If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m quite the fan of LUSH. I’ve become even more of a fan since I met my best friend, Lily, who used to work for my local store. LUSH are known for their seasonal ranges and of course, my favourite one is the Christmas one. There’s so many new products out this year as well as some timeless classics and while there’s so many to choose from, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 LUSH Christmas products which I thoughtfully recommend.

The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar


top 5 LUSH Christmas products

Can we just discuss how gorgeous this bubble bar is?! If you’re a LUSH fan, you may be aware of the pink version of this, simply named Magic Wand which has a very sweet scent. This one, however, is the polar opposite. Its warm tones give you those cosy vibes and yes the that is a cinnamon stick the star is attached to! Stir this in your bath or under the tap to get lots of bubbles. I love that it’s reusable and you could get perhaps 3-4 baths out of it, depending on your preference of bubbles. As well as cinnamon leaf, this wand also has Fair Trade Organic clove which stimulates the skin and boosts circulation.

Available for £5.95

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

top 5 LUSH Christmas products

Now there are a lot of gorgeous LUSH bath bombs, especially in the Christmas range, but one I absolutely love is Shoot For The Stars. To start with, it turns the water into a midnight blue which reminds me of Christmas Eve and looking in the sky for any signs of Father Christmas as a little girl. The scent is just as divine. Infused with honey-scented sparkles of brazilian orange and bergamot, this is such a relaxing scent and is a real mood booster. The stars also work as bath melts which makes the water softer and moisturising.

Available for £4.50

Santa Baby Lip Tint

top 5 LUSH Christmas products

One of the most iconic makeup looks for the festive season is a classic red lip. It works with all skin tones, can be worn with loud makeup or just a classy look and I love it. While this Santa Baby lip tint looks just like a chapstick, it’s actually pretty pigmented and to me is an underdog in red lipsticks. It’s a cherry-red cocoa butter which has cinnamon and carrot oil to stimulate and nourish your lips making them oh so kissable for under the mistletoe.

Available for £6.50

Rose Jam Shower Gel

top 5 LUSH Christmas products

This is one product I wish LUSH brought out permanently. It’s not the most festive scent but it’s still gorgeous nonetheless. It’s no surprise that this contains Turkish Rose petals to make the oil alongside conditioning argan oil with a sweet vanilla pod infusion and fresh goji berry juice. It’s such a delight to wash in this and I also use it as a bubble bath.There’s also a bubbleroon and body spray in this scent so if you’re looking to properly pamper yourself before a night out, using all three as a combo will guarantee you to smell luxurious from miles away.

Available for £10.49

Christingle Body Conditioner

top 5 LUSH Christmas products

It can be difficult to want to leave your bed on a cold and frosty morning and you can feel pretty groggy, but if you lather on a bit of Christingle in the shower, it’ll be sure to wake you up. Its main ingredients are pepper and menthol crystal which makes it really tingly on your skin. A real wakener for sleepy heads!

Available from £9.95

Have you tried any of these products? What LUSH Christmas products are on your wishlist this year?


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  1. Whenever I think of Lush it’s bath bombs not makeup or even shower gel thanks for introducing me to these as I didn’t know they had such

  2. I love Lush Bath bombs!!! The shoot for the stars sound lovely but I also like the sound of the wand too

  3. I can’t use Lush products, but I have to say I am always jealous! Their products are always SO beautiful & unique. Love the look of ‘Shoot For The Stars’!

  4. wow what lush products. I love the magic wand, it would make an amazing stocking filler x

  5. I LOVE the bubble bars! We’ve had a few of them now and they last for ages! The kids love them too!

  6. Oh! I’m loving the Christmas Reusable bubble bar. I will get myself one.

  7. Great selection of the lush products. I like the reusable bubble bar!

  8. Oh girl as soon as I saw Lush in the title I got excited. I love the shoot for the stars bath bomb its one of my personal favourites! Oh and I believe you are a vegetarian and cruelty free like me too so you rock x

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