So we’re well and truly in the season of autumn- or fall, for you lovely Americans- and although as a kid I personally despised Autumn because it wasn’t summer nor was it winter (6 weeks off or Christmas). No offence to the season, I mean, I felt the same about Spring, too. Now, as a 19 year old  who loves to cuddle up and keep warm, I adore the season. The colours, the weather, the scents, it’s all just beautiful to me. So here are 10 different things that relate to Autumn which I love.

1. The colours- browns, reds, golds, greens- they’re all really pretty to look at and I love wearing them. I especially love the colour of the parka coats which I tend to wear a lot in this season. I own one that looks a lot like this one from New Look and it’s so lovely and warm with the faux fur inside. I also really love painting my nails in these colours and recently bought this nail varnish in Paprika from Barry M because it’s a really warm colour and just made me appreciate the season more. Apparently it’s a scientific fact that painted nails makes a person feel happier. Can’t argue with science!


Gelly Nail

2. The scents- so I may not be a coffee fan but when going in Starbucks with my friends, I secretly hope that they order the limited edition Pumpkin Spiced Latte because they smell amazing. Also, I love when my family buy the Yankee Candles in the flavours Autumn Wreath and Harvest Welcome because the house literally smells so cosy and relaxing. I’m honestly considering buying small versions to put on my desk while studying.

Photo credit:
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yankeeharvest welcome

3. The weather – Okay, living in Wales means you’re pretty much guaranteed rubbish weather for a good proportion of the year. However, during Autumn, it’s pretty much expected so you can just embrace it. There’s been a lot of thunderstorms lately and I’ve really enjoyed just being in The Snug (the conservatory extension on my house which we’ve named The Snug because it’s really snug in there) with a blanket and my two Dalmatians just listening to the rain dance on the rooftop with the occasional thunder clap and watching the sheet lightning flash every now and then.

4. Getting to have a lie in! – the end of October means that the clocks go back an hour and it’s the best thing ever waking up and realising you can go back to bed for yet another hour of much earned sleep. Bliss.

5. Knitwear – it’s getting colder and what better way to keep warm than knitwear? My gran is basically the best knitter around and everyone orders from her, but she always makes sure to have time to knit for my family and I. I also love buying cosy jumpers whenever I go shopping. They’re just the best thing ever! One of my favourites is the one I’m wearing in the photo below (Hi, Mickey!) because it just felt really comfy. I don’t know where it is now, as this was two years ago, so all the more reason to buy another, right?!

Mickey and I

6. Blankets– need I say more?

louis and pepsi blanket

7. Crunchy Leaves – Don’t lie. I bet you get just as excited as I do when you crunch on the leaves when walking- and don’t get me started on leaf piles.

crunchy leaves

8. Halloween – Although Halloween is quite rubbish where I live and just an excuse for adults to get drunk and something for kids to get excited about, I still really like it. Seeing all the Halloween products on sale, the films, it’s just fun. Not to mention my mother always makes pumpkin soup and yet again, smells amazing.

9. Fires- There’s something different about the warmth of a fire rather than just putting the heating on. The glow is gorgeous and just really warming and lovely to witness.

Fire x

10. Winter is on the way– What else can I say there?!


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