In the generation of smartphone lovers and the blogging world, people often tend to ask one another what apps they use when editing photos. I thought I would quickly share some of the apps I use on my iPhone to edit photos.

Please excuse my background of Michael Clifford, friendly reminder that I’m a fangirl!




This is a great filter app which make your photos still look top quality without the type of filters provided by Instagram which can make your photos look a little less appealing, especially since the Instagram filters are extremely popular. You receive some great free filters with this app and can buy a variety of other packs.





This app came free with my stick that was a novelty present for Christmas. It’s also got some great filters which will interest any selfie fan who like to touch up their photos. From natural filters to slightly more artsy, there’s some really good ones on there!

“Natural” Filter
Thank you to my lovely friend, Zuri, for letting me use her selfie as mine are pretty mortifying and she’s way more photogenic!




This is a cute app for stickers and frames which definitely makes Instagram photos a little bit more fun and lively.  You get a basic set of stickers and frames free and you can download more with points (which you can earn via posting and recommending other photos on the app) or even buy some. I’ve made a few edits for friends which they’ve really liked (see above).



I don’t use this app that often but is great if you need to censor anything. For example, I took a photo of a package I received to talk about a future blog post and censored my address. Back last year, when I was holding a charity event, we had mystery prizes and guests which we used this app to blur & pixel the photos to post on social media to get word about and people interacting with the posts. It’s the ideal app should you need to censor anything.




For full photos you’d like to put on Instagram without having to just crop it into a square, Squaready is a great little app to put your photos on a white background where you can fit your landscape and portrait photos in. I tend to use this a lot for Instagram and sometimes profile pictures.

All the above apps are free to download from the iTunes Store.

What apps do you use for photo editing? Have you tried any of these? Comment below any you think I should know about!



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