For my regular readers, you’ll know my birthday has just passed and as a surprise, my best friend Lily treated me to what can only be described as the best birthday present – she took me to LUSH Spa Cardiff for a treatment!

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment

Lily is a former staff member of LUSH, so she is the expert in all things related to products and treatments (she’s like my personal assistant when it comes to going there or trying new products) so she hand picked a special treatment she knew I would fall in love with – what can I say? She knows me too well.

Hard Days Night is a treatment that originates from the Liverpool LUSH Spa which is inspired by the music of The Beatles and is a treatment designed to relax your mind and body through a combination of firm massage and gentle passive stretches. The reason behind Lily choosing this treatment for me, not only because it was one I had previously shown interest in when the Cardiff spa first opened, but my late father was a massive fan of The Beatles and though my love for them isn’t on his level, they are one connection I have to him and listen to their music often to feel close to him. Lily had kept this in mind and booked this treatment for a surprise for my birthday so I could feel a bit closer to him. She is also someone who like me believes in spirits and souls, with us both believing he would have been there at the treatment as if he were holding my hand. This was such a beautiful and personal touch, which made the entire experience so special and I did feel closer to my dad for the entire time.

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment

As we arrived at the Spa, we were greeted by the lovely Hannah who held a chalkboard with our names, the name of our treatment and the time of the appointment. She escorted us to the spa reception where she checked us in. As we waited for our spa therapists, Hannah gave us some lovely arm and hand massages and that alone was a delightfully comforting experience (which you can get for free in LUSH, just speak to a member of staff about the massage bars and more often than not, they’ll offer a demonstration – always say yes.) Our therapists, Charlotte and Megan, then came to collect us before whisking us away in a glass lift up to the spa upstairs, where we were led into the kitchen, which LUSH says they believe is the heart of the home. We were sat at the kitchen table to fill out forms for health and safety reasons while given a glass of mint water to sip on before a short consultation which tells the story of the treatment, the meaning behind it and the intentions.

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment
The kitchen was very homely and cosy

After the consultation, we were taken up to the treatment rooms where we took a deep breath before entering and being given a pair of pyjamas each – yes, pyjamas! – to put on which were heated with a hot water bottle. Once we had prepared ourselves by changing into the pjs and climbing under the sheets on the beds, we were then to ring a bell to signal for the therapists to enter the room and begin the treatment. The bell was such a nice touch as it meant that neither us or Charlotte and Megan had to wait for an unneeded amount of time or any awkward walking into the room as we changed. The pyjamas also gave a comfy, cosy and content vibe where body image was not an issue as there was no nudity and you were really in such a comfortable environment.

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment
Obligatory selfie in our matching PJs!

As we began our sensory journey, we were transported to the city of Liverpool through sounds and music provided on the soundtrack that accompanied our stress-releasing massage. The beauty of the Hard Days Night treatment is that it’s a full body experience, meaning you can expect a full body massage treatment which involves gentle, passive stretching and pressure point massage during the 75 minute session. The cleverly reworked Beatles songs played in the background during the dry massage where your limbs are gently stretched, bounced and manipulated in time to the music. I felt as though I was a rag doll with my limbs loosening and moved like cooked spaghetti.

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment

What’s beautiful in the treatment are the small little touches. The songs merge into one another with the help of soundbites from around Liverpool such as gentle sounds of rolling sea waves and seagulls crying- some sound effects even sounded as though they’d be appreciated by those who are into ASMR. I loved how during the hand massage, I Want To Hold Your Hand played. It was so well timed.

There was another great moment where ribbons tied to your ankles made you feel as though you were weightlessly floating through the air which was inspired by the Cirque du Soleil Love show, which also uses music by The Beatles. But my personal favourite was the neck massage – I always find it a great way to release tension in my body by rubbing the back of my neck, but for someone professional to do it? I was in heaven.

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment
The treatment room which is dimly lit during the process of the treatment

As the treatment came to an end, the therapists left the room where you were able to use this time to meditate and reflect on this wonderful experience before a cockerel and alarm clock ‘woke’ you up for you to get out of ‘bed’ at your own pace and dress once more before heading back down to the kitchen where tea and biscuits awaited along with a bath bomb for you to continue your treatment at home.

It says that the Hard Days Night treatment will leave you feel rested as if awaking from a good night’s sleep, which I do have to disagree on – I’ve never woken up feeling as good as I did post treatment, I could only wish for that to happen! As Lily turned to me to ask me what I thought of the treatment, I responded: “I feel like Pinocchio when he was turned into a real boy!” she laughed, but I was being serious – that was the only apt description for the experience and aftermath.

LUSH Spa's Hard Days Night Treatment
Who doesn’t love tea, biscuits and bath bombs?!

The overall treatment was a wonderfully relaxing and sensual experience which made me feel so refreshed – I wish I could have it every day! I’d highly recommend this treatment if you would like to indulge in some TLC and feel as fresh as a daisy.

The LUSH Spa Hard Day Night Treatment is available from £95.00 and can also be purchased as a couples treatment. (it can be for you and your loved one or you and a best mate, like Lily and I!) All Lush Spa treatments are suitable for or can be tailored to vegan clients.

Would you give this spa treatment a try? Have you ever experienced the beauty of the LUSH Spa?





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  1. Wow, I never knew this service was available at Lush. And I’ve discovered just in time for Christmas shopping! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have wanted to try a lush spa experience for so long and this post has definitely made me decide to go ahead and book in for one. I love the sound of the pj’s – a lovely touch for people suffering with anxiety. fantastic post!! xx

  3. There’s a good friend – I must admit I was really impressed by the new Lush Spa after a brief tour. Hope you had a great Birthday!

  4. Ooh! I am a huge Lush fan. My friend and I often spend two hours at a time in our local store. We would love this but don’t have a Lush Spa anywhere near us.

  5. This looks amazing I love Lush would love to try this experience

  6. Oh I had no idea that Lush had a spa! It sounds amazing and Lily sounds pretty awesome too x

  7. This sounds fantastic – it is so nice to have a different spin on treatments. I love the pjs and the whole homely decor too, it all looks and sounds fab 🙂

  8. Wow this looks like a fab experience! I think I may have to treat myself to this lol

  9. What!? I didn’t know Lush offered Spa Treatments! It sounds like it was really great, and I love your matching pjs!

  10. oh, my I may have to do this with my sister sounds amazing and who doesn’t love a good relaxing massage!
    I love the homely touches and the personalised chalkboard that was a lovely touch.

    and biccies n hot choc at the end what more could you want… of course bath bombs are a must x

  11. Woah, I’ve beard of the spa treatment packages they do but never thought they were that in depth! Sounds and looks like you had a lovely time 🙂 x

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