Christmas is about giving and it’s important to remember not just your friends and family, but those in need, too.

Normally at Christmas, I would do a hamper either for my uncle who live alone or my dad or even my step brother when he was at uni, but with circumstances changing, this year we have decided to create a hamper for someone in need. These could be for absolutely anyone you feel would benefit, but this year we will be giving it to the local food bank for those who need it.


While it looks extravagant, this cost us so little as we would put one or two items at a time in with our shopping and didn’t really affect the costs at all. It doesn’t have to be branded – it could be the store’s own (ie: ASDA Smart Price), anything really is beneficial.

Of course, Christmas is very close to us now, but if you could pick up even five pounds worth on your Christmas shop. Perhaps in the new year, you could make it a resolution to buy one or two tinned items or food that isn’t dated to save and then make a hamper for someone. An elderly neighbour, someone who isn’t as fortunate financially or unable to get to the shops. If you donate to your local food bank, they usually have a list of what they typically run out of most. Any donation is hugely appreciated and the warmth you feel for helping someone is truly a special Christmas gift alone.


You don’t need to have this kind of packaging but they are always available from ‘The Works’ or a Pound shop or even a charity shop. You could recycle by keeping ones from any gift sets you may receive to reuse.


Our local foodbank is run by Trussell Trust. For more info and to find your local, click here.

Another idea is to create a toiletry hamper. If you are donating to your local Women’s shelter, I know the LUSH store in Cardiff often donate freebies to give to them, but any items that are cheap enough to throw in your regular shop is perfectly fine.

And while you pick up bits and pieces for people, don’t forget the animals in need and pick up some cheap tinned food or treats to donate to your local pet food bank. Ours is in our local Co-Op, so check your local supermarket.

Still feeling generous? Check out these charitable gifts which keep on giving this Christmas!

Have you ever made a helpful hamper? What would you recommend putting in one? Comment below and make sure to include any charities you know who run food banks or similar projects and let’s give this Christmas.




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