Today I’ve been bed bound thanks to a little something known as PCOS. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, it can cause a lot of pain, so I’ve spent most of today in bed, trying to relax and also did a bit of online window shopping (is that what it’s called?). I fell down a hole of looking at ASOS and fell in love with pretty much everything on the site.While there’s so many amazing clothing pieces on there, I was drawn to the novelty, homeware and books section, so I’ve decided to create a wishlist to share with you the exciting things I’ve found. Also, on a completely unrelated note, my birthday is in five months time and it never hurts to be organised. Here’s my ASOS Homeware Wishlist…

Disney Tinkerbell Mug

I’ve been wanting this mug for such a long time now and I’m quite surprised yet delighted it’s still on ASOS. Regular readers will know fully well about my love of Disney and Peter Pan is one of my all time favourites. I’ve been saving quite a lot lately and sparing no little purchase, so maybe I’ll pick this beaut up soon.

Available for £9.99

Surprise Yourself – An Interactive Journal by Lisa Currie

Word of warning; there’s a fair few books on my wishlist. I love the kind of books which are books… but not your typical book. I can’t think what category or genre they’d be under, but I call them “quirky books”. I love those kinds, because they’re not much of a commitment to read and are always pretty interesting. This one is a creative journal, which is right up my street. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved books you can fill in and unleash creativity on. I saw this book in Urban Outfitters a while ago and wanted to pick it up then, but I already had too many other quirky books in my basket.

Available for £11.99

Typo Light Blue Reverb Headphones

My headphones have gone missing a lot (spoiler: my stepdad keeps nicking them) and so I thought it was about time I get some new ones. I currently only use my Apple earphones which don’t fit my laptop (because some genius at Apple thought of a GREAT – read: terrible – idea of getting rid of the headphone jack and making us use the charger hole for earphones, meaning we can only buy Apple earphones and not cute and affordable ones) meaning I currently don’t have any good headphones for my laptop. I like to have big ones for editing videos and binge watching on Netflix, so I thought these looked cute and seem pretty comfortable.

Available for £20.00

Kate Spade Travel Journal

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got the Wanderlust bug, and my recent trip to Los Angeles has made me want to travel even more! I have some potential trips in the process of planning and a journal like this would be perfect. It has a pocket, so I’d also put some things I picked up from LA in there – such as park tickets, receipts, etc.- because I need to find somewhere to put them that isn’t cluttering up my room. This looks like a great journal which is pretty travel friendly and not needing as much commitment as a scrapbook.

Available for £18.00

Floral Print Large Water Bottle

I’m currently making walking a regular exercise for me and joining the family on mountain walks with the dogs. I’m really enjoying it but I’m always thirsty like halfway through the walk, so I really should get a water bottle to take with me. This one’s really pretty, especially for the Spring/Summer season.

Available for £6.99


Travel Hacks By Dan Marshall

Like I’ve said, I’m feeling pretty wanderlust and think this book would come in handy. It’s a fully illustrated manual with 120 useful travel hacks, covering everything from packing to mosquitos and a lot more. Seems like a great book to have in your travel bag and doesn’t look too bulky, either.

Available for £9.99

Prynt Smartphone Printer in Lavender

I take a lot of photos on my phone and think this would be the perfect tool to print them out. I have a lot of photos from family trips which I’d love to print out and put in an album for my Gran and mother because they aren’t online so they stick to the more traditional photo keeping of physical copies. It’s a bit pricey but I may try and get it for my birthday or Christmas because I love giving photos in frames as gifts and want to start pegging photos around my room on a string for a more personal touch.

Available for £149.00

Buddha Bowls Recipe Book by Hannah Pemberton

I’ve been seeing a lot of Buddha Bowls on blogs and Instagram alike and I’m really intrigued. I want to try making some because not only do they look and sound good, they seem to be really healthy and good for you, which I’m not going to say no to. I think this’ll be a great addition to the recipe books we have in the house.

Available for £9.99

Plus+ Style Inspiration by Nicolette Mason

As a plus size gal with not an ounce of confidence in my body, I’ve been trying pretty hard since hitting adulthood to try and find the best clothing to show off my good points rather than cover up and wish I was invisible. It’s a hard process but a book like this may very well inspire and encourage me to embrace my body and dress for myself, not be invisible.

Available for £14.99

Mini Drone with Camera

I thought this would be an idea to be able to buy one of these and film our mountain walks with the dogs. They’re always running around and having so much fun and it’d be great to get the serene views of the different treks we go on. It’d be great for vlogs as well as the dogs’ Instagram.

Available for £50.00

Typo Marvel Travel Neck Pillow With Hood

The family has just invested in a new van and plan to travel around over the summer and I thought this would be perfect for comfort and travel naps. I also love the marble design and the pillow as a whole looks pretty comfortable. Also really useful if it’s hot in the van but I want to block out some of the light from the windows.

Available for £20.00

This Book Will Make You Feel Less Shit by Summersdale Publishers

Sometimes I can get really bad mood swings thanks to my bipolar. Sometimes nothing works for lifting my mood and I have to ride through it, but other times a distraction can work. This book sounds as though it could be one of those distractions I may find useful at some point so I’d love to have it on my bookshelf or next to my bed so I can just close the door, play some music and read this.

Available for £6.99

Do you own any of these items? What would be on your ASOS wishlist? I’ll be honest – almost all of the books are on my wishlist!


*I hope you like my wishlist and find some things to add to your own! This post may contain some affiliate links but is not a sponsored post from ASOS. Thank you for supporting All That Jazmin. 


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