Only one more Monthly Favourites of 2017 to go and the year will be done with. How crazy is that? You may notice that I’m posting this month’s a little earlier than usual, but that’s because Blogmas is on the horizon and there will be so many festive posts, so now is the best time to share with you my November favourites.

Tanya Burr Sweet Lip Creams Duo

This is a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift but I really wanted to get this lip duo for the festive season to wear out and about because after seeing Tanya herself wearing them, I knew I just had to get them. There are two gorgeous dark lip colours in this package – a berry tone in the shade Blackberry Fudge and a pinky-red tone in the shade Santa’s Little Helper. I think the shades are absolutely perfect for this time of year and look so gorgeous. I love the formula and as I’ve previously said about the Tanya Burr Cosmetic matte lip products, they come off looking very matte but don’t feel drying at all. The staying power is also pretty impressive. I can eat food (not too sloppy, though) and it stays in tact, but taking it off isn’t too difficult, either. I just use a makeup wipe and it comes off with great ease. I think these are two amazing little lippies and recommend you either get them for someone this Christmas or treat yourself, because they’re so good and I’m pretty sad that they’re limited edition. Stock up while you can!

Available from Superdrug for £7.00

LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel

Oh. My God. I’ve been trying to get this since last Christmas but it was constantly sold out! I have been waiting in agony for a full year wanting this shower gel and I finally have it. My first description of the scent is heaven. But I don’t know what that officially smells like for you to get an idea, so what I can say is it smells like roses and jelly in my opinion. It’s such a gorgeous shower gel to use but also doubles really well as bubble bath. The Turkish Rose and Argan oil are really moisturising and leaves a gentle lingering floral fragrance behind. It’s not a typical Christmas scent but it’s still beautiful and so much so, I’m hoping to get the gift set for Christmas.

Available from LUSH for £10.95

Young Sheldon

As a fan of The Big Bang Theory, I was really excited to hear about Young Sheldon. The show is a spin-off pre-qual following the childhood of the unusual yet somehow loveable Sheldon Cooper, and showing us how he has become the distinct and iconic character he is today. While there’s only been a few episodes out so far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and getting to understand Sheldon’s background and upbringing. It’s funny, heartwarming and gives us a better understanding towards Cooper’s specific quirks.

Colours By The Ordinary Foundation


This is something I’ve been wanting all year. It’s been classed as a high end foundation on a high street price and there was a waiting list of 250,000. I waited until the hype calmed down a little bit before buying it because I didn’t want to be on such a long waiting list. I get it. I get the hype. I purchased the high coverage version of the two foundations and it applies like a dream. It looks so flawless and healthy and I just love it. I was a bit surprised by how small the bottle was but for the price and the quality, you can’t really complain. It’s also vegan and cruelty free! As well as the high coverage, it comes in a serum foundation, both which are available in 21 shades, which has a lot of variety for all skintones.

Available from The Ordinary for £5.90

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I love the Animal Crossing gaming franchise. It’s a great little lifestyle game where there’s no winning or losing, just building your own world and loving it. There’s been rumours for a mobile game for about a year now and about a month ago, Pocket Camp was announced. I’ve been playing it for a good week and it’s been great fun. You are the owner of your own campsite which you get to build and maintain for all your animal campers. There’s lots to do between designing the camp, your own camper van which you live in and completing requests by your campers. The game doesn’t have as much freedom as you would have in a console game but that’s expected when it’s just a mobile game. You also get to add your friends online, visit their campsites and even get to sell each other things on the market.

I find this such a fun version of the game for mobiles and while it’s no comparison to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s still enjoyable and perhaps a little addictive.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available to download now


Zoella Snow’ella Body Mist

Zoella’s released what seems to be her biggest Christmas range ever and this year’s theme is Snow’ella! I love Zoe’s fragrances the most out of her ranges and when I spritzed this in Superdrug I knew I had to get it. I feel as though a lot of the scents worn around this time of year are quite heavy so I thought this was a nice change because it’s light and airy. It’s pretty refreshing with notes of Peony, Mint and Pink Pepper which is such a gorgeous and fresh scent which is quite the contrast from last year’s gingerbread scent but still equally as stunning. This would be great to wear as a day scent to work or just out and about.

Available from Superdrug for £10.00

What have you been loving this month?


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  1. A great list, I must try the rose jam shower gel! Ive been loving bath bombs this month and have treated myself to a few baths which has been lovely as I don’t often allow myself the time. I downloaded the animal crossing app last week when I saw it mentioned on twitter – I used to love playing it on the DS about 10 years ago, I haven’t let myself open it yet as I’m worried it will zap too much of my time!

  2. I am just finishing off some big bang theory episodes then I’m going to watch Young Sheldon as it looks so funny x

  3. I am very intrigued by the rose jam shower gel! It sounds good enough to eat.

  4. anything with Lush in gets a thumbs up from me – one of my favourites. Lovely choices 🙂

  5. I love a trip to Lush; haven’t been for ages. I’m going to have to plan a trip soon, get supplies for my daughter’s Christmas box. Rose jam just sounds fabulous.

  6. I have not heard of these brands, I always discover new ones in the USA, UK or Spain. Austria needs to catch up. I like that coverage foundation a lot.

  7. Ok, the Rose jam needs to go on my wish list, RIGHT NOW! And I keep hearing about the animal crossing pocket edition – I might have to look into that one!

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