For any makeup lover, Christmas is an exciting time! Between new gift sets out for the holidays and interesting looks to try, I thought this would be a perfect chance to share some makeup looks for you to try this festive season. I also thought that it would be ideal for me to share some incredibly talented makeup artists and beauty bloggers that I think you guys would love.

Santa Inspired

Christmas Makeup Tutorials

“I started with my eyebrows. Then I got to work on my eyes. Using Red Ochre from the Modern Renaissance palette and Hot Red from the NYX Primal Colors. Then using Tarte Shape Tape and a flat brush I went over my lid. To prevent color transfer I dusted a nude color over the concealer. When I finished that, I used Stila Gold Goddess liquid glitter eyeshadow over my lid and in my inner corner. Then I used it to make glitter freckles. After that I used Gloom from the Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette on the bottom. For mascara I used Too Faced’s Better Than Sex and used some Ardell lashes. Last I contoured with the ABH powder contour and highlighted with Glo Better from Nicole Glow.”

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Snowy Eyes

Christmas Makeup Tutorials

“For this look I started off with Too Faced 24 hour liner in White Lie on a spoolie and ran it through my brow for the frosted effect. Next I primed my eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden and set it with RCMA No Color powder. I always use tape for my eyeliner so next I lined tape up with my bottom lash line. Then I used the NYX white liquid liner and I had to do a few layers because it cracks pretty bad. I used Duo lash glue on my inner corner and then let it get tacky. I used the white glitter out of the Cleo Cosmetics glitter palette and packed it on the glue. Lastly I put on my Goddess Collection lashes in Abuk with my Black Kiss glue.”

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 Christmas Barbie Look

“In preparation for this holiday season, I’m going to show you how to get this beautiful holiday makeup look. In order to create this look, I primarily focused on the eyes and the lips in order to create a glowy effect. So, let’s get started! First, I went and prepped the eyes with Motives Eye Base, and I started to apply my eyeshadow. I used the Sacha Cosmetic Natural Palette, starting with my favorite transition shade. After that, I began to gradually build up a pop of brown in the crease and added black for more dimension. Following this, I cut the crease with the eye base from earlier, and popped a gold eyeshadow on the eyes. Next, I lined the eyes with the Color Stay Liquid Liner from Rimmel London and applied the JJBH Mink Lashes to finish the eye look. Now for my favorite part, the lips!

For the lips, I prepped with some foundation to get rid of any discoloration, and started to line the lips with Nightmoth from MAC Cosmetics. Afterward, I applied MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in Fashion Whim. To make the lips really pop, I went and grabbed my favorite highlighter and dusted it over the cupid’s bow. So, there you have it! Follow these steps to get this beautiful glam and have everyone and their mother blinded by your glow this holiday season!

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Snow Queen Glam

“The look was inspired by The Snow Queen – a cartoon that I grew up with. I had a few accessories lying around in my cupboards such as the tiara and earrings so decided to centre the look around those. For the eyes I used the blues from Morphe Brushes 35B palette with a glitter pigment by Violet Voss on top of the cut crease. The foundation I used is (my favourite) MAC studio fix in a few shades lighter than my own skin tone to create a paler complexion fit for a snow-queen look! The glitter and cosmetic foil around my hairline was bought off Amazon which I had lying around since the summer.”

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Cosy Christmas

The holiday season is my favourite time of year! I love experimenting with all of the different colours and letting my mind wander. For this look, I used the eyeshadow palette Take Me Back To Brazil by BH Cosmetics, then also used a beautiful silver shimmery colour on the lid by LA Girl Cosmetics. I wanted the lower lid to pop so I darkened it up to link with the holiday theme. And red lipstick looks good any day!

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What’s your go-to makeup look for the festive season? Which of these Christmas makeup tutorials would you like to try?


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  1. I love the Christmas Barbie Look by Makeupbyjjbh. He did such a good job with the eyes and lips and it inspired me to try out this look. Thanks for showing such a talented artist.

  2. What gorgeous festive looks, these! I really like the one with the holly berry in the corner. So cute!

  3. Such a lovely idea to try a different type of makeup during the festive season. I love the Snow Queen Glam, looks beautiful and perfect for a Christmas party!

  4. Oh my gosh Jazz, love that festive eyeshadow with the Christmas holly design x

  5. OH MY GOD, these all look amazing! I cannot wait to try these out now that I have some more colourful palettes in my collection! Thank you so much for sharing these looks! Great post xx

  6. Very festive looking indeed,the first picture w/the candy cane was really quite cute. The mistletoe adds a nice touch

  7. The snow queen glam is such a cool look, I don’t really tend to do much different at Christmas time, just add a bit of glitter x

  8. These all look like lovely Christmas makeup ideas! I think Il be going for the Santa inspired look

  9. Omg these are insaaanely good! My favourite has to be the santa inspired one at the top – wish I could recreate something like that!

  10. I would most definitely give all of these a go! I love the second one 🙂

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