Disney Nerd: 5 Pocahontas inspired gifts for the Disney lover in your life

If you have a real Disnerd in your life, you’ll know they have a passion for more than just one film – we consider them to all be iconic and just beautiful pieces of art. One film I think is so highly underrated is Pocahontas. I grew up watching that film every Sunday at my gran’s house and I felt quite devastated for the lack of Pocahontas dolls I could find. I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Amy from Scariels Grotto as part of her Pocahontas Week on her blog, so be sure to check out her post, too!

Pocahontas Watercolour Painting

I absolutely love this. It reminds me of my favourite song from the film, ‘Colours of the Wind’, and it’s has some gorgeous colours included. Perfect to hang up in a bedroom.

Available from Etsy for £18.42

Meeko Pop! Vinyl Figure

If you love collectables and figures, this Meeko Pop! Vinyl is so adorable. These figures are hugely popular right now and there are lots of different Disney characters to choose from. Meeko is one of my favourite Disney sidekicks so I’d love to get one of these.

Available from Pop in a Box for £9.99

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My Paranormal Experiences – Does The Afterlife Exist?

Hey there, strangers!

Before I begin this post, I’d just like to quickly say that I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a few months. I’ve been trying to work on finding more balance in my life and also, having blogged almost everyday from November to April kinda boggled my brain and wore my creativity thin. But I’m back now and while I may not have daily posts like before, I do have some upcoming content, so get excited!

Today I decided to write about something that’s been on my mind for a few years but didn’t really feel as if it was worth a post. As you can tell by the title, this is to do with my “paranormal experiences”, but don’t get excited because it’s not like some horror/thriller film, it’s not that exciting but I find it pretty interesting and it’s happened pretty consistently for some time now.

I’ve had a few deaths in my immediate family – my Grandpa Griff passed away when I was just five and then my uncle and dad both passed away within a space of less than three years apart. I noticed weird stuff happening since my Uncle’s passing but I was trying to put it all down to coincidence, but looking at the timeline it’s definitely making me question whether or not it is a coincidence. A few different things have happened, so I’ll write them down in chronological order so you can see for yourselves if you believe there’s a pattern forming or something. Also, I don’t joke about this stuff. I wouldn’t make it up because I try not to believe in all these things because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

My dad and I

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8 Gifts for the Mermaid Lover in Your Life

Mermaids are currently quite the trend at the moments. From fashion, beauty and even homeware, the mythical sea creature is widely popular. Whether it’s a child’s fantasy or the throwback for an adult’s childhood, this trend is almost as big as the mystical trend of unicorns. I’ve seen so many adorable mermaid gifts lately that I thought I would share with you if you’re looking for something for the mermaid lover in your life.

Blue Mermaid Glitter Photo Frame // Shell Phone Case //  Shell Passport Holder // I‘m Secretly a Mermaid Bottle // Mermaid Crush Candle //Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set // Mermaid Backpack // Keep Calm and Colour Mermaids Book

What mermaid gift do you have your eye on?

Festival Fashion: 4 looks from Coachella to rock this Summer season

Festival season is rapidly approaching us and with Coachella kicking off over the weekend, we all know that it’s not just about the music there, but the fashion, too. I’ve picked some of my favourite looks from famous faces for you to recreate at your local festival or just for fun ensuring you’re bang on trend.

Gingham Gal

Vanessa Hudgens is the style queen of Coachella who really does set the trend. Gingham is said to be big this year and if V is wearing it, then it must be true. You often see patterned clothing at festivals, so it looks like this may be the dominator for 2017.

Babe in Black

Festivals are known to be full of bold colours, but if you want to stand out or just really love wearing black, you can totally make it work, just like Camryn did. I think this is perfect for creating an alternative look and channeling your inner rock chick look.

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Coachella 2017: The Best Dressed of the Desert Festival

This weekend saw the first three days of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which included incredible music performances from the likes of Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar amongst many others. But besides the entertainment values, the festival in Palm Springs is massively popular for the fashion that is donned by the attendees, in particularly the famous. After seeing a wave of photos from the weekend posted on social media, I’ve decided to share with you my choice of the Coachella 2017 best dressed.

Tanya Burr

I think Tanya’s simple look is so pretty and also really achievable to be recreated on a high street budget.  The skater dress is perfect for dancing and moving around in, without causing too much of a fuss. Of course, denim jackets have been making a big comeback, especially in the faded blue colour. I’m also in love with the simple 90s choker that Tan has chosen to accessorise with.

Vanessa Hudgens

AKA the Queen of Coachella. Vanessa rocks many looks over the three day festival, but it’s this dress that caught my eye. I love the fact that it’s so bold and floral, which are perfect trends if you want to make a statement in your outfit. Because of the dress being such a statement, there’s not much need for accessorising, so I applaud V’s choice of just wearing some big earrings and a few small bracelets.

Josephine Skriver

Model, Josephine Skriver, looked so pretty in this baby blue number. With Coachella literally taking place in a desert, a bralette and shorts is probably a good call (so long as you wear a lot of sun screen!) I’m also a big fan of the tint in her sunglasses matching the outfit, too. There’s a lot of thought in such a simple outfit.

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Charity Corner: Heads Above The Waves

Welcome back to Charity Corner. This is my new series where I will be using my blog as a platform to lend a voice to different charities and organisations of all sizes, backgrounds and causes. In today’s Charity Corner, I speak to director – Hannah Morgan – at Heads Above The Waves, which supports people dealing with mental health issues.

What is the mission of Heads Above The Waves?

We’re a Not For Profit Community Interest Company (bit of a mouthful!) that supports young people dealing with self-harm and other mental health issues. We encourage people to use creative coping techniques to replace their negative behaviors, and to speak to people about their problems and access help when they’re struggling. We tackle stigma through merchandise with positive designs on, we share stories, places of further support and coping techniques on our website and across our social media channels, and we speak at conferences and gigs/ music festivals, as well as delivering workshops, PSE days and training.

What is the story behind the creation of your charity?

Si struggled with self-harm as a teenager and had used drums and playing in bands as a coping technique. I had dealt with addiction and alcoholism after being bullied growing up and after the death of several family members and friends. We met with another friend, after Si voiced that he wanted to create some form of support for young people that spoke to them on their level, which he felt hadn’t been around when he was growing up. Thus Heads Above The Waves was born! Si got some funding through his work at the time to print a small run of t-shirts with a positive message on them. These were aimed to get people talking and break down the stigma around mental health. That’s grown into a website, various social media channels, school workshops, events and speaking at national conferences!

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Just a Cup of Disney: Bambi Dreams and Wishes Mug

Welcome back to Just a Cup of Disney! Where I’ll be sharing with you some amazing Disney mugs and mugs that I find for you to add to your collection. Today I have found a Bambi Dreams & Wishes mug that is too cute for words.

Bambi, known from his self-titled film, is a white tailed fawn known as the Great Prince of the forest. He first leaped into cinemas back in 1942, which is based on the book Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten. Despite there being lots of handsome Disney princes, I think we can all agree that Bambi is definitely the cutest!

This such an adorable mug! I think it could make the perfect Easter gift as it has quite a Spring-style decor to it with the light and pale colours. For any Bambi or classic Disney fan, I think this is a must have for your Disney cups and mugs collection. This is my favourite shape mug that Disney often uses for their products and makes it more interested than a straight mug. You can get this beauty from eBay for £8.99!

Are you a fan of the Bambi Dreams and Wishes mug? Will you be adding this to your cups and mugs collection?

Celebrity Bargain Buy: Tanya Burr’s Margot Brunch Club Tee

Welcome back to ‘Celebrity Bargain Buy’, where I’ll be sharing with you some fashion pieces worn by celebrities which are available for an affordable price. Today’s piece is Tanya Burr’s Margot Brunch Club Tee that she wore in a recent video.

I love a good graphic tee and Tanya looks adorable in this! I love the light shades of pink, making it perfect for the Spring aesthetics. I also like how it’s a vintage boy fit, meaning it’s not too cling like a typical women’s t-shirt.

This t-shirt can be paired up with so many different outfit choices. From shorts to skirts, jeans and even dungarees. This can be worn in so many ways and I think it would go with 90s vintage vibe outfits, too. You can get this from Joanie Clothing for just £15!

What do you think of this tee? How would you style it in an outfit?

Just a Cup of Disney: 100% Princess Mug

Welcome back to Just a Cup of Disney! Where I’ll be sharing with you some amazing Disney mugs and mugs that I find for you to add to your collection. Today’s mug is perfect for any Disney Princess mug.

The Disney Princess franchise is a big part of the Disney family. There’s over 11 main Disney princesses and over 20 who are out of the main lineup. While Cinderella may be classed as the most classic Disney princess, it’s Snow White who was the first original Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film, which was released in 1937. Disney’s latest Princess is Moana, whose film released back last year in 2016.

This adorable mug is perfect for any Disney Princess at heart. Featuring some of the original princesses, including Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White and Mulan, there’s also the slogan which says “100% Princess”, fit for any royalty. I actually got this for my friend’s birthday a few weeks ago, so I thought it would be perfect to feature here. You can get it from Truffle Shuffle for just £6.99!

Who is your favourite princess? Would you add this Disney princess mug to your collection?


Celebrity Bargain Buy: Zoella’s Fluffy Fisherman’s Jumper

Welcome back to ‘Celebrity Bargain Buy’, where I’ll be sharing with you some fashion pieces worn by celebrities which are available for an affordable price. Today’s piece is Zoella’s fluffy fisherman’s jumper that she wore in a recent video.

I love the colour of this jumper a lot. It’s perfect for the Spring season, both aesthetic and weather-wise, because as we all know that while the sun is sticking around a bit more, it’s still flipping freezing on times, making this perfect to wear throughout April.

This can be worn in so many different ways. Whether it’s just teamed up with a pair of jeans or worn under dungarees, another choice of clothing Zoe seems to be fond of, this is a staple to many great outfits. You can get it from Urban Outfitters for just £15!

Are you a fan of this jumper? How would you style it in an outfit?