It’s no secret that Primark have definitely gone up in people’s estimations over the past few years and now Disnerds are majorly impressed with everything Disney at Primark. After being blown away with the amount of amazing Disney products available there on my last visit, I thought I’d do a round up of some of the must haves.

Beauty and the Beast socks – £3.00

With the release of the live action remake, it’s no surprise that Disney at Primark have jumped on the Beauty and the Beast bandwagon. These were the first thing on display in the Cardiff Primark so they automatically fell straight into my basket. These socks are so cute and affordable, I couldn’t say no! Perfect for any fan of the animation or the remake.

Bambi cup – £5.00

This cup is so fricking adorable! I’m really into cute and quaint cups, so this would definitely earn a place in my cup cupboard. Bambi is such an adorable Disney character and there’s quite a lot of homeware with him and Thumper on, so Bambi fans need to get a move on to see all the Disney at Primark because a large section is full of these sweet woodland creatures.

Disney Princess Pyjama Top – £6.00


Show off your inner royalty with this Disney princess pyjama top. These are the perfect pair to pack for a Disney trip or any kind of sleepover event. You can pair these with a pair of joggers or get a matching pair of pyjama leggings for the full set.

The Little Mermaid Thermal Cup – £3.50


This cup is perfect for any gal or guy on the go. If you’ve got a meeting or have a long travel, this cup is perfect for keeping a hot beverage at a good temperature. Plus, Ariel is just a badass mermaid who I fricking love.

Chip Mug – £5.00


All Disnerds are going crazy for this adorably cute Chip cup. He looks exactly like the original in the animated film and is too amazing to leave on the shelf. But good luck getting one, they keep selling out like hot cakes!

Winnie the Pooh vest – £4.50

This Winnie the Pooh vest is ideal for loungewear. Perfect for any Pooh fan, it’s such a cute design and it’s definitely on my list of things I want from Primark.

Jungle Book pillow – £6.00

I’m such a pillow hoarder, it’s unreal. So any Disney pillow is a must-have for me. This is so cute and will go perfectly in a room with this colour scheme and for any Jungle Book fan.

Alice in Wonderland nightshirt – £5.00

Primark have some amazing nightwear and this Alice in Wonderland nightshirt is too pretty for words. For those wanderlust for wonderland, this is a definite nightshirt on the wishlist of many.

Minnie Mouse slip on shoes – £10.00

While Disney Vans are all the rage, the more affordable choice are these beautiful Minnie Mouse slip ons. These are ideal for being on your feet all day, so those going to a Disneyland park anytime soon may want to pack these in their suitcase.

Mickey and Minnie supersoft throw – £6.00

For any classic Disney fan, this supersoft throw is perfect to cuddle up in to keep cosy. It features a retro design of Mickey and Minnie, Disney’s most loved mice.

What finds have you found with Disney at Primark? Have you got your eye on any of the above?


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am in love with all of this!! Shared on my blog’s facebook page!!

  2. Loving the socks and the chip mug, they do some really fab items 🙂 x

  3. There are some gorgeous things here, I absolutely love the Bambi cup and the beauty and beast chipped mug! Gorgeous!

  4. Aww I love all of these! Primark really do have some awesome products sometimes! I love the PJs, I’d SO wear them!

  5. I didn’t know Primark did so much Disney stuff. The Bambi cup is adorable

  6. So many gorgeous Disney products available at Primark – my friend is nicknamed Bambi, so we always buy her little gifts from there xx

  7. These are THE CUTEST!! I’ve seriously got my eye on those Bambi tea cups , and I know my youngest would love the Ariel cup – we actually had Ariel turn up to her birthday party as a surprise last year. x

  8. Squee! I am in LOVE with the bambi cup and the bedding at the top of your post. I am such a huge Bambi lover. I totally need to buy that now!

  9. These are all soo cute, I especially love the chip cup. I wish we had a Primark close by x

  10. This is why I love Primark, although I never find any of this stuff when I go in there. I love that Bambi mug!

  11. Recently picked up the chip purse and jungle book bedding haven’t been lucky enough to find the mug yet though!

  12. Awesome Website. Very much enjoyed reading.

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