Well look at that. We’re in November. This year has gone way too fast for my liking. Like wasn’t it Christmas a week ago? Anyway, nothing we can do about that, so here’s what I enjoyed in October. I’ll warn you- it’s a lot more than usual.

Love, Rosie – as you know, beginning of last month I went to the world premiere of Love, Rosie. I also wrote a review of the film and I honestly cannot wait for it come out on DVD. It’s currently in cinemas so you should definitely try and see it- I want to go again but being a student limits my spending and after my recent holiday, I am in red alert.  But the film is basically the best rom com I have seen in so long and I loved everything about it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqSE6Kzuht0]

Polagram- This is an app which you can turn your photos into Polaroids and other formats of photos and have them sent to your door. It’s reasonably cheap and when I saw everyone posting about it on Facebook, I was really interested and so I checked the app out and ordered 2 standard polaroids and I really liked the quality. You can also make phone cases, order a box set of polaroids or even get photobooks made. If you decide to try this app out, then use my code PGV0UT7H for your first 2 credits meaning you’ll get money off your purchase. You will also have your own personal code which if you share to people and they use it, you’ll get more credits. Using other peoples codes and getting them to use yours gives both you and them 2 credit for each code used, so get your friends and family on the app, too!


Good Girls – 5 Seconds of Summer music video- one of my favourite bands, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) released the music video for their latest single, Good Girls, last month and I am just so in love. It sums up the typical 5SOS way of life and it’s bad ass. Also-fangirl mode- can we please talk about Michael Clifford in a sleeveless shirt?! Holy moly. What? Drool on my mouth? Pfft, no. *wipes bottom lip*

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FfG_5JBVBQ]

Duolingo- During the run up for my recent trip to Paris, I got in the mood to learn another language. I was quite good in French back in school and I just felt the need to take it up again because I do make trips to the country quite a lot. I discovered this app on iTunes and you can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Irish, Danish, Italian, and English for free. I find it really fun and you can set a timer to accommodate how much you would like to learn a day. You can learn in little spurts and it isn’t a nagging app which keeps notifying you if you’ve not participated in a while. I personally think it’s perfect for beginner learners. It’s also available on Android and is free.


One Direction – Steal My Girl Music Video – Gasp! Another music video! Double gasp! Another One Direction feature! Those pesky 1D bosy have been giving me feels again with their brand new video for their single Steal My Girl and I am in love. It’s so weird and wonderful and Danny Devito stars in it, which makes it even better. There’s been some quirky One Direction music videos but this one definitely trumps them all on the weird factor. And I bloody love it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpsKGvPjAgw]

Bateaux Parisiens River Seine Cruise – During my trip to Disneyland Paris (which I will discuss in another blog post).I also had the opportunity to spend the day in the beautiful city of Paris. My family and I decided to take an excursion cruise on the River Seine and I have to say, it was magnificent. It was only 13 Euros for the hour excursion and we saw such fantastic sites of the famous landmarks- from the Padlock Bridge to a view of Notre Dame which can’t be viewed by tour bus as they are not permitted on the island its located on. It was absolutely amazing and such a relaxing trip and for the price, it’s something you need to make sure is on your to-do list whenever you go to Paris. For more information on the Bataeux Prarisiens cruises, click here.

Notre Dame 1

Notre Dame 2

Padlock Bridge

  Eiffel Tower

Some of the views from the cruise

My Study Life- This is a website-app duo which sync with each other and is perfect for university students. Keep your lectures, classes, assignments and everything academic organised with this free app. You can add  rotation schedules, tasks on a to-do list, set reminders and so much more. It’s literally been my best friend for uni and LSJ and I highly recommend it. You can access your account on the website and it’ll still sync to your app.


Et voila! My monthly favourites from October. It’s only day 3 of October and I believe I may have found one or two things that may very well end up on the next monthly favourites. We’ll see.

Talk soon,

Jazz x


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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