend, then this quick recipe is easy enough for you to make a tasty treat which your dogs will love!

Dog treats


  • 200g flour
  • 1 tablespoon of butter/flora/stork
  • Fresh chicken stock


  1. Rub the flour and butter together to make crumbs
  2. Add chicken stock to mix
  3. Mix until dough
  4. Roll out dough
  5. cut shapes
  6. Cook in a medium temperature oven for about 10 minutes
  7. Leave to cool





Louis and Pepsi love these and I’m sure you’re dogs will, too!

Let me know if you make these and how you get on.


May Monthly Favourites 2016

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We’re already halfway through the year and I have no idea how. But anyway, here are this month’s favourites!

LUSH’s Rub Rub Rub shower scrub

Rub Rub Rub

I’ve been hearing about this product a lot and I honestly have no idea why I was reluctant to buying it until recently. Thanks to my friend who actually works at LUSH, she totally sang the praises of this product and told me about how people use it as an alternative to shampoo and conditioner. I was sold and gave it a go and oh my goodness, it’s amazing. If you have oily hair then this is amazing. My hair feels so clean and well looked after. I use a slight bit of conditioner on the ends but the rest is just this. It’s also amazing for your body, too. Rub Rub Rub is full of mineral-rich sea salt and organic lemon juice which cleanses the pores and exfoliates your skin. I have been obsessed with this product all month and I’m desperate to get some more. Next time I’ll get the bigger tub for sure.

Get it here for £8.95

LUSH’s Pumice Power

Pumice Power

Another LUSH product I’ve been loving is LUSH’s Pumice Power. I have pretty rough skin on the bottom of my feet and again, my friend from LUSH had my back and introduced me to this little beauty. You just use it in the bath or with a bowl of water and rub it like a pumice stone and it just does wonders for your feet. It may take more than one use to get rid of all the rough skin, but it’s definitely worth it.

Get it here for £3.25

Colourpop – Bianca


I saw Zoella wearing this colour and I couldn’t help but be intrigued with what she was wearing. Thankfully, Zoë was a babe and left a link in the YouTube video of the colour. I ordered it and it was such a beautiful colour which I feel could be used with many different looks.This is a matte liquid lipstick but doesn’t feel too drying. The product seemed to last a long time on my lips, especially when I was out all day in Cardiff and wore it. Of course, when eating it didn’t stay whole so I did apply again to keep it fresh but the overall colour actually stayed and I was pretty impressed.

Get it here for $6.00


Reggie N Bollie – New Girl

The X Factor runners-up, Reggie N Bollie, have released their debut single and while I wasn’t their biggest fan during their time on the show, I definitely love this song. It screams summer and has Caribbean vibes. Plus there’s a lot of steel drums which I’m a sucker for in a summer song. I’ve been playing this song a lot since the release and it’s possibly en route for being my song of the summer.

Emma Blackery – Sucks to be You EP

British YouTuber/singer-songwriter, Emma Blackery, released her comeback EP in May and it is honestly such a jam. The pop-punk sound reminds me of the early to mid 00’s and is definitely the kind of music I’m into. There’s not much else to say but it’s just perfect for any pop-rock/pop-punk lovers.


What have you been enjoying this month?



My Top 5 LUSH Products

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Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 23.08.11

LUSH is one of my favourite beauty brands and I mention their products a fair bit on this blog. I have a lot of products I’m love with but I’ve actually narrowed it down to five that I love the most which I’m recommending in this post.


5. Milky Bath bubble bar

milky bath

This bubble bar is definitely my favourite from LUSH. It contains orange oil and actual skimmed milk so while there’s no expiry date, I definitely recommend using this sooner rather than later. This bar creates a LOT of bubbles which, let’s be honest, are a major plus when it comes to bath time. I definitely recommend!

Get it here for £3.75

4. Charity Pot hand and body lotion

Charity Pot

This lotion is so soft on the skin and has a light and floral scent to it. Ingredients include Fair Trade shea butter, Rosewood Oil and Ylang Ylang oil. The best bit? 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) go to various good causes  and the lid of your product tells you which charity you have supported. Feel good in more than one way!

Get it for £3.50

3. Love Lettuce fresh face mask

Love Lettuce

This mask does wonders for my pores. It tightens them and helps balance out the oil in my t-zone. It smells amazing and includes seaweed gel, almond oil and honey. My face looks so much cleaner and brighter and feels super soft!

Get it for £6.75

2. Cup O’Coffee exfoliating mask

Cup O Coffee

It’s funny because I don’t really like the taste of coffee but I absolutely love the smell. This exfoliating mask is an absolute Godsend. I have rough patches on my elbows and just after 10 minutes of putting this on them and washing it off, they were baby smooth. No surprise this includes coffee infusion! It works well as both a face and body mask and makes your skin feel so soft.

Get it for £6.75

1. Intergalactic bath bomb


My number one LUSH product is the Intergalactic bath bomb. It was in my April monthly favourites and as you can see from there, it’s like looking at the galaxy in your bath! It’s also super refreshing with ingredients such as grapefruit oil and peppermint oil. I love a good bath bomb, especially when it’s like watching a show of explosions full of colour when you put it in the water!

Get it for £3.95

What’s your favourite LUSH product?


April Monthly Favourites 2016

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I mention this basically every single post and I’m still not over how quick this year is going! The concert weekend I was so excited for has already been and gone and we’re almost halfway through 2016. But anyway… here are my April favourites!

External 50000mAh Power Bank Pack

power bank

This power bank was a lifesaver at my concert weekend. My phone battery isn’t the greatest, especially since there’s currently an issue with my phone that needs sorting out ASAP, so to have something with me to use on the go was very handy. It’s a bit heavy but the amount of power available from it was amazing. I didn’t need to charge it once over the three days I used it, though I did use a standard phone charger in the hotel. However, the days lasted from as early as 9am til 3am the next day, so considering I was on-off using this to boost my phone throughout those three days, this was definitely worth it. Again, it’s slightly heavy but if you’re going on a short weekend break or a big day out (example; a day at a theme park like Disneyland) this would be perfect.

Get it from eBay for £11.49

Peter Pan phone case

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 01.59.32

As previously mentioned in another post, I am a big lover of Peter Pan. I needed a new phone case and saw this one online. I love how it’s not too “childlike” and is quite different from a typical style phone case. I think it captures one of my favourite parts of the story which is where they fly over London to Neverland and the background is a page out of the original Peter Pan fairytale book, which is lovely.

Get it from eBay for £4.75



This app was recommended to me by my boss as when I started my full time position at Maximum Pop! It was difficult at first to keep track of everything. I’m a very technology-based kind of person and as much as I love a good notebook, I’m currently in the middle of doing my room out so I don’t have a desk to keep things in. It’s easy to keep track of your to-do lists and even offers for you to create multiple categories. I’ve recently had a category for ‘concerts’ (as you all know by now about my big concert weekend, I had a lot of prepping!) as well as work and a private list for day-to-day things like medication reminders,etc. Not only does it pop up as a reminder on your phone, but you can also get emails sent to you. If you have an Apple laptop/computer you can also download the app on there and it syncs up to the one on your phone/tablet.

Get the app here

LUSH’s Intergalactic bath bomb


I may have featured this previously, but this is definitely my favourite bath bomb from LUSH. It brings the beauty of outer space right into your bathtub and is very uplifting. There are a few oils amongst the ingreedients including grapefruit, peppermint and cedarwood oil and it definitely feels soothing to the skin. Not to mention it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Get it from LUSH for £3.95


What have you been loving this month?


5SOS’ Ashton Irwin becomes a hero for the night!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 18.08.11

If you follow this blog and my social media, you’ll know that last weekend I was in Cardiff for a 5 Seconds of Summer concert weekend along with some friends. While we were there, something that only happens in fan fiction happened. 5 Seconds of Summer’s drummer, Ashton Irwin, booked my friend a hotel room! Crazy, right?

Ashton (left) was Laura's superhero for the night

                                                 Ashton (left) was Laura’s superhero for the night

While the media are hounding her for the 411, Laura agreed to speak to me about the craziness that took place early Saturday morning.

Hey Laura! So, what was the situation that led you to Ashton being your saviour of the night?

Hi Jazz!  Basically the hotel room that my friend’s boyfriend booked had accidentally been booked for 2 people rather than 3 so as I was supposed to meet them later I ended up not being able to stay in that room.

Where were you when he found you?

I was outside the back of the arena when Ashton’s taxi pulled up.

Did you ask him for help or was it his own decision to take matters into his hands?

Actually I didn’t even start the conversation! I didn’t want to trouble him so I just smiled and waved and he came over to ask how I was doing. I explained my situation and he asked why I couldn’t buy myself a room in the hotel across the road so I told him I had no money. He swiftly replied that he did and crossed the road to the hotel.

Was there any doubt that he’d not be able to get a room?

Well to be honest I thought he was trying to convince the hotel staff to let me crash on yours and Sarah’s hotel room floor.

That’s security being too tight! Did he end up pulling the “famous” card by any chance?

I did make a joke along the lines of ‘use your fame to make them let me stay’ and he laughed! 

What was your reaction when he offered to book you a room?

I was gobsmacked. I thought he was just going to tell me to ‘stay safe’ and walk away but no! I was so close to tears I was that grateful. (Being absolutely shattered didn’t help on the tear front haha)

If you could meet with him again, what would you like to say to him?

I would want him to know how incredibly grateful I am! I did thank him a lot that night but I wasn’t fully composed haha. I’d like to be a lot calmer and tell him how much it meant to me and probably give him another cheeky hug!

People often say celebrities and pop stars have a big ego – what would you say about that?

I mean some celebrities might but I don’t think 5sos do at all. Every time i’ve met them they’ve always been so lovely! It was almost 3 am I don’t think Ash was in the mood to meet people (which I don’t blame him for, he was off to bed!) He didn’t have to meet me that night let alone help me out! That just shows how caring he is!

So much happened at the 5SOS weekend which you can find out in my vlogs



Life update: New job, mental health and looking forward

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Hey, what’s up? It’s been a while…

Well, been a while since I’ve done an actual life update. A lot has happened this year and it’s only April, but I feel like it’s been such a big change that I had to document it and tell any readers who are interested in me as a whole.

So, good news. After 18 months of writing for Maximum POP! voluntarily, I’ve been offered a paid position! I have been working so hard for this and it’s finally happened. I honestly thought I would never achieve it because for three quarters of the time I was writing for the site, my dad had fallen ill and it became a living nightmare. It meant a lot of letting the staff down at last minute and there wasn’t a single moment where I didn’t feel guilty because these were commitments that I was so passionate to keeping, but sometimes life is a bitch and you have to deal with it. But I guess that they saw some sort of potential in me as they decided to wipe a clean slate after my dad passed away and I was able to continue working again. My dad was almost as passionate about me writing for that website than I was. On days he wasn’t so bad, he’d encourage me to stay home to write instead of visiting him. In his final days, I promised him that I would work so hard to get a job with the site and to have actually kept that promise is so overwhelming.

The work itself is amazing. It can definitely be challenging on times, but you should never expect it to be a breeze. Within three weeks of working for the site as a paid writer, I had been promoted to full time, which was a shock but you’ll bet your backside I was thankful. And I can tell you one thing – it beats any school or uni work I’ve ever had to do. Interviewing pop stars, organising album listening parties, running the company’s Facebook? I’ll choose that over algebra any day. By the way, Mr Donovan, I’ve still yet to use algebra in my day-to-day life like you insisted. I told you I didn’t want to be a maths teacher.

If you read this blog regularly or follow me on social media, you’ll know I’ve taken up vlogging. Not a huge commitment for now as there’s not much going on in my life that’s vlog worthy. But I do go to some amazing concerts from time to time and I love the idea of sharing with fellow fans my experience. I’m also hoping that whenever I get an opportunity with MP, I can vlog behind the scenes. That’d be amazing. I have a handful of followers who are interested in getting into the field of work I’m in and to be able to show my career from a young person’s POV would be exciting. Next week I’ll be seeing 5 Seconds of Summer on both of their Cardiff tour dates, so I’ll vlogging the entire weekend to share with other fans. Keep an eye out for the videos!

Onto my mental health. I’ve been keeping kind of steady. I do have my ups and downs and that’s expected with cyclothymia. I was alerted by my doctor that it can definitely shake up following such a big loss in the family and I feel like I suffer the most at nights. I feel like as though I could have insomnia and that’s when my anxiety thinks it’s a splendid idea to overthink absolutely everything. If you haven’t noticed the publishing time of this post, it’s around midnight. I’ve just finished my last shift of the week as I’m expected to work one day a weekend as well as my weekly hours. My mother and I thought that working late may be something that could help me keep my mind busy until the end of the shift where I can just fall asleep. I’ve decided to blog because it was on my mind, but we’ll see if working nights helps me have a better sleep. I’ve also been suffering with nightmares which wake me up to a cold sweat. Of course, they all relate to last year, but it’s totally expected. I just wish there was a cure to make them stop.

Despite talking a lot about my dad in this post, I’m getting better. I found that talking definitely helps and since he was such a huge part of my life and partner in crime (and travel), we had a very close father-daughter relationship in comparison to a lot of my friends. Everything I work for, I think of it as a way that I’m keeping him proud of everything I’m doing. It’s going to be a long journey, but I’m on my way.

Hope everything is great with you and wishing you a lovely Spring!




My Concert Tips

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My concert season is rapidly approaching, with less than two weeks until my big 5 Seconds of Summer concert weekend, followed by Beyonce in the summer. It’s around this time of year that many people have concerts coming up. I know some people just turn up to the concert, enjoy, then go home. For others, it’s more of a big outing – especially if they’re a big fan of the artist. Following from last year’s post about my five concert essentials, I’ve written up some of my key tips for getting the best experience from your concert.

Sign up to pre-orders

pre sale

Lots of acts offer a pre-sale if you sign up to their website or newsletters. Find out all the pre-order details and sign up. This way you’re pretty much guaranteed tickets to the show and if you miss out on pre-sale, you have a second chance at general sale. It may also be a great idea to check big fan accounts of that artist via social media because they usually have their ways of finding out all the information you may need.


Start saving immediately

Piggy Bank

Whether you plan to get a lot of merch or go out for food before the show, if you start saving from the day you book your tickets right up until the day of the concert, you’ll have a good amount of money to spend. A lot of concerts sell their tickets around 10 months in advance to the actual show, so if you put £5 in  jar every week up until the show that’s 5 X 43 = £215! That means you don’t have to scrape and be very careful with your cash at the event.


Staying in a hotel? Book early!



Personally, because of how far my local concert venue is n comparison to where I live and catching the last train home means missing a good 30 minutes of the show, I tend to book a cheap hotel for the night. If you’re like me and book accommodation, definitely book early. The closer to the date you plan to stay at the venue, the more expensive it is. Also, if an act is very big, there’s a chance they have dedicated fans travelling from afar to see them and hotels book up very quickly, not to mention take advantage of the prices. This happened when One Direction came to Cardiff and it’s happening again with Beyonce’s show.


Portable chargers are your best friend


I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again – take a portable charger. Smartphones are all the rage and there’s a high chance you’ll be using it to take photos/videos of y0ur show or even tweet about it. Smart phones don’t always have smart batteries, so definitely try and invest in a portable charger. Or two, just to be safe.


Want merch? Get it at the right time


Never wait until the end of a concert for merch. 1. Everyone has that same idea and 2. lots of things sell out so it’s not guaranteed you’ll be able to get what you wanted. Some concerts offer priority merch access to customers who are signed up to specific clubs, so make sure you find out and take advantage. If you get to the venue to queue early enough, there’s a good chance you will be able to get to the front of the merch queue. Failing that, during the support act is a great time.


Not a fan of the support act? Use your time wisely


Speaking of support acts, if you’re not a fan of the ones at your concert, use their set time wisely. Don’t just sit there bored. Go and use the restroom while it’s quiet, go and get some food, your merch or a drink. You’ll be thankful for it later.


Bring a spare bottle cap

bottle cap

This may sound weird but lots of venues for some reason won’t let you keep the cap of your water/drink bottle as they think you’re going to throw it. So now you have to awkwardly hold your drink (meaning you probably want to chug it all down before the show even starts instead of saving it to quench your thirst) which is pretty annoying. If you sneak a bottle cap in your pocket (NOT in your bag – there’s the bag search) when they take your bottle cap away from your drink, you can take it back to your seat and slyly put the new one on. #ConcertLifeHack


Always keep a friendly attitude


There can always be absolute idiots and rude people at concerts – don’t be one. If there are some around you, please try to keep your cool. You can always bitch about them when you get home. The more

Those are some of my biggest tips for concerts. I hope they’re of some use to you! Do you have any concert tips? Comment below!