As I write this, I’ve just got in from my first ever blogger’s event and though I’ve always wanted to go to one for some time, I think this one being my first made it all the more special. I’ve been a fan of LUSH (AKA Lushie) for some time now and it’s my favourite beauty brand.  I’d known about the spa for some time, so I had been eager to see it for maybe even a year, so when I received an invite to the launch of the LUSH Spa Cardiff, I was ecstatic.

I was the third person to enter the spa and was greeted with a name tag and a free drink which is from The Comforter? treatment that’s available in the spa. It was a pink fizzy drink that had candyfloss in it, which tasted amazing.

In my small group of three, the lovely Molly was the one to take us around the store on a special tour of the new building and, of course, the new spa. The first thing we witnessed was a demonstration of the brand new Yellow Submarine bath bomb, which we were informed is exclusive to the LUSH Spa Cardiff! As you can see in the video below, it looks incredible.

The Yellow Submarine bath bomb is EXCLUSIVE to #LushSpaCardiff!

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Molly showed us some of the bath bombs and melts which all looked gorgeous. If it were possible, I would have bought one of each. Maybe when I’m a billionaire I’ll buy a LUSH shop all for myself and it will be open to special friends and family… I guess it’s time I started playing the lottery, then!

Another exclusive (and limited edition) to LUSH Spa Cardiff is the Snow Fairy perfume! It’s very limited edition and I think I overheard that they’re expected to all be gone by the opening day which is tomorrow, 31st Marcb. Hopefully, though, if all you Snow Fairy fans demand it enough, there’s a chance it could be brought back. Who knows?

There is a brand new make up section in LUSH Spa Cardiff which was so popular at the event. It was so crowded in that area of the store, but we managed to see some amazing products. From the eye jewels (a type of eye pigment block) to the 50 Shades Of… lip colour blocks, there’s some amazing stuff in the make up collection. I managed to pick up this gorgeous highlighter called Feeling Younger which is so gorgeous! Molly swatched it on our hands and it, dare I say it, could be the best highlighter I’ve ever seen. Yes, I said it. Out of all these incredible high end brands, I think LUSH may really be the underdogs for the highlighter. I know a lot of people are really into cruelty-free make-up and I can highly recommend LUSH being your go-to brand. They now do blushes and bronzers as well as loose pigments, so you can really branch out with your collection; looking fabulous and protecting bunnies, what a win-win.

Other products we were shown included face masks, fragrances and hair treatments. But, of course, the most exciting bit was getting to go up a level and seeing the brand spanking new spa which, by the way, is the biggest LUSH spa in the world! I feel quite proud of that because it’s my local store and having made acquaintances with some amazing staff such as Molly and evening being friends with one of the workers, they deserve this. They deserve to work in the best store because they have impeccable customer service skills. That’s one thing that isn’t new in the store and I have been aware of this since my first ever trip to LUSH when I had no idea about the brand and just saw a pretty bath bomb store, many years ago as an awkward teen.

Going up to the spa, you are welcomed into a very picturesque kitchen. The kind you’d see in maybe a rich vlogger’s house. What I loved was the quaint English cottage theme to it, with The vision that Lush Co-Founder, Mark Constantine OBE had was to give customers a refreshing, amazingly effective experience in familiar, reassuring surroundings. What you may not know is that a lot of the deco such as the artwork on the wall were found from the likes of charity shops, to give that one-of-a-kind feel.

Here we were given a taste of the Drink Me drink which is included with one of the spa treatments, which had an apple taste to it. I’m not too fond on apples, so it wasn’t to my taste, but I know a lot of people would find it highly refreshing and perfect for a pre-treatment beverage. We also tried these chocolate mushrooms (there’s no actual mushrooms in there, don’t worry) which I was pretty fond of. They were like big chocolate chips and tasted so good, but I’m a sweet tooth, so what do you expect?

We were shown a few different treatments, but the one that took to my interest was The Comforter? because the ceiling was of a galaxy aesthetic and had some amazing music, including a cover of Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The treatment is perfect for the sweet toothed as it is full of candyfloss, cacao kisses and dripping hot chocolate scrub. Willy Wonka would be in his oils.

The ceiling which is aesthetic goals.

If you thought the event was just a nosey around, you’re wrong. We were able to get hands on and make some products. I was lucky enough to make (and keep) the Rosy Cheeks face mask and a Golden Slumbers bath bomb. It was a lot of fun but pretty messy… I ended up with some face mask on my jacket! At least I know it smells good.

Team effort at #LUSHSPACARDIFF as we made the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask!

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My overall thoughts of the LUSH Spa Cardiff? Incredible. Though the old store holds a special place in my heart, I know Lushies around the world who get the chance to visit Cardiff will be so impressed and fall in love with the store and spa. I’ve already decided I want to try and get a treatment for my birthday and may have some plans for a surprise for someone soon…

A massive thank you to the lovely staff at LUSH Spa Cardiff, especially our tour guide Molly, for putting on a wonderful event and always having the most amazing attitude towards customers.

For more photos of  the event, check out my Instagram

Are you going to visit LUSH Spa Cardiff? What’s your favourite LUSH product?

PS: here’s how to get freebies at LUSH!



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  1. Looks like a great event! The store where I live is really small, but I do love there bath bombs.

  2. OMG this place looks SO cool, I’d love to visit the Lush spa. I’d end up spending a fortune haha xxx

  3. Oh Jazz what a really fun thing to do! – we LOVE Lush – particularly their robots!

  4. Ooo lush looks lush!! Cocktails, cute store, treatmenys…looks great 🙂

  5. Sounds like such a great event to go to for your first one. And to think Cardiff has the biggest Lush spa now!

  6. This sounds like a fantastic event! SO much better than just looking around. I saw your Yellow Submarine video on Instagram and I couldnt stop watching it! It looks amazing!

  7. shelley morecroft

    This has made me so jealous and I definitely feel like going to lush now to have a bath later! xx

  8. What a fun time you had, you know I’ve never been in or used any lush products, but looks great in store and think i should check it out.

  9. What an amazing launch and it sounds amazing. Lush is one of my favourite places to visit x

  10. I loved the new make up range they have, it’s soooo pretty! Great post hun. xxx

  11. I totally love LUSH products! Your photos are great

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