I’ve been on a slippery slope with monthly favourites as of late. I didn’t know what I actually favoured for some months and last month was my birthday so I didn’t want to do a post then because it’d be pretty bias, not to mention my birthday is the tail end of the month, so it wouldn’t have felt fair to me. Not that anyone is going to get offended. Anyway, this month has definitely made up for it all, with a whopping ten favourites to discuss and share reviews with you.

LUSH Shimmy Shimmy Bar

After Lily taught me a genius little hack with this shimmer bar, I just had to get it. I’m not normally the type to use shimmer bars, but when she told me that these act perfectly as highlighters, I was instantly sold. It works really well, just as Lily said. It was perfect for when I went to a concert at the beginning of the month and since glittery/shimmery highlighters are all the rage, I felt like it was a right steal to get such a glowing look without needing to use a high quality highlighter which would cost a fair bit.

Available from LUSH for £5.50

LUSH Monsters’ Ball bath bomb


I was given this as a birthday present and after seeing so many amazing Instagram posts of the bomb in action, I was elated to have this. Using it was so fun because of the beautiful colours that fizz from the product were so beautiful and morphed into a gorgeous midnight blue bath water. This is a seasonal product at LUSH meaning it’s only on sale for a specific period of time, so it’s sad to think that I won’t see this product until next year (possibly, if it doesn’t get discontinued) but it’s also lovely to have limited edition products to look forward to.

This product is no longer on sale 

LUSH Lipstick in Decisive


Another birthday present was this beautiful lipstick. I’m usually one to wear a red lip on special occasions and for eveningwear. It was fairly long lasting and felt light on my lips, with hardly any smudging. I had a fair few compliments, too, which is always nice.

Available from LUSH for £14.50

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation


I bought this back in Brighton when on a mini spending spree and having heard so many people raving about the foundation that I was intrigued to try it. It’s a full coverage and doesn’t need much product applied to get the perfect and flawless complexion. This was my first high end foundation and I definitely think it was worth every penny, with the product being a luxury and living up to the description of long lasting.

Available from Debenhams for £27

Fifth Harmony’s 727 Tour

Fifth Harmony

As previously mentioned, I went to see Fifth Harmony perform their ‘727’ tour in Cardiff as my friend, Camryn, was the support act. I highly enjoyed the show and although not my most favourite artists, the girls performance definitely changed my opinion on them and I gained a newfound respect for them as an act. Despite them being the headline act, it was Camryn who made the show for me, but perhaps that may come from a bias point of view having been her friend and a fan for so long. The whole show was amazing to watch and I’ve found myself listening to more of Fifth Harmony’s music since leaving the arena.

Olly Murs – Grow Up


This is Olly’s second single to come from his upcoming album, ’24 Hours’ and I really fell in love with this one. It’s relatable for me on a personal level, but I’m fairly confident that everyone has a story that can track back to this song. The music video was brilliant and cleverly made, also highly enjoyable to watch Olly working with young children. It’s a song I’ve been playing a lot and is on my current playlist.

Niall Horan – This Town


The release of Niall’s debut single was pretty unexpected. We all knew he’d been in the studio, but wasn’t really talkative about his own solo career. The song is so beautiful and I always have a soft spot for acoustics. I felt as though the love song was so heart warming and definitely fitted Niall’s style. Another song I’ve listened to a fair bit over the past month.

Little Mix -Shoutout To My Ex


Little Mix are back with the new era of their upcoming album, ‘Glory Days’ and the first single, ‘Shoutout To My Ex’ is nothing short of perfection. It’s the ideal girl power anthem post-break up and is what the girls describe as a ‘happy break-up song’. The premiere was a live performance on ‘The X Factor’ and showed off the strong and powerful vocals of Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade. The music video is also a fantastic piece of cinematography and highly aesthetically pleasing. It’s no surprise I’ve had it on repeat for the second half of the month following its release.

Our World by Little Mix

Little Mix’s autobiography released this month which I preordered months in advance. I felt as though the book was very real and hard hitting about the reality of four young girls living typical working class lives across the UK to becoming the first (and currently only) group to win The X Factor and become the biggest girlband of our generation,but at the same time they are fairly humble by sharing both the pros and cons of their careers. I felt as though they talked to their audience on the same level, rather than looking down as they are far superior. I had a lot to say about the book and wrote a review for United by Pop, if you’re interested.

Available from Waterstones for £13.99

The Little Book of Feminism by Harriet Dyer


I call myself a feminist, since I am for and believe in everything feminism stands for, but I wasn’t fully educated on the background of feminism and how it began, what the origins were. This little book, only 96 pages long, is the ideal book for those wanting to learn about feminism or are intrigued by it, but don’t know where to start. Since fourth wave feminism is currently blowing up in the media, in particular social media and pop culture, this would be the perfect stocking filler for someone such as perhaps a teenager who wants to gain a better understanding of the movement. The book is more full of facts as to what has happened, what is happening,etc. rather than opinion based. It doesn’t go into too much detail, but is great for putting you on track as to understand the basics of feminism.

Available from Waterstones for £5.99

What did you love in October?



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  1. I have to admit I’m not a Little Mix fan, but Lush… now you have me! I love Lush, every since they were called Cosmetics to Go. Will pop to their Cardiff store soon to look at the Christmas gifts set

    1. Ah, I’m a big lover of Little Mix, but you’re soooo right with LUSH! They’re a fab company and I’m so excited for the Christmas range – need to stock up ASAP!

  2. I’m excited for you to see all of the Christmas range!! We’ve got so much it’s literally insane!!


  3. You’ve picked some fabulous pieces this month, I love all of your lush faves. That red lip looks GORGEOUS and I am wearing the UD all nighter foundation myself at the mo and love it! x

  4. I’ve included the UD foundation in my monthly favourites too! ?


    1. Isn’t it fantastic? Definitely taken over as my favourite foundation!

  5. I really like the look of that shimmer bar (I don’t normally get on with shimmer so this could work for me) and the colour of that lipstick is gorgeous too x

    1. The shimmer is such a great highlighter! But it’s also lovely for a shimmery sheen on your skin for a night out 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, the Monsters Ball bath bomb is super cute! I love the idea of using the Shimmy Shimmy bar as a highlight, too <3

  7. Love the monsters ball bath bomb! I also really like Little Mix new song x

  8. Little Mix are soooo catchy, I think they are one of the better girl bands out there right now!

  9. My daughter loves all those Lush products that you’ve mentioned, she’s crazy about the place! I’m totally loving that new little mix song too, although I really need to look up the lyrics so I know exactly what they are saying 🙂

  10. I have to admit that I am quite liking the new little mix song! It is very catchy!

  11. […] of my blog, you’ll know all about my love for Little Mix and this song even featured in my October Monthly Favourites. The girls describe this as a ‘happy breakup song’ and I totally agree. Even if you […]

  12. That Urban Decay foundation is one that I keep wanting to try, it’s supposed to be so good I’m really glad to see another positive recommendation for it as I think this means going to have to give it a go. Also, I had no idea that LUSH did lipsticks! That red colour looks lovely. x

    1. I heard so much about it and since it was coming up to my birthday, I was like “screw it, I’m gonna TREAT MYSELF” so I got it and I can definitely see the hype and get on board! Yep, Lush do make up! They do foundation, eyeshadow, liner, lipstick and they’re going to be bringing out nail polish soon!

  13. I won’t even try to understand all the cosmetics that are available.. never been into make up much. BUT, I do love Little Mix.. could listen to them all day.

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