This week is National Stationery Week and today is World Stationery Day! Though I didn’t have the best school experience, I did really enjoy the school shop for supplies such as stationery because I could find the cutest and quirkiest pieces to make my time in education that bit more bearable. Whether you’re in an office, a student studying for exams or a blogger working from home, here’s the most aesthetically pleasing stationery to brighten up your work space.

Kate Spade New York Rose Gold Notebook

I feel like everyone has their “go-to” notebook and this would be mine. I love the rose gold and the positive quote “everything’s coming up roses”. It’s the perfect big notebook to plan your ideas, get creative, take meeting notes and just doodle. It’s so pretty and I’m all heart eyes just looking at it.

Available from John Lewis for £20.00

Cute Wing Feather Quill Pens

These cute and quirky pens are ideal for brightening up your work space. I think they’d be great for Harry Potter fans, too! It’s all the fun of a real quill, except less messy with the ink.

Available from Amazon for £2.10

Kikki.K Weekly Affirmation Cards

Sometimes we can doubt ourselves, our work and just find it difficult to be positive. I’ve witnessed this is a common struggle for content creators and bloggers, me included, so I think it’d be pretty nice to keep these cards in or on a desk for inspiration and empowerment.

Available from John Lewis for £7.50

Zoella Make Your Mark Pencils

These pencils are just so cute! I love the millennial pink and the fact they have little cute quotes on them such as “hugs and kisses”, “Yours Truly” and “Love From”. This is right up my aesthetic so I think these are perfect for brightening up the work area.

Available from Superdrug for £2.50

Stabilo Boss Original Pastel Assorted Colours Highlighters

I find that highlighters are super helpful for staying organised but I’m not keen on the neon colours, hence why I think these pastel highlighters are perfect. They’re cute colours and not too “in your face”. Whether you’re revising for an exam or just like to keep your work bright and co-ordinated, these are a definite must for the pencil case or drawer.

Available from Amazon for £5.65

Bloom Desktop Planner

It can be really helpful to be able to physically see your week laid out in front of you to keep on track and organised. This weekly planner is perfect for jotting down meetings, appointments and due dates as well as any big events going on over the upcoming 7 days. I love the Summery aesthetic of this, too, because I’m currently dreaming of warmer weather (even if the tabloids are talking about potential snow again. Sigh.)

Available from Accessorize for £4.20

Blueprint Strawberry Milk Pink Pencil Case

How adorable is this?! A great way to keep your stationery in order and also really freaking cute. I love stuff like this, it’s just too adorable for words. I think the Japanese “kawaii” aesthetic is getting very popular so I can see why others would want this, too.

Available from John Lewis for £8.00

Are you a stationery hoarder? What’s your favourite piece here? Do you own any aesthetically pleasing stationery?


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