I haven’t done a typical life post in… well… ever? I feel like after some of the crazy things I’ve been up to lately, it’s time to share some of it with you. So, grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and let’s chat.

“Would you like to interview The Janoskians?” One of the questions I was asked about a week ago. My mind was blown. Me? Interview The Janoskians? What is life?! For those of you who aren’t aware of who The Janoskians are, they are a group of five kids from Melbourne, Australia who post videos on YouTube. They’ve basically shot to fame through social media and winning the hearts of many teenagers and young adults across the world. I may not be their number one fan, but my friends go crazy over them. I can’t go a day on Twitter without seeing the words “Jai Brooks” or “Janofest” on my timeline. So, when Maximum POP!  offered me the chance to do a phone interview with them, there was no hesitation when it came to the answer. “YES. Yes, a thousand times yes.”

I’ve interviewed a few known faces from my time with CLIConline such as X Factor’s Matt Cardle, TV Chef Gino D’acampo and One Direction’s support act, Camryn, to name a few. I’ve been doing this since I was 15 but now it feels more real and like bigger doors are opening for me. In the space of a month I’ve interviewed two YouTubers, The Janoskians (Who are YouTubers but also do other stuff now, like music…), the director of Big Hero 6, the voice of Baymax from the film and a a member of the band Rixton. How crazy is that? When I tell people what I’ve done, they tend to think I live some lavish luxurious life and have money coming out of my earholes.

Image Credit: http://images.dailystar-uk.co.uk/
Image Credit: http://images.dailystar-uk.co.uk/

“Jazz, shopping is here, can you unpack it please?” Sigh. Back to reality. I’m no fancy pants journalist with a posh car and rich mansion (although the work my mother and stepdad have done on the house is amazing. I’ll have to do a house tour post one day…) I’m a 19 year old who still lives with her parents and visits my dad on a regular basis. I’m a fangirl, I’m no model or born with the beauty you’d see on the cover of Vogue. I don’t even have an office to do my work in. It’s just me, my laptop and wherever I feel like sitting (although the new sofa isn’t one to lounge on, so I’ve been banned from flopping out on there to work.)

In between doing these interviews and writing articles, I’ve been looking after my dad. I’m not his carer and he doesn’t need one. Well, not really. You see, he’s been ill since October. Nothing fatal, thankfully, but just some complications and it’s given us all quite a scare. He was very ill for a good few months and Christmas was not the same with him in hospital. But, he’s recently been released and just needs a helping hand to get back on his feet again, so that’s where I stepped in to stay a few nights to make sure he settled okay. He’s not fit enough to go bouncing about the place or anything, but he’s much better than he was. He still needs a bit of help and so I’ve been doing a lot of running around to make sure he has everything he needs. It can be hard, sometimes. Seeing a parent who used to do things for you not being well enough to do what they want and the tables have turned so now you’re doing things for them sometimes hits you and makes you feel emotional, but I’m not complaining. My dad (as well as my mother and the rest of my family) are my world and wherever I can help, I will. Even if it means having to delay interviews to put the ASDA shop away.

My dad and I on set of a photoshoot I had about two years ago for a newspaper article about me :D I thought this was a cute photo to include...
My dad and I on set of a photoshoot I had about two years ago for a newspaper article about me 😀 I thought this was a cute photo to include… although I don’t look much like this anymore

This year looking as though it’s going to be a pretty exciting one. After going to see The X Factor about two weeks ago, it’s got me super excited for the other concerts coming up. I’ll be seeing Olly Murs in just over a week’s time followed by two One Direction concerts and 5 Seconds of Summer in three consecutive days. Not to mention my best friend, Courtney, will be coming from England to visit for a few days. She’s just started blogging and I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug so we’ve got lots planned  do together while she’s here! I’ll also be seeing Disney on Ice in May with my family, so that’s another review to expect in the near future.

Life’s pretty crazy, if you ask me. One minute I’m doing something that not many would ever expect to do – especially at my age – and the next, I’m moping about the house in my PJs grumbling at the sun getting in my eyes and the time of day I’m awake. But, despite some flaws, I don’t think I’d change this life for the world. *cue Hannah Montana*

Anyway, expect to see more from me this year as I’m trying to maintain this blog and make it the best it can be, so there also may be a few changes going on now and then. I can’t really categorise myself as any specific blog other than lifestyle, because I cover anything and everything. But, whatever you see me as, I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming posts and join in on the rollercoaster with me because I plan on sharing everything with you! Let’s be best buddies, yeah?



Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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