I am a vegetarian. I have been all my life. My mother is also vegetarian and was a cook for around 15 years, so she brought me up as vegetarian and, when I was old enough to understand, she taught me more about meat and told me I could choose to stay vegetarian or eat meat and for many reasons, I just decided to stay as I am.

But, as many fellow veggies will know, there are a lot of questions out there from carnivores. Some a bit stupid and some, well, I guess not so stupid but really fricking annoying to answer like 100 times a year. So, instead of constantly answering them time after time, here is my FAQ as a vegetarian. Maybe I’ll make a QR code linking to this post and hand it out whenever people begin the “you’re a vegetarian?” conversation…

Have you ever eaten meat? 

Actually, yes, I have. Not by choice. There has been times where careless mistakes were made in public eateries and no I was not impressed.

Where do you get your protein from? 

I don’t know if you know this, but you can actually get protein from other foods besides meat and fish.

Do you eat fish? 

No. You’re thinking of a pescatarian. And before you ask, that’s someone who doesn’t eat meat excluding fish.

Why don’t you eat fish? 

Fish were alive. Then they died. Fish have bodies. Vegetarians don’t like eating dead bodies.

Why are you vegetarian? 

Because I want to be.

But don’t you feel like you’re missing out? 

Yeah, no. I really don’t.

Animals are going to die anyway, you aren’t saving them.

Really? Well, if that’s the case…

Can I eat this meat in front of you? 

Sure, knock yourself out. Just don’t throw it at me. Kids in school did that before and it was not pleasant and even if I was a total meat lover, I still don’t want your stinking food in my face.

You’re too fat to be vegetarian…

Sorry, I had no idea that vegetarians were all skinny and barely ate anything.

Why don’t you feed your dogs vegetarian food? 

Because they didn’t choose to become vegetarian.

What do you eat? 

Pasta, Pizza, Chips (fries for you Americans), chocolate, chilli, Sunday roast, lasagne… now I’m hungry.

Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian? 

Good for him.

Surely humans evolved to eat meat? You’re going against nature! 

Actually, we evolved to be omnivores. That means you have a choice. So, there’s a quick science fact for you.

What’s the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?

Vegans do not eat ANY animal based product- even eggs or any milk based product. Vegetarians can if they choose to.

How do you cope abroad?

True, times can get tough, but there’s usually somewhere that offers meatless meals and it’s just a case of looking a little more.

How come you can eat at McDonalds? I hear they fry their veggie food in meat fat

McDonalds have vegetarian options which are approved by the Vegetarian Society which means it’s okay to eat.

Plants get hurt, too!

Actually, no they don’t. Plants do not have a central nervous system and therefore cannot feel anything.

Is it hard being a vegetarian?

It’s harder when I have all these kind of questions thrown at me but other than that, no.

Are you a hippie?

No. But my dad was one of the first hippies in my county, if that’s interesting enough for you. He was born in the 50s, so.

Would you eat meat for a million pounds? 

I have no idea why you’re being so hypothetical and why you are trying to find a ‘breaking point’. You have no intention on giving me that amount of money so I don’t care. What if I were to trick you into being meat?  Then I have lost respect for you for disrespecting me and my choices and plan to cut you out of my life.   Have you ever asked/answered any of these questions? Know of any more classic questions? Leave a comment below!   Signature


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  1. Great interview style post. Enjoyed reading this x

  2. I am also a veggie and often get asked similar questions – also how cool is it that your dad was one of the earlier hippies 🙂

    Laura x

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