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Disney Store releases exclusive limited edition Beauty and the Beast characters

Friday 17th March is not only the release date of the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, but Disney Store will also be releasing some exclusive limited edition Beauty and the Beast characters.

In celebration of the film’s release, Disney will be putting some very limited edition Disney characters on sale on that day on their website.

This Belle live action doll is a global edition of 5,500 with only 1,400 available within Europe. The doll wears Belle’s signature yellow golden ballgown from the ballroom scene and really resembles actress Emma Watson. It will retail at £100.

The Belle and Prince live action 2 pack is a global edition of 500, with just 300 available in Europe. The outfits resemble a scene from the film and have some amazing details that are identical to the real deal. They will retail at £500.

As well as the dolls, Disney will be releasing a Limited Edition Lumière and Cogsworth. These would be a perfect addition to a household to bring the characters to the real world. There will be a total of 2,000 of each of them and only 200 available in Europe with Lumière priced at £120 and  Cogsworth at £150.

These pieces are perfect for collectors or big fans of the franchise. Make sure you have your card at the ready as these go on sale Tomorrow Disney Store with a very limited amount of each item. Head to for more info.

Which of these takes your eye? Will you be battling to get your hands on these limited edition Beauty and the Beast characters?

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  1. Wow love the Lumière and Cogsworth…amazing ) x

  2. I adore all your Disney posts they always make me smile. The Limited Edition Lumière and Cogsworth look incredible

  3. this is amazing! I love Disney and I can’t wait to see this movie

  4. Lumière and Cogsworth look amazing! I would love to have these in my living room! I am a massive Disney fan and have quite a few ornaments in my collection and am serisouly running out of room but you are never too old for Disney! I have tickets booked for tomorrow as it is being released on my birthday… super excited!

  5. I genuinely know absolutely nothing about Beauty and the Beast (never saw the animated version and will probably never see the live action version either) but I’m almost tempted into hunting down the Lumière and Cogsworth as they look so cool. I can’t even begin to imagine the scramble that’s going to happen at Disney stores when these go on sale.

  6. I love the Lumière and Cogsworth! They would be so cool in your home! Im not sure about the Belle Doll though, I don’t think it tends to work when they try to make dolls of characters or celebrities!

    Cannot wait for the movie though!!!

  7. These are truly beautiful, especially cogworrh and lumiere

  8. It is crazy how much the figurines resemble the actors/actresses that play them. Especially the second Emma watson doll, the dress is beautiful as well x

  9. My niece would just die for these, how beautiful is the Belle doll.

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