For anyone who knows me, they know how much of a huge Friends fan I am. Like I can watch it every day without a problem or getting bored. But as much as I love the storylines, the characters and the jokes, I really love the fashion. It makes me wish I was growing up in the 90s rather than just being a baby. There are some seriously iconic outfits worn by all of the characters. I’ve been thinking about how many outfits I love in the show and thought I’d show you 5 of the best outfits from Friends as worn by Monica, Rachel and Phoebe that need to make a comeback in 2018.


Best Outfits from Friends
Season 1, Episode 19: The One Where The Monkey Escapes

This is perhaps my ultimate favourite outfit and arguably one of the best outfits from Friends. Plaid skirts have often made a comeback but I think 2018 we need to bring them back. And the cropped turtleneck? Obsessed. Let’s not forget the knee-high socks because those were iconic.

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Best Outfits from Friends
Season 2, episode 12: The One After The Super Bowl

I noticed this trend a lot in season 1 and 2 worn by all girls but I think Phoebe wears it best here. I love the whole wearing a long sleeved top under a strappy dress and is a look that I am here for, especially since I dislike my arms quite a bit. I feel like this is a look that’s perfect for the colder weather but you’re still feeling ready for a dress and it’s so pretty. I love how Pheebs also added a statement pendant necklace, it’s a change from the typical choker 90s trend we see quite often these days.

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Best Outfits from Friends
Season 1, episode 3: The One With The Thumb

For some reason, skinny jeans are the trousers of my generation and as much as I love them, we need to give our legs a little air and flared trousers like these are perfect. I just love this outfit and while this could be recreated with any high-waisted printed flare trousers, I think this is exactly how I’d style it, too.

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Best Outfits From Friends
Season 1, episode 7: The One With The Blackout

First of all, bring back denim shirts. Why did denim go out of fashion besides in jeans?! But I love how Rachel’s black dress has been dressed down with the denim shirt. It looks so pretty and could be worn in so many situations. The idea of wearing a lbd or any kind of slightly fancy dress and bringing it to a casual look is something I’m all for.

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This is the kind of style I remember most from the 90s – bright sweatshirts and high waisted jeans! I love the look and since a lot of retro styles are coming back, I vote that we definitely bring this one back. It’s a completely thrown together look that looks effortlessly good.

 Which of these outfits would you bring to 2018? What are your favourite outfits from Friends?


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  1. I am grateful that I was reading your post with my older daughter. She loves all those outfits and told me the 90s will be her new way of dressing for this year. I will let you know if she does for real.

  2. I think I must be the only person who’s never really watched Friends. I’ve seen the same episode twice, if that counts. It was a Thanksgiving one and Chandler was in a box hahah

  3. I’m really sensitive to the cold so I wore a skinny long sleeve top under a maxi-dress, with a chunky pendant a lot in my early teens and then again in my late 20’s. I think the bright fitted jumper with high waisted jeans and trainers is such a comfy but cute look too.

  4. I love Friends! I’ve practically memorized the lines 🙂 I must admit I didn’t pay as much attention to the fashion though. Now I will when I watch re-runs (which I will).

  5. I definitely am going to try to recreate some of these! I’m a huge Friends fan too!

  6. I love that first outfit! It’s so cute, except I can’t wear turtleneck shirts because of a scar from surgery. And I do love that black dress with the denim jacket on it!

  7. Love all of these looks! Especially the first one.

  8. Wow!!!! I am so excited to see this post and the options. I am a big fan of Friends so I am going to try out some of these options especially checkered skirt and denim shirt. 🙂

  9. That’s an interesting list! I got to live the ’90’s as a teenager and no, I don’t think I’d be wearing any of those outfits now! I remember the one Rachel is using on the first photo was super popular back in the day, and I got several dresses like the one Phoebe is wearing, in different colours! Ha, fun times!

  10. I haven’t seen Friends in ages, but I love it so much! Rachel’s outfits are just perfect! x

  11. I love the 90s look. My favorite one is number 2

  12. I’ve always loved the first outfit with the sweater and the skirt, it’s so cute! I’ve actually seen a lot of these styles coming back in stores!

  13. This post is epic. I was a huge fan of Friends back when it was in real time and I was always jealous of their outfits. Loved how you broke it down so we can copy the look!

  14. Great article I love Friends! Super funny when you rewatch old episodes what they are wearing!

  15. Ooh I really like Monica’s red look. I can also appreciate that 90s fashion is coming back in style. Thanks so much for these finds

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