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You know how I said that 2016 was going to be a fresh start for me? So far, that’s not happened. Since New Year’s Day, I’ve been ill with this… I don’t even know what because I’m not sure if it’s the flu but it’s not a simple cold. It’s the end of the month and I’m still not feeling 100% but hopefully after visiting the doctor again, I’ll be given something to blast this bug out of me.

Anyway, that’s my reasoning for lack of blog posts and why my monthly favourites aren’t too extravagant. Please forgive me but enjoy reading about things I did favour this January.

Skullcandy Jib Earphones


I’m terrible for earphones – I manage to lose them or break them all the time, but when I decided to pick up my latest pair, I made a promise with myself that I’d look after them. I purchased the Skullcandy earphones from ASDA for £10.00 and they are absolutely amazing for the amount I paid. I have friends who are often willing to pay around £30.00 for earphones to ensure great quality, but these earphones have a great sound to them and since I can sometimes be hard of hearing, I can hear my music in a lot more detail and feel the bass more than just listening by ear. Skullcandy are said to be a great make and were originally recommended to me by my friend who was highly satisfied with her purchase. I have to agree with her as I think they’re great and worth every penny for music lovers! They have also been a great use for Skype calls when I’ve had meetings with Maximum Pop as I can hear people quite clearly (when Skype actually works…)

Available from ASDA for £10.00

LUSH’s Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

Love lettuce

On one of the days where my painkillers had kicked in, I decided to give myself some TLC with the face mask I had picked up from a mini LUSH haul I had with Courtney in the sales. I’ve used the Love Lettuce face mask before, but totally forgot how much I loved the product. I have an oily face which I find pretty stressful to clear up without breaking out, but this face mask helped dry up my skin a bit for around 3-4 days which I was very satisfied with (bare in mind I had been mainly bed bound for most of this month so my skincare routine was out the window excluding this face mask I decided to do) and I have plenty to do a number of face masks within the 3 week expiry date (tip: I’ve been told by a LUSH worker these can actually be used up to a week after the expiry date, so if you’re like me and still have some left over, don’t waste it!)

Available from LUSH for £6.75 

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 

The Big Bang Theory

I’ve previously mentioned TBBT in a favourites blog, but season 9 is currently playing and I have managed to catch up during my days in bed and so far I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s been my go-to binge show this month and without any spoilers, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the characters develop more. I think Sheldon and Amy have definitely made huge developments both individually and as a couple (and yes I am a Shamy shipper. #Shamy4ever!) and think Penny has definitely matured a lot. I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of the season and as I’m writing this, I’m patiently waiting for a new episode to be released in the UK.

Tanya Burr Sugar Plum Nail Polish

Tanya Burr Sugar Plum

This polish was part of a Christmas set which has sadly been discontinued. I absolutely love the shade and find it perfect for the winter season of dark shades. I stupidly didn’t take a photo of my nails before they chipped but they managed not to start flaking until around 7 days after which is very rare for me as I type a lot and usually that means my polish flakes off, especially on my thumbs as for some weird reason I hit the space bar using the side which means half of my nail hits the keyboard and causes serious chipping. However, this lasted pretty well and hopefully the shade will be included in the 2016 Christmas collection or brought back as a permanent edition to the Tanya Burr Cosmetics nail polish line. Fingers crossed!

Tums Smoothies


I suffer with acid reflux a lot. I take medication for it but some days even the meds don’t work. My mother had recently picked up a packet of Tums Smoothies which the entire family is sharing and they worked so well. I wasn’t expecting much for over-the-counter products when I get acid reflux quite bad, but they worked really well. I had the Assorted Fruits but next time I’ll probably pick up the Berry Fusion as I’m more of a berry flavoured kind of gal. I think these are perfect to pop in your bag for on the go because they seemed to work pretty quickly, which was a great relief.

Available from Boots for £3.69



Okay, I wasn’t going to include this until next month’s favourites as it’s only just come out, but I’ve had it on repeat ever since it released on Friday, so clearly I love it enough for it to make this month’s favourites! Zayn’s debut single since leaving One Direction has finally dropped and though I never thought I would be into the kind of music he likes (I mean he was pals with Naughty Boy for a while and I didn’t take a shining to his music so…) but I was oh so wrong. It’s a great song and it’s about loving sex but he doesn’t objectify women which is kind of refreshing.

As I said, not a great deal of exciting things this month, but hopefully as I recover from this deadly bug I’ll be up and about more to use various things and then rave about my love for them!

What did you enjoy this month?



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  1. You’ve picked some great favourites, mine have included a lot of things I got at Christmas – thanks for sharing x

  2. I really love that Zayn’s first song is very adult – ahem and that the music is stripped back enough to showcase his voice with no stupid autotune or overlay. Those Tums, are they good for just basic indigestion, the kind that gets stuck under ribs, do you know? The Big Bang Theory is something I never get bored of whatever mood I’m in. Hope you feel properly better soon.

    1. It’s such a great song, isn’t it? He’s clearly got a great voice and you can hear it so well in this! I’m not sure if the Tums are any good for that but if you check their wesbite (just Google Tums) it should tell you what they’re good for 🙂 The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows, so to see them with the cast of Friends at that reunion made my day! Thank you 🙂 xx

      1. Me to, it was so cute, like two generations of wonderful heartfelt comedy ^_^

  3. That nail enamel is a gorgeous colour. I have been loving Travel Man on Channel 4, it’s a comedy travel programme and it’s ace!

  4. Thanking the heavens for this post right now! We sound soooo similar! I am obsessed with Lush and have been dying to try that mask so you’ve made me really want to get it now. Also I am sooo obsessed with The BBT, so funny and the newest series is amazing! ? Also you may have saved my acid reflux, I’m definitely going to look into buying Tums! (Sorry for the long comment but I am so happy with this post!)
    Well done for a great post!
    Rachel xoxo

    1. Thank you Rachel! We do sound similar! I’ll give your blog a follow now x

      1. Also just realised that you’re a HUGE 5SOS fan!!! Yay!! Me too, as is my lil sister! We went to see them in varied last year! Aww thank you lovely! I’ve followed you too! Xxx

        1. Ah no way! They’re amazing, aren’t they?!

          1. They are! My sister is a much bigger fan than me, she has a whole Twitter dedicated to them! ??

          2. Aww bless! Are you seeing them this year?

          3. I’m not sadly! But my sister and her friend are going, I didn’t want to cramp her style haha! ?

  5. I hope that you get well soon! I didn’t know that Tanya made nail varnishes, love the colour though! x

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