Earlier this week I was lucky enough to see Olly Murs in concert (again) and it was such a great time, but there was something I noticed… there were some kids at the concert.

Now, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy themselves, but here’s where I began to get concerned. I counted around 20 children at this event. It was a General Admission, which means that it’s all standing. It’s a very crowded environment with loud music and a lot of intoxicated people. Olly, in particular, is an artist who caters to a full age range of teens, right up to middle aged mums, which is great to have such a broad fan  base, but this means concerts aren’t exactly child-friendly. Olly has a large female fanbase who, like him, are quite cheeky and flirtatious, which there’s nothing wrong with. But between innuendos, some risque moves and lyrics… is this really the place for children? I’m talking as young as six years old and at least half of them ended up in tears or with a sour face.

Photo Credit: Sophie Freestone

Let’s take a moment to remember that doors open for shows around 6pm, with the supporting act not starting until at least an hour later. Then there’s intervals and whatnot before the main act even considers gracing the stage for the first time. The average show ends around 10-10:30pm. Bare in mind that this concert was on Monday, which is a school night. But even if it were a weekend show, for kids under a certain age, this is quite a tiring event to attend, especially in such an environment where it’s not exactly family friendly.

In all fairness, the kids I saw weren’t throwing strops or being ungrateful, but you could see the tiredness and how this wouldn’t be their first choice of place to be. A lot of them couldn’t even see Olly, because being on shoulders was forbidden due to restriction of other people’s views.

I think some concerts really do need more of an age restrictions. Just because their songs may not be explicit, doesn’t mean the artist won’t get a bit cheeky on stage (something which Olly in particular is highly known for). It was also pretty concerning to see a lot of parents who were also tipsy, to say the least, and not really caring for the needs of the children. I’m not saying all parents were like that or are like that, but the fact there were multiple that were donning this kind of attitude of concert first, then child, is abysmal.

Music events can be amazing for all the family, if it’s the right one. I know there are lots of family-friendly festivals and variety concerts where they are in the daytime and have different acts as well as lots of intervals. There’s even kids concerts for artists that the kids may even enjoy, from Cbeebies to The Wiggles and probably more that I’m not aware of.

I felt horrible for the kids who weren’t having a good time at the show and I know this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time. Personally, I’d want to take any kids in my family to an event where I know I can see to their needs and I certainly wouldn’t neglect them.

What do you think about kids at concerts? Would you take yours to the likes of Olly Murs?


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