January is often seen as a fresh start for new chapters and new beginnings. While some people often thrive, others may need a little helping hand to boost the positivity, motivation and inspiration. I often look for quotes to inspire me and have decided to make 10 printables of some amazing quotes that you can use to boost your empowerment for the year ahead.












I hope you find some use and inspiration for 2017. What are your favourite quotes to inspire you?

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  1. These quotes are really inspirational. I think its great to have a few quotes to think of

  2. These are fantastic, I may have to print some out to add to my bullet journal. I find quotes so inspiring! Thank you 🙂

  3. So many good quotes and you can always count on Walt Disney for some classic ones x

  4. I love all these – quotes really help me at tough times. Kaz x

  5. Awh these are lovely, some very inspirational quotes. Love the colouts xo

  6. Fantastic quotes! And I do love quote printables, so thank you!

  7. These are some awesome and fantastic motivational quotes loved them all

  8. These are excellent quotes and the one that resonates to me the most is the quote about success and significance from Oprah Winfrey. Because I’ve heard about this many times today from different sources. 🙂 If we are aiming for significance it is of higher plane than success. For before you will be significant you must first be successful. Ad so I agree aim for significance but be mindful that you should be successful first so you can add value and help others. Success to Significance…

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