While getting presents for your friends and family is important, your furry friends are also part of the family who also deserve to be included in the big event! In my house, the dogs play a big part in Christmas – they’re equally involved as the rest of us. This year we also have a puppy, so we’ve been looking at how to spoil them (read: spoil ourselves for them because they don’t really understand Christmas but are thankful for gifts) and I just had to share with you some amazing gifts for dogs!

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Treats

We always get festive treats for our dogs – it’s just part of the annual tradition! Lily’s Kitchen has some great treats in adorable Christmas packaging and are a great gift for your furry friends!

Available from Lily’s Kitchen for £3.49 (also in various supermarkets)

Bell Rope Tug Dog Toy

Louis and Rosie love a good rope toy to play a classic game of Tug’o’War. This is the perfect toy for them to use up all their energy before having their big Christmas nap.

Available from Wilko for £2.00

Doggy Mini Mince Pies

Us humans all love a nice sweet treat at this time of year and our dogs should be no different! Of course, dogs aren’t allowed mince pies, so there’s ones made especially for them so they can join in on the feast.

Available from Muddy Paws for £3.49

Hound Comfort Bed

A luxurious gift to give your dog this Christmas is a brand new bed. This one is a cosy and warm bed which is hand washable and quite stylish. I know Louis and Rosie would love this bed! It’s available in a medium and a large.

Available from Amazon from £19.99

Red Snowflake Ribbon Dog Collar

A festive collar is perfect for the day! Perhaps even as an early present to wear in the run up to the big event. If a festive pattern is not really your scene, there’s so many more designs on the website which will tickle both your and your dog’s fancy.

Available from Dottie’s Pet Boutique from £12.00

Christmas Fair Isle Dog Jumper


Where we take Louis and Rosie for walks can get very cold as we live on a mountain so jumpers are practical as well as for the novelty of dressing up for the festive season! There’s lots of different jumpers available but this one seemed best to us as there’s nothing sticking off it for either dog to chew on like pompoms or tinsel. They’re also very smart looking. Lots of dog clothing is only in small breed sizes, but you can get this for pretty much every breed going!

Available from Pets at Home for £12.00

Jolly Doggy Santa Clause Cruncher Dog Toy


As a puppy, Rosie loves crinkly sounding toys – especially bottle ones! She often tries to take my bottle of water off me to play with. This is the perfect present for a puppy or a young dog who loves their toys. It’s also very festive, of course.

Available from Viovet for £4.95

Puppy’s First Christmas Hamper

If you have a new addition to your family, then what better way to treat them than with a hamper full of goodies just for them?! Everything in this hamper is thought of with pups in mind such as treats which are safe for puppies, a puppy cracker and a little squeaky robin toy. With it being Rosie’s first Christmas, this is on the top of her wishlist to Santa paws.

Available from Four Legged Fancies for £23.00

What will you be getting your fur babies this Christmas?



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  1. I have to admit I’ve not even started to think about what to get the pooch for Christmas, she always gets something though so these are some awesome ideas I’ll have to perhaps get her one or two!

  2. What a great gift guide, mu husband thinks I am mad buying presents for our dogs but they love their presents as well. I have stopped buying squeaky toys for mine now though, as it is my dogs mission to keep on going until he has got the squeaky bit out, making a mess everywhere x

  3. Such great gift ideas! the pups can’t not receive something special on xmas day so these are some great options!

  4. I really like how you have made a dogs gift guide. They need presents too at christmas

  5. Awwww I LOVE the idea of mini mince pies! So adorable! I also love the Christmas themed collar, perfect for festive walks on Boxing Day!

  6. Such great gift suggestions! I love popping a present or two under the tree for our pets. 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness doggy mince pies look incredible. My boyfriend had cats and I’m definitely looking at trying to buy them some presents x

  8. These are very cute gifts for dogs. I have 2 cats and this year I was thinking of getting them new beds and their old ones are at the end of their lives.

  9. Oh I love this! We need a new bed for our dog this Christmas, I love how soft and big that one looks! Definitely checking it out!

  10. It only seems right to treat the pets in your life to a little gift at Christmas as well! There are some great suggestions here.

  11. These all look like amazing presents for dogs! My mums dog would suit the dog jumper

  12. what a lovely selection of gifts for your four legged friend x

  13. My dog loves Lilys kitchen, they do a christmas meal in a tin 🙂 My dog is having new blankets and a coat this year

  14. Ah I love these ideas 🙂 The doggy mince pies are just adorable!!

  15. Brilliant guide, we only got Merrie 4 weeks ago and she is already a huge part of the family, she seems particularly fond of toys at the moment, which is good as it means my ankles get a rest, so we will probably fill her stocking full of those and wrap up a huge bundle of puppy pads as she still has yet to get the hang of toileting!!

  16. These are great little gifts and I know my pup would be happy with any of them. I love the fair isle jumper the most

  17. Great guide, we’ve just got a new puppy so it’s our first Christmas with a dog so you’ve given me some great ideas!

  18. I don’t have a dog but these look like great gifts and I especially like the grey comfy dog bed it looks so comfy!

  19. Aww, Elsie would love everything in this gift guide! I’d like to get her a new bed soon, x

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