I can’t sleep and I’m bored, so I’ve decided to do one of those fun blog survey thingies as a “get to know me” post. I tag you all who read this to answer the same questions as me and comment the link to your answers below 🙂

Name Your Favorite…

  1. Place – I can’t pick just one! For now I’ll say Disney
  2. Person- my mother
  3. Color- Purple
  4. Food- Pasta
  5. Smell- Cinnamon and Apple candle
  6. Book- fictional- Pushing the Limits by Katy McGarry and I can’t pick a non fiction as there’s too many.
  7. Movie- 101 Dalmatians
  8. Music artist- One Direction OR 5 Seconds of Summer OR Olly Murs
  9. Genre of music- Pop punk
  10. Genre of literature- Non-fiction or YA
  11. Magazine- Teen Now
  12. Texture- My bed sheets when they’ve just come out of the drier
  13. Time of day- any that isn’t morning
  14. Day of the week- Friday
  15. Tumblr- simpledisneythings.tumblr.com
  16. Thing to do when bored- INTERNET
  17. Celebrity- See 8.
  18. Class in school- Drama when I went but now I’m in uni and currently only studying one module.
  19. Website other than Tumblr- Twitter
  20. Drink- ASDA Cherryade and yes it must be that brand
  21. Precious stone- topaz
  22. Animal- dog
  23. Flower- rose
  24. Time in history- 80s
  25. Font- Tahoma or Waltograph
  26. Video game- Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  27. TV show- The Big Bang Theory
  28. Play- Romeo & Juliet
  29. Sound- Music
  30. Fruit- Strawberry
  31. Vegetable- Carrot
  32. Store/shop- DISNEY SHOP
  33. Article of clothing you own- Probably my uni hoodie right now because it’s comfy
  34. Fashion/style- my own
  35. Pattern- Dalmatian spots
  36. Workout-keyboard workout
  37. Quote- “We can all achieve our dreams if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney
  38. Historical figure- Just historial? Not music historical? Well I’m changing it to music historical and saying Elvis.
  39. Boy’s name- Niall 😉
  40. Girl’s name- Angel
  41. Potato chip flavor- Cheese & Onion unless it’s pringles then Sour Cream and Onion
  42. Meal of the day- Whichever serves my fave meal
  43. Ice cream flavor- Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food OR Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate BRownie
  44. Soda- ASDA Cherryade
  45. Popcorn flavor- Either Sweet or Toffee
  46. Season- Autumn
  47. Month of the year- September or December
  48. Word- Sleep
  49. Disney princess- THIS CHANGES A LOT but today is Aurora
  50. Insult- wrinkly piss flap
  51. Joke- Any by Lee Evans
  52. Cussword- Shit
  53. Letter- O
  54. YouTube channel- Joshua Fox
  55. Eye color- Greeny blue
  56. Memory- I have far too many
  57. Dessert- Anything chocolate-y
  58. Candy- Chocolate
  59. Restaurant- Either La Trattoria or Planet Hollywood
  60. Lifehack- Putting a pen spring on the end of your iPhone charger to prevent breaking
  61. Language- English is my best but I love French
  62. Thing to learn about- Pop culture and Disney history
  63. Thing about yourself – I can be creative


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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