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If you consider yourself a Disney enthusiast, like myself, then you may have heard of the term Disneybound- but what exactly does it mean?

The definition is rather simple: Disneybounding is where fashion and Disney collide. Fans of Disney choose a character and base their outfit on them. The simplistic answer for wanting to dress up as a Disney character without having to go all fancy dress. After all, who can wear a Cinderella dress when going shopping or to work?

The idea has proven to be widely popular by regular park attendees the past couple of years and there are even events held dedicated to Disneybounding.

Disnerd Leslie Kay is the mastermind behind this genius idea. On her blog, disneybounding.tumblr.com, Leslie tells us that fashion has been her hobby since a young age and even designed outfits off characters from a her own closet. Her love for Disney and the passion for fashion goes hand in hand together and thus, Disneybounding was born.

While the Disneybound craze doesn’t seem to have hit the UK just yet (or Disneyland Paris), I’m sincerely hoping that this will change in the near future.

I love the idea so much that I’ve even created a few of my own pieces for Disneybounding- here are a couple below and how you can get the look from UK stores. Since the colder months are well and truly among us, I’ve based these outfits on Autumn/Winter so it’s perfect to wear right now.

Bambi Disneybound
Merida Disneybound
Marie Disneybound

These items are only guides and you don’t have to buy the exact ones for the look- they’re just ideas on what you can use to create the look. 
Make sure you check out Disneybound‘s Tumblr for more info. Have fun Disneybounding!
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