Hello! Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m a little late on that front, but listen, I’ve been dealing with a lot and that’s why I wanted to catch up today after some time. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve gone through a lot health-wise. Christmas was pretty difficult for me and I was awake for a maximum of 5-6 hours. I was in constant pain, I felt weak and dizzy. It just really wasn’t nice. Not surprisingly, when my physical health isn’t in good shape, my mental health also deteriorates. Fast forward multiple doctors appointments, tests and countless needles in my arm, I’m slowly but surely building back up. I found out that lots of my test results came back “low”; low iron, low folic, low vitamin D, low B12, the list goes on. For the majority of January, I was in the nurse’s office every other day to get B12 injections which were not fun at all, particularly the side effects. But now I’m starting to feel better, I’m back and ready to blog! With everything that’s been going on, I’ve decided to make some healthy life changes this year to make sure I come back better than ever and what better way to hold myself to them than by sharing them in a blog post where I have witnesses?

Upping My Exercise

I started going on the exercise bike a lot last year up until I was diagnosed with anaemia, where at that point I was feeling pretty weak a lot. I miss fun exercising (emphasis on the word fun, because heaven knows jogging or weight lifting is just not my cup of tea or anywhere near what I find fun) and it’s while I’m working on getting better, I need to do exercise at home so I can stop as and when I need to. This is why I bought a refurbished Wii and Wii Fit (my old one has packed in, sadly) so I can get involved with some entertaining activities to be able to keep going but knowing I can stop when it gets too much. I feel like the more entertained I am, the more likely I am to keep going. Plus with everyone chasing after the Nintendo Switch, Wii’s are considerably affordable right now and games are going for pennies. I may join in on the Switch hype for Christmas but for now, I’m happy getting back into the games I played as a teen and it also calls for great family fun nights – laughing until we can’t breathe at each other’s characters getting knocked off the obstacle course by a huge wrecking balls ups our mood and helps burn more calories!

Knuckling Down With Slimming World

I’ve been doing Slimming World for almost a year now (which I realised I’ve forgotten to mention in previous blog posts – whoops!) and so far I’ve lost around 3 stone! But when I became particularly ill the end of last year, I sort of lost track. A new year meant a new start and I’m sticking to it all guns blazing and doing quite well! I’m determined to keep at it this year. For me, despite wanting to lose weight for how I look, losing weight will help a significant amount with things such as my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I love Slimming World because there’s pretty much a healthy version of any food ever and you never go hungry. I’m really hoping to see great results in 2019. I think another great motive for me to try new foods would be by sharing recipes on the blog! So look out for that this year…

Going out more

As I regain more strength, I want to go out more. It wouldn’t be any surprise to me that my lack of  Vitamin D comes from being indoors a lot. This is caused by both a mix of feeling fatigue and also my depression, but hopefully, even just by going out for small walks (I recently downloaded Pokemon Go with my cousin which is a great incentive to get out and about) and going shopping in person more than sticking to just online, I’ll start feeling the benefits.

Participating in CBT

For the longest time, I’ve had problems dealing with processing emotions, understanding what I’m feeling, etc. I think a lot of it may have to do with the trauma I’ve faced and the fact I have PTSD. CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy) is a type of psychotherapy which teaches how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours influence each other. I’ve just started this and I’ve already started to identify when I’m starting to feel a certain emotions and working on how to handle them. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference at the end of the course and hopefully be able to understand more about what triggers certain emotions and how to deal with them. Hopefully once I’ve done this, I can start trying to apply for grievance counselling. It’s coming up to four years since my dad passed away and I think seeking counselling to help me move on is probably what’s going to be the best for me to be able to continue my life the best way possible without being stuck in the grievance stage.

So those are just some small but important changes I’m making in my life. I hope maybe sharing this will not only give me the incentive to stick at it all, but perhaps inspire anyone who may be looking for help in similar areas. What changes have you made recently to improve your life?




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