Okay, so I know I’m not one of those beauty blogs and I’m no Zoella or Tanya Burr, but I do really like the ideas of Monthly Favourites because when I love something, I enjoy telling everyone about it and I know we’re halfway through September, but nevertheless, I want to tell you what I particularly enjoyed last month. So, let’s do this shizz.

The Big Bang Theory – Series Seven

I love TBBT but I never watch it on TV because someone in my house always hogs it when I want to watch something. It’s like a family tradition. So, I’ve caught up with it via iTunes and I practically spent every night in August staying up late to watch it on my phone before going to sleep and I just loved it. I don’t want to talk about what happens as I personally hate spoilers, so I don’t want to be mean to you if you’ve yet to see it. It was funny, good storylines and I wish I could have series 8 already but it hasn’t even aired yet, let alone gone on UK iTunes. Guess that’s me waiting another 6 months or so *sigh*.



LUSH Cosmetics

I have liked LUSH for a while but during August I invested in a few products and I think I may have a new obsession. Like if it was possible, I would honestly take the entire shop home with me and store it in my bathroom. My particular favourites are  Ocean Scrub (a body and face scrub which makes you feeling baby soft), Buffy (a bar of soap which helps with dead skin and I find it also works with spots on your arms/legs) and Coalface (a cleanser bar). They all work really well and I’m loving the results so far. (photo credit: lush.co.uk)

Ocean Salt Buffy Coalface

Break Free – Ariana Grande ft Zedd

I wrote an article for Maximumpop last month about the new Ariana Grande music video for Break Free and after watching it, the song just managed to get stuck in my head for a good while. Most of the month, actually. It made it to my August playlist (yes, I do make monthly playlists in my phone. Yes, I am aware that it’s pretty sad. Nobody asked for your input, thank you.) and I still like to put it on now and then. It’s a really upbeat pop song with a slight techno edge to it but it’s definitely one I found myself replaying when I was getting ready or hyped up for something. The music weird’s a bit odd, but we’re all weird in our own way.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8eRzOYhLuw?rel=0]

Dare You To by Katie McGarry

I’ll be honest- I haven’t finished this book just yet due to having not much free time for the past few weeks. However, I read McGarry’s Pushing The Limits and I couldn’t put it down. After two years of wondering what’s happened to Noah and Echo, I needed to read more of her work. I found her website and saw her other books which were based on PTL and so I asked if I could review them for my site, Fanyell. Katie personally replied and happily sent me the books (which are still being reviewed by the other writers- watch this space!) and I decided to read Dare You To. So far, I’ve found it extremely interesting with a great plot about one of the characters from PTL, Beth and a new character, Ryan, the golden sports player in his town. I really don’t want to give the plot away but if you do decide to give this, I will say there’s drama, romance and just intense thrills that make me wish I could put my life on hold until I’m finished with the book. I’ll probably post a review on here, too, so keep checking back.

Dare You To

That’s all for this month (or last month?) I’ll be posting September’s favourites a bit earlier than I posted August’s- to be fair, I didn’t have this blog beginning of September.

What did you love in August? Anything you want to recommend to me? Leave a comment, if you fancy 🙂

Jazz x


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