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Welcome back to ‘Celebrity Bargain Buy’, where I’ll be sharing with you some fashion pieces worn by celebrities which are available for an affordable price. Today’s piece is Zoella’s oversized printed shirt that she wore in a recent Instagram snap.


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We recently saw Zoella rock the dungarees, so it seems to definitely be a fashion trend the Queen of YouTube is loving this season. This time she’s teamed it with an oversized shirt with a quirky pattern to create quite a playful look which seems to be bringing a more bright and cheery look as we swing into Spring.

Despite being the most talked about internet persona in the UK, Zoella keeps it quite casual and still shops the high street prices, picking this beauty up from Zara for £29.99. It’s a great piece which can be styled in numerous outfits this season.


What are your thoughts about Zoella’s oversized printed shirt? How would you style it in an outfit?



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  1. I love that shirt, the print is so cool and super in trend too! Will have to check it out, haha xoxo

  2. That shirt is really nice! I’ve always been a fan of baggy and oversized clothes, for some reason… Must the rock/punk fan in me….

  3. I really do love the shirt and right now everyone seems to love oversized shirts x

  4. danasia fantastic

    What a fun, casual print! Zara always has such great deals.

  5. You have great style and that shirt is so fancy, I haven’t got into oversized shirts yet but this is a great reminder to make a purchase!

  6. I love the oversized shirts – covers up all those places on me that are bigger than they should be 🙂

  7. Absolutely loving this shirt! So fab!

  8. I always love Zoella’s style and this oversized printed shirt isn’t an exception. I tend to love anything that’s oversized!

  9. I absolutely love the pattern on this shirt! It’s so funky and different and I think it could be styled in so many ways. Great design!

  10. Ayy I saw this on her Twitter and I was like OMG I love goldfish I need this shirt! I’m such an oversized shirt kinda gal.

  11. Zara have been doing some great shirts lately, they did some lovely embroidered ones last season too. Love the print on this one.

  12. I really like that shirt – I like this that are a bit different/quirky x

  13. The shirt is so cute, I don’t think I am cool enough for it tho xo

  14. Love it! Zoella is always spot-on in terms of fashion. Wish i could always get it right haha x

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