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On my most recent visit to London, I headed to Oxford Street with great eagerness to check out the all new LUSH store. Unlike most stores by the beauty company, the Oxford Street store is rather big consisting of a whole three stores and a whole lot of exclusives.

Bewildered by everything they had in store, I narrowed it down to a couple of products to bring home. I still had a long day ahead of me as well as a rather warm bus journey home where many of the fresh products would have been spoiled. Here’s what I managed to get my hands on…

 Double Vitality bath oil 



An Oxford Street exclusive – little beauty is a bath oil that smells like a mixture of peppermint and lemon. Made from two stars sandwiched together, the gorgeous buttery texture feels amazing on your hands. Though be warned- they can melt pretty easily in a warm temperature.

Candy Mountain bubble bar  


This gorgeous bubble bar is part of the Christmas season range and rather well known by LUSH lovers as it’s brought out every year. The sugar-sweet candy-floss scented bar is definitely one for people with a sweet tooth and does just an amazing job as the appeal of the product’s first impression. I had to use it before writing this blog as the scent was driving me crazy and almost cried out for me to put it to use.

Golden Wonder bath bomb



I was originally intrigued by the look of this bath bomb, but was given a slight surprise when I picked it up as I felt something move. There is hidden content inside this beautiful bath bomb waiting to explode when it hits the water.It smells of a tangy orange and lime which are definitely great for a bath to awaken your moods.

Magic Wand reusable bubble bar





Having seen this product last year used by the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr, I was determined to ensure I picked up this product in time for the festive season. Sharing the same scent as the Snow Fairy bubble bath, this wand resembling bubble bar is attached to a wooden stick and definitely gives off the magic of Christmas vibes. It’s perfect for any young girl or those attracted to the colours and sweet scents and can be used a handful of times, too.

Dream Time Luxury bath oil



A newly redesign in the old product that seems to only be currently available in the Oxford store. Containing relaxing scents of Jasmine, Lavander and Ginger, it’s no wonder this product is perfect to use before bedtime.

Milky Bath bubble bar


This cute little bubble bar is perfect for softening your skin and water in the bath.The ingredients such as skimmed milk and cocoa are perfect for making the water feeling creamy and the scent lingered on my hands for sometime after.

Oxford Street tote bag



With the Oxford Street store being the rage of all LUSH fans, I had to get something to remember my trip. I’m a big fan of bags and this one is definitely great for a lot of shopping, especially for big  shopping hauls.

I had a great time overall at the store and hope to go back again very soon.



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  1. I’d love to go to the store. It looks great. Love the look o the milky bath thing x

  2. Lush has some great products. My husband used to love their shampoo bars – do they still make them?

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