Welcome back to ‘Celebrity Bargain Buy’, where I’ll be sharing with you some fashion pieces worn by celebrities which are available for an affordable price. Today’s piece is Vanessa Hudgens’ metallic tank top that she wore on The Ellen Show.

Vanessa created a gorgeous ‘Golden Goddess’ look with this beautiful metallic sweater tank top in rose gold and teamed it up with a stunning bronzy-gold skirt and matching sandals.

Would you believe this beauty costs £33.79 from Macy’s? This is such a beautiful piece that can be worn universally. Dress it up like V did using a gorgeous skirt, or dress it casual with a pair of mom jeans or some shorts. It’s amazing what looks you can create with this piece.

What do you think of this tank top? How would you go about styling it?


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  1. Vanessa Hudgens always looks great! Love how simple yet pretty this top is!

    1. I’ve loved her since her High School Musical days and grew up with her in the spotlight, I’m loving her fashion sense and even though she’s not as famous as she once was, I adore seeing her blogging and the papped outfits she wears – Coachella is going to be excited to see what she wears 🙂

  2. I have one exactly like this tank top, wasnt aware it was a celebrity type by as i got it over 8 years ago 🙂

  3. Now that is such a lovely top, I love the detail, the shape and design x

  4. Gorgeous!!! She wears it so well and I think it looks perfect with the skirt.

  5. I love her whole outfit! She looks amazing. I couldn’t pull it off, but she definitely can!

  6. I love her whole outfit, the skirt is incredible and the top is a real bargain.

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