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Disney Nerd: 5 Pocahontas inspired gifts for the Disney lover in your life

If you have a real Disnerd in your life, you’ll know they have a passion for more than just one film – we consider them to all be iconic and just beautiful pieces of art. One film I think is so highly underrated is Pocahontas. I grew up watching that film every Sunday at my gran’s house and I felt quite devastated for the lack of Pocahontas dolls I could find. I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Amy from Scariels Grotto as part of her Pocahontas Week on her blog, so be sure to check out her post, too!

Pocahontas Watercolour Painting

I absolutely love this. It reminds me of my favourite song from the film, ‘Colours of the Wind’, and it’s has some gorgeous colours included. Perfect to hang up in a bedroom.

Available from Etsy for £18.42

Meeko Pop! Vinyl Figure

If you love collectables and figures, this Meeko Pop! Vinyl is so adorable. These figures are hugely popular right now and there are lots of different Disney characters to choose from. Meeko is one of my favourite Disney sidekicks so I’d love to get one of these.

Available from Pop in a Box for £9.99

Pocahontas Graphic Tee

I love graphic tees and they never seem to go out of style. This design captures my favourite scene from Pocahontas and it goes so well with denim jeans. It’s a great way of incorporating Disney with style and I’d definitely wear this in the Disney parks.

Available from EMP for £19.99

Pocahontas Figurine

This is such a beautiful figurine. I love the pose with Flit and this would go so great in the Disney cupboard my mother owns which is full of similar memorabilia.

Available from Internet Gift Store for £36.99

Pocahontas Cosmetic Bag

If you love cute storage for your make-up, then this bag is idea. You could use it for either your cosmetics or toiletries for when you travel – maybe for your next visit to a Disney park?

Available from Etsy for £10.99

I hope you like my Pocahontas picks – I think she’s a very underrated Disney princess and she’s definitely one of my favourites. Don’t forget to check out Amy’s post and everything on her blog from Pocahontas week – she’s definitely one of my most favourite Disney bloggers!


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  1. These are great! Pochahantas is so underrated!

  2. The painting is beautiful!
    If you love “Colors of the Wind” check out the Aulani CD “Mele from Auntiy’s Beach House” as it has an amazing version of the song to Hawaiian melodies.

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