‘Tis the season to get cosy and for me, I think it’s a necessity to have a good candle. My favourite kind are scented and Yankee Candle are without a doubt my favourite brand when it comes to a good smelling one to light and have such a cosy feeling to them. I’ve narrowed down my top five Wintery Yankee Candles to share with you to inspire your seasonal scents.

Candy Cane Lane


This sweet scent has a delicious aroma of peppermint mixed with hints of cookies and vanilla icing, making it a treat for all sweet-tooths alike. The crimson red shade of the wax also blends in with the typical Christmas colours giving the perfect cosy glow.

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Berry Jam


This one isn’t part of Yankee’s Christmas collection, but it’s definitely a gorgeous winter flavour. The stunning scent consists of berry notes including fresh berries and pomegranate. It reminds me of some Winter cooking going on during a cosy evening. It really brings the room to life and making your mouth water a slight.

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Snow In Love


This is a gorgeous fresh scent full of minty and wood notes, reminding me of a crisp cold Winter’s walk through a forest. Though a Christmas candle, I think this is perfect for the months of January and February, too for that freshness to fill your home.

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Sparkling Cinnamon


Another sweet scent, but not in the candy way is Sparkling Cinnamon. It’s a pungent aroma but isn’t overpowering. Cinnamon is definitely a winter classic scent, so I think it’s a perfect choice for this time of year. We always have a cinnamon scent starting at around the end of October because it really gets us in the mood.

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Red Apple Wreath


This is a delightful Christmas scent, with the aroma of spiced apples and a slight hint of pine, which I really think is the ideal December aroma for getting the final preparation for the big celebration.

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What are your favourite seasonal scents? What about your ultimate Yankee Candle? Leave a comment below as I always love to try new flavours!



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