Last month was quite quiet for me, so I decided not do a monthly favourites. However, I’m back and have quite a bit to share with you for my March monthly favourites.

Divide (Deluxe Edition) – Ed Sheeran

Ed’s big return after his year-long hiatus (which was a good idea for the hectic year of 2016) was highly anticipated by millions and he did not disappoint. In just one week alone, the album received close to 9 million streams, which is highly impressive. Sheeran also managed to get 20 of his tracks in the UK Top 40, which is an incredible record. The album has an eclectic sound, with Irish folk to songs evoking golden-age pop, from jittery guitars to a wispy ballad, there was something for everyone on Ed’s third album. Divide definitely exceeded my expectations and I have found myself playing it multiple times since the release beginning of this month. My favourite songs include Nancy Mulligan – an Irish folk-y song, dedicated to the love story of his grandparents, Barcelona – a song that makes my wanderlust soar and Bibia Be Ye Ye – which which literally translates to “Everything will be alright”.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and in most stores

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway


I’ve never truly seen an appeal to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, probably because of my lack of interest in the Kardashian-Jenner family, but when Barry M released these limited edition lip kits at such an affordable price, I knew I had to get one. I’ve been a fan of Barry M since I first experimented with make-up when I was around the age of 11 and the quality of their products is amazing for the price range. I stood in the Superdrug store, unsure of which shade to get. After a long decision and swiping the testers on the back of my hand, my mother and I decided that the shade Runway was best suited for me. Matte lip products can be a real hit or miss and I cannot stand something that is so drying, but these lip products were of a great quality and actually hydrating for a matte, which was hugely satisfying for me. The staying power is pretty strong, only needing to top up after eating a meal, so this is great if you want to wear for a few hours and not an issue to reapply on the go.

Available from Superdrug for £6.99

Rimmel London In The Brow

Having naturally thick eyebrows, I’ve never really needed to do much with them other than occasionally shape them, but when filling eyebrows became the beauty trend amongst my friends, I decided to give it a go. I picked up the Rimmel London In The Brow after seeing Cara Delevingne being the spokesperson for the product. Her eyebrows are the envy of the world, so it must be good, right? I managed to find a shade which was pretty close to my natural brow colour, which was lucky as I know a few people who have to colour them darker as it’s the only option they have. The product sits well and does what it says on the package. My only issue is the applicator is a tad flimsy, so you either need to be very careful and delicate applying the product, or find a brush that fits the tube and use your own.

Available from Superdrug for £5.99

Catfish – Season 6

Regular readers of mine will be aware of my love for this show, it’s one of my favourites. This month, Catfish made a return for its sixth season and despite only being a few episodes in, it’s already getting good. Social media detectives, Nev and Max, discover new weird, wonderful and sometimes twisted stories about how the hopefuls have met the supposed romantic lovers online with some crazy excuses as to why they have never met face to face. I’m really enjoying each story as we unravel the tangled tales that come straight from the Catfish’s mouth and debunking the lies from the truth. It’s so thrilling and gets my heart racing everytime we get closer to the reveal of the true identity of the too-good-to-be-true online personas.

Catch Catfish: The TV Show every Wednesday on MTV

Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover

For my Gran’s 80th birthday, Nivea and I worked together to give her a surprise. For pretty much all her live, she has been loyal to Nivea using just their blue tin for her skin and she does not look even close to 80. The only make-up she wears is lipstick and Nivea loved this so much that they sent her a gift bag for the big birthday. Since she doesn’t wear make-up, she gave this product to me. I’ve been debating on trying it for some time, but of course I was definitely going to use it when given to me for free. Eye make-up is always a pain in my backside to remove. I always think I’ve done a good job, but the following morning proves otherwise as I am greeted to panda eyes. Ugh. However, I used this and hurried to the mirror the following morning to see no panda eyes at all. I was blown away! It doesn’t take much effort to remove, either. More so depending on how heavy your eye make-up is and how big your cotton pads are. I have never had a remover so effective as this, so this is something I’m 100% going to be buying again.

Available from Boots for £3.89

Beauty and the Beast

Having been a Disney fan practically since birth, a new Disney film is a big thing to me. Being a live action remake of one of Disney’s classics was a nail biting time in the cinema as to whether or not that it would do the animated version justice. I’m pleased to report that the film was outstanding; the music was magical, the CGI was outstanding and the actors did an excellent job of taking on the roles of Belle, Beast and the gang. It had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and sent shivers down my spine. You can read my review here.

Beauty and the Beast is in cinemas now

Break My Heart – Hey Violet

I’ve been a fan of Hey Violet ever since they were signed back in 2015. Their latest single, Break My Heart, is a perfect example of how their sound has matured since the band first hit the scene with 5 Seconds of Summer’s label, Hi or Hey Records, just over two years ago. In the time they’ve spent signed with the label, they have done a lot of experimenting in their sound and have found themselves fitting snuggly into the alt-pop category. There’s quite a pop-rock feeling to the song before the hook drops with electro-pop vibes. Add a touch of angsty lyrics and this is the perfect Hey Violet song. There’s definitely room for this kind of music on the scene and I’m so excited about the fact they will be dropping an album in the near future.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Google Play

What were you loving in March? Are any of your favourites mentioned here?


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  1. Beauty and the Beast was SO GOOD! I went to see it the day it came out and I loved it.

  2. I really hated the new Ed Sheeran I’m not going to lie, but Beauty & The Beast was amaaaaaaazing!

  3. I’m a big fan of the Nivea eye makeup remover too. So gentle on the eyes. x

  4. You lucky thing you went to see Beauty and the Beast I really want to see it. Glad it was good!

  5. I love the Nivea eye makeup remover, it’s really good at getting even the most stubborn of eye make up off! x

  6. Those Barry M lip sets look great. I must be the only person who thinks Ed Sheeran is a bit over rated.

  7. I have far too many words about the new beauty & the beast but I seem to be the exception to the rule (bar a few of my family). I really don’t think Emma Watson did it justice at all. She was too ‘cocky’ the character was supposed to be a book worm, brave but still shy inside. Emma seemed to just read lines from a script. Ah – wasn’t happy with her acting at all. Sorry, rant over XD

    – Great choices from you for this month though, I use nivea too. It’s a great price compared to other removers.

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