Bath bombs have been a massive trend in the past five years and with all the different colours, scents and unique shapes, it’s no surprise why. While there’s lots of different stores and brands who make them, we all know that the mothership of bath bombs is by the amazing LUSH Cosmetics.

Bath bombs have often been a suggestion to people when it comes to the practise of self care, but recently I saw an article which discussed as to why bath bombs aren’t an act of self care. I didn’t take much notice until my latest trip to LUSH Cardiff where I learnt about something very interesting.

LUSH are known for their use of natural and organic ingredients and one in particular that is used is called Neroli. Neroli oil is an essential oil which is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, with a sweet, honeyed and metallic scent. Now, this may sound to you like just another natural ingredient but what the staff at LUSH taught me is that Neroli has the ability to lift your mood as, much like lavender can help you relax and feel sleepy, Neroli is therapeutic for anger issues, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, stress, irritability and hypersensitivity. People often refer to it as a natural antidepressant. Not only can it help steer these feelings away, but it can also replace them by invoking a feeling of joy and happiness as well as just uplifting your mood overall.

I’m not saying this will cure any mental illness and self care doesn’t end at a bit of luxurious pampering  but it can definitely be of use in helping you relax and in the practise of self care, running a lovely bath with any product that has Neroli is definitely a good suggestion.

The product isn’t just found in the bath bombs, either, but also lots of LUSH shampoos, perfumes, bath oils, moisturisers and face masks. So next time you’re on a bit of a bath and beauty haul, speak to a member of staff about the products containing Neroli and they’ll be more than happy to assist you. Treat yourself, it’s for a good cause!

Have you ever heard of Neroli before? What’s your favourite LUSH bath bomb?


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  1. I have yet to try one but very much want to! I have worried they would smell too strong or react to my skin but in general I think I just need go for it!

  2. I love a bath bomb! And nothing relaxes me quite like a long hot soak in the bath after a stressful day x

  3. This is so interesting to me, as though I wasn’t aware of the benefits of Neroli before reading this, but I have a soap that contains Neroli and using it always me calm and happy. I had thought it was just that I loved the smell but perhaps I am feeling these other benefits. I love Lush products, especially the bath bombs!

  4. This is a really interesting post! Unfortunately Lush products really burn my skin!

  5. This is interesting, I am a sucker for bath bomb and have tried to make some myself using scents to help with my anxiety.

  6. I have never tried a bath bomb, but my other half loves them!

  7. Having some me time relaxing in a hot tub with some love.y fragrant bath bombs is very theraupeutic.

  8. I agree with bath bombs being a great way of self care – nothing makes me feel better than a long soak with a bath bomb watching my favourite shows on Netflix!

  9. No, I’d never heard of Neroli before but its good to hear its a natural mood lifter. My girls love all the Lush bath bombs and are forever trying to get me to buy them more! Mich x

  10. I love bath bombs but I find I have to give them a miss these days as my skin is so sensitive.

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